How New Innovative Technology Can Help The Environment

Technology has done a lot. Some of our innovations have been good, while others have hurt the environment. Now we have learned the impact some of our advancements have had on the planet. Our same passion for technological innovation has lead to environmental improvements and will lead to further improvements.

How New Innovative Technology Can Help The Environment

Alternative Power Sources

One of our biggest aims as a planet is to change how we power our world. For too long we have used pollution producing power sources. Recent innovations have brought new ways to provide power without a carbon footprint.

Tesla is getting ready to release solar cell roof tiles that can collect power all while resembling traditional roof tiles. Not only are these great for the environment but they also will be more affordable than traditional roof tiles.

Repair Our Existing Infrastructure

A number of pieces of our current infrastructure are not what they should be. Look at the amount of trash that can be found in the ocean. People have been working hard to develop ways to clean the ocean. The ocean garbage collector, known as System 001, was proposed by an 18 your old man who dropped out of university.

Many other similar technologies are being developed. Another example is a technology that allows us to strip oil from the water. Imagine being able to cleanup oil spills and purify our existing water of oil. These are only two ways that we have hurt the environment since we have been on the planet, we have done numerous other things that we haven’t even started correcting.

Less Paper

Computers have been around for a while but more and more technologies are coming out to move away from the need to cut down trees for paper. Microsoft’s Windows Ink is a good example of that. It allows students and workers both to bypass paper and send large amounts of content digitally. Other options include Ink tablets and tablets with pen input.

Moving away from paper bills, magazines, and such and onto digital platforms has also been a big help. This would not have been possible without technology supporting it.

To help put this in perspective, just under 2.5 million trees are cut down every day. That is billions of trees in a year.

Studying The Environment

We can’t positively impact the environment if we do not know what is going on with it. Numerous different devices and technological innovations have allowed us to be able to study the environment. From weather sensors, to contamination testing, to plotting technology, it is all used to study the environment around us. All of this information then goes to making changes to the world around us.

How This Technology Becomes Possible

While some of the technology used to enhance the environment comes from big firms, a lot of it also comes from people with ideas for inventions. Powerful invention companies such as invent help take inventors ideas and help them move along the process. Without help along the way, the process can be quite confusing and many inventions would fall short.

When it comes to the environment we can’t compromise and need all of the tools we can get. For those that want to see what Invent Help can do, take a look at some of the times it has been mentioned in the media:

Do you have the next biggest idea for helping the environment? There are limitless possibilities. Flush out your invention and then consider reaching out to a company that specializes in helping inventors. They can help you from the patenting process to the funding. You may end up being the next person in the news with a big invention.

Young Inventors Coming Up With New Invention Ideas

Inventors come in all ages. Even kids can be successful inventors. When you are young and an inventor you may not be as established and might need help getting off the ground. InventHelp is a company that is there to help those who are young and coming up with new ideas to succeed. At InventHelp you will find a number of tools, resources, and professionals to help you along the way.

Why inventors turn to experts like InventhHelp? There are a number of reasons and we are going to explore some of them today.

Young Inventors Coming Up With New Invention Ideas

Being Young And An Inventor Can Be Hard

Most young people don’t have the money to dedicate their life to a task such as creating their invention. Whether you are going to school, have a full-time job, or have other commitments, you can still create an invention. An invention that can change the world. InventHelp works with you to work on some of development so that you don’t have to. We also ensure that you don’t have to do as much research in order to create your invention. That way your invention and your life are your focus.

Offices Where You Need Them And A Phoneline

InventHelp has over 60 offices around the world. These offices cover many of the major metropolitan hubs in the country. All you need to do is bring your idea to an office and they can start helping you. Or, if you don’t happen to be near one of the many offices you can use the phoneline. 1-800-INVENTION can help connect you with an expert from InventHelp to get you information or get started with the process.

From Beginning To End

The support you get when you work with InventHelp is from start to end. Having that help means that you never have a reason to worry. Whenever you have a question, there will be someone to turn to. At InventHelp we work with you in order to flush out your idea then continue on to working out production, and finally help you market your invention.

Having someone there from the beginning to the end can be a big help in the process. It means you never have to worry. There is always someone there. That makes the process easier and helps to keep your mind clear.

Experience Where It Matters

As a company, InventHelp has been around since 1984. That is over 30 years of experience helping other inventors make their invention a reality. That means that the company knows what to do, what not to do, and most importantly, how to take on every aspect of helping you with your invention.

Thirty years is only the time that the company as a whole has been around. Each inventor and staff member at InventHelp has their own experience. They bring that experience to the company and work to make the company better. When you work with InventHelp you get all of those years of experience and knowledge to make your invention successful.

One of the places that many young inventors find themselves troubled is the copyright, patent, and trademark process. Companies are always looking to snag ideas when and where they can. So are other individuals. Keeping your invention protected is important. Without the help of InventHelp you would have to hire lawyers and specialists in order to ensure that your idea is protected. InventHelp does all of this as part of the process.

Stellar Client Reviews

At InventHelp we strive to ensure that all of our inventors are satisfied with the help the receive. That has led to InventHelp to have amazing reviews. Take a look on any website with reviews such as Google and see our great ratings. You can also take a look at the numerous articles that are out on the internet about InventHelp, here are a few of them:

InventHelp is a great help to anyone who has a great invention idea. However, it can be especially helpful for those who are younger and less experienced in the world of being an inventor. It also allows them to have a dual focus, working a regular job while furthering their invention. A good way to still have an income while the invention is getting off the

The Greatest Invention Ideas That Shaped The World

When we go to think of inventions that shape the world, we tend to think of creations such as the atomic bomb or the MRI machine. But these are big inventions. When was the last time that you used an atomic bomb or operated an MRI machine? Plus, none of these are inventions that the average person could own.

If you think about, the inventions that have shaped the world are those that we use on a daily basis. Ones that change how we go about our day. We are going to take a look at some of greatest invention ideas that have shaped the world or are in the process of shaping the world.

The Toilet Seat Holder

How many people have been startled by a toilet seat coming crashing down while trying to use the toilet at night? Or maybe simply trying to keep the seat up when you want it up? The toilet seat hold is a small device designed to hold your seat up and it has simplified our lives and taken away something small but something that most of us have had trouble with at one point or another.

Fan Blade Cleaner

Fan blades tend to get very dusty. Depending on where they are they can also get dirty. But cleaning them with a duster leaves dust coming back into your face. The fan blade cleaner allows you to get dust, dirt, and other debris off fan blades without getting it into your own face. A small. Invention but something that anyone with a fan appreciates.

Side Sleeper Pro Air

This small pillow looks very similar to a neck pillow but bigger. It is designed to give proper cushioning to anyone who sleeps on their side. Anyone who sleeps on their side knows how uncomfortable it can be to not have the proper cushioning, especially on certain beds. A relatively small invention that has been sold in major stores changed how people sleep.


Installing a door isn’t easy but it doesn’t have to be as difficult. Install-A-Door is a system that is designed to help proper alignment and safe installation of doors in homes. The product is featured on and is a tool that has helped countless door installers get the job right the first time. Simplifying their work.

Weed Thrasher

Getting rid of weeds is a frustrating process and there are very few easy ways to do it easily. The Weed Thrasher was created to make the process of getting rid of weeds easier. It uses small plastic pieces to whack away at weeds until they are chopped down. If you haven’t used Weed Thrasher yourself, you have seen it on TV or in an add, it is one of the most popular gardening tools.


Another gardening tool that has changed how people go about what they are doing is the Maxi-Edge. It attaches to your mower and further reduces the size of trimmings so that they can be redeposited into the lawn to provide mulch. The small little blade may be a small invention that has managed to change how we garden but it took a lot of work for inventor Peter Bryant to get it just right.

Magnetic Staple Remover

If you work in an office and remove staples a lot, you know how frustrating it can be to have staples lying about. The magnetic staple remover allows you to pull staples out of paper and then retain said staples on the remover so they don’t fall to the floor. No more bending over and searching for staples that you remove.

Do You Have Your Own Invention Idea?

As you can see, many inventions are things that people think up as they are going about their regular day. Many of us have an invention idea but we don’t know what to do with it. Instead of kicking yourself years later, why don’t you make that idea a reality?

InventHelp is a company that is dedicated to helping inventors along the way, turning an idea into an invention. Read a few articles about InventHelp and see what they can do for you:

The ideas that we have mentioned in this article are all ones that started with InventHelp. Inventors who wanted to seize the day and were not afraid to ask for help. Everyone who shaped the world started somewhere, and no matter how little your idea is, it could become big.

The Best Ways to Patent and Protect Your Invention Ideas

People around the world are coming up with creative new ideas every day of the year. From simple ideas to complex inventions. You have probably thought up more than one. How many times have you seen an advertisement on television and thought: “I thought of that already!” If this has ever happened to you, you could have made a lot of money.

Patenting and protecting your invention ideas is a great way to secure your inventions and prevent others from profiting off your ideas. It is especially helpful if you are working in a team or starting development of a new product. How do you go about patenting and protecting your ideas though?

Getting A Patent By Yourself

Getting a patent by yourself is a multistage process that can take a lot of time. First, you need to make sure that you have a fair amount of documentation on your invention idea. That means, when you came up with it, all of the details, schematics, and more.

Two conditions must be met before you file for a patent. The first condition is that your patent is a new idea, you can’t patent something someone else has already created. To determine this you will need to perform a detailed patent search through the many patents that have come before yours. Second, your invention needs to actually function.

The United States Patent and Trademark Office is responsible for patents and once you have done the above steps, you will need to fill out paperwork to file for a patent. A Provisional Patent Application allows you to file for a temporary patent saying that you have an idea and you are seeking a full patent. Once that has been filed, you can move on to filing a Regular Patent Application.

Working With An Attorney

There are any number of patent attorneys out there that help to make the process easier. They know the ins and outs of the patent process. A patent attorney helps you to fill out paperwork and file the paperwork with the court.

Using a patent attorney can speed up the process but you will find that they are quite costly. Typically you should expect to spend several thousand dollars. A patent attorney is mainly only a choice for businesses who are wishing to seek a patent. The price of one of these attorneys is out of the reasonable scale of most small inventors.

A patent attorney won’t take all of the work off your hands either. You will still have to document your invention idea, and work with the attorney. Essentially, you will be paying a large amount of money for someone who will just help to simplify the project a small amount.

Turn To InventHelp

InventHelp is one of the best ways both patent and protect your inventions. As a company, InventHelp is dedicated to helping inventors throughout the entire invention process. That includes the patent process and other protections for your ideas. Throughout your communications and the idea process alone you will have further documentation of the fact that your invention idea belongs to you.

Not only do you get help through the process but InventHelp gives you access to a number of resources that you wouldn’t otherwise have. Forms, a point of contact, and a sense of assurance.

It is also great to have one company that will work with you from start to beginning. InventHelp has more information on patent referrals here:

A number of articles have talked about the ease of InventHelp for patenting and in general for helping with your invention ideas:

Now that you know the easiest way to get a patent, which do you want to do? Work through the process on your own or turn to InventHelp? More and more inventors and thinkers every year are turning to InventHelp to get the assistance they need marketing their invention and to patent their ideas. A full-service solution is the solution that fits many people.