Obtaining an Online MBA Degree with an International Focus Using the Montgomery GI Bill

If you are a veteran, active service member, or member of the Selected Reserve, have you considered an MBA degree with an international focus? Your unique experience, leadership skills, and ability to work as part of a team means you are a distinctive, stand-out candidate for a career in business management. However, most – if not, all – management positions require an MBA. In this global economy, obtaining a versatile degree will help you in doing business with other countries according to their culture and business practices as well as building upon the fundamentals of business. Having an MBA degree with an international focus opens you up to international companies thanks to your knowledge of global business dealings and ability to conduct business in different countries. Thanks to specific programs developed by the Department of Veterans Affairs, you may not have to handle an abundance of costs thanks to education benefits.

Title Obtaining an Online MBA Degree with an International Focus Using the Montgomery GI Bill

Paying for Your Education

If you are veteran, active service member or member of the selected reserve, you also have access to VA/GI Bill benefits which will help pay for your education. The Montgomery GI Bill assists active duty and Reservists with obtaining their higher education. The two main programs include the Montgomery GI Bill Active Duty (MGIB-AD) – for Veterans and Service Members who have at least two years of active duty – and the Montgomery GI Bill Selected Reserve (MGIB-SR) – for eligible members of the Selected Reserve. If eligible, these programs offer up to 36 months of education benefits that can be put towards your college education. So it’s important as you do your research to find military-friendly programs.

Researching Programs

Before you begin your research consider your personal requirements for the program. Here are some questions to ask yourself:

  • Does location matter? Does it need to be nearby your home or current workplace?
  • Do you want an online component to the MBA program? Or offers a part-time option? This is an important factor to consider, especially if you need a program that can work with your existing career or family responsibilities.
  • Are you seeking VA/GI eligible schools? Remember, active duty, Military Reserves and Army National Guard components, as well as veterans and their dependents are eligible for education benefits. Do research on the US Department of Veterans Affairs website to find out your eligibility.

When you have in mind exactly what you are looking for, then you can narrow down the right program for you. Here are a few important factors to consider when looking for a program – find out how the program lines up with your personal requirements, the ROI (return on investment) and research alumni testimonials. The ROI is important element as you will want to graduate knowing that your degree will be of value and will advance your career. This is why it’s essential to research the components of the MBA program and whether it lines up with your career goals.

To find out more of a personal account of the experience in the program, talk to alumni who have graduated from the program you are considering. Contact the school directly and find out if there is a student you can talk to who can share their experience with you. In addition, while visiting the campus may not seem like an essential aspect, but this will give you the in-person feeling of what to expect in the program. Also, this gives you the chance to meet with people in charge of the program as well as instructors and active students.

When you meet with an advisor in the MBA program, prepare a list of questions that will clarify any of your concerns and allow you to find out about opportunities available to students. Here are a few to ask (find more here):

What does the program specialize in?

What are the costs of tuition?

What percentage of graduates work in my industry? What type of career resources are there for students?

What are the teaching styles in the courses?

As you make the decision about your future MBA program, it’s essential you select a program that prepares you for a successful outcome. An MBA program with an international focus is essential to our global economy and will open you up for international opportunities. These skills in combination with your military background sets you apart from other candidates in your future career. So, make sure that you are researching programs that offer VA/GI benefits so you are not losing out on education benefits. The US Department of Veterans Affairs offers a search tool that will help you locate colleges, universities and other educational programs that offer VA benefits.

8 Wonderful Reasons to Start Learning German

Are you thinking seriously about learning German? Many people think it’s a complex language, and they should spend a lot of time and nerves. You may not believe us, but it’s possible to learn German without stress! You just need to find the right motivation for you and understand why you want to speak this language. In this article, we’re going to provide you with 8 great reasons that will motivate you to learn German. You may choose various methods for learning, like online courses, private tutor, or standard German classes in your town. Whatever you select, keep in mind that it’s never late to learn something new!

  1. Break the myth German language is difficult to learn.
    Many people are sure it’s very hard to speak German. This is a myth! For example, if you’re a native English speaker, you will find many similar words in English and German. This is because both these languages have the same Germanic root. You can search for many shortcuts and useful tips on learning German online. Just be brave and avoid all those stereotypes!
  2. Many innovators and inventors were speaking German.
    Needless to say, Germany is a country of famous thinkers, poets, scientists, and other people known by the whole world. There are a lot of well-known musicians, physics, doctors, and other people who were born in Germany. If you start to learn German, you will have a great opportunity to read their papers in the original!
  3. German universities have a great reputation. Many people from other countries wish to learn in German universities because of high-quality education. Try to search for the most popular universities in the world, and the biggest part will be in Germany! Apart from this, in many universities, students don’t have to pay any fees for studying. You can save a lot of money and get a wonderful education if you can speak German!
  4. Be open to a business partnership. Germany is a country of successful business, and of course, it’s better to search for potential business partners or open your new business in that country when you know the language. If you’re planning to have a business in Germany, learning language is your first task to do! Make important meetings and briefings without translators and surprise your partners with a perfect German!
  5. Many people in Europe speak German. In fact, German is the second popular language after English in the European Union. And, if to talk about native speakers, this language takes the first place. If you live in Europe, you just have to know this language! And if you live somewhere else, there are a lot of Germans there anyway – they are everywhere all over the world! Remember this is your chance to communicate with many people and get new connections and opportunities in various spheres.
  6. You can find many online friends. Germans are
    everywhere, and you can find many new friends on the Internet. If you speak German, you can chat with many new people and get new opportunities for friendship, business, or traveling. This is exciting and interesting to do. Apart from this, you can watch many German movies, TV series, and news without translation.
  7. Germany is a great place for innovations and startups.
    In Germany, you can start your own business without wasting extra money. For example, Berlin has more benefits for a new startup compared to London or Paris. In this city, people have a high level of quality but you don’t
    have to pay extra money for the level.
  8. Learning a new language can improve your memory. If you want to learn German but hesitate about you won’t be able to use this language every day, just start learning and stop worrying about nothing! In general, learning something new helps to improve your memory and organizing skills, as well as make you smarter and wiser. It’s never late to learn something new, so if you were waiting for a sign to learn German – this is it! Find a professional tutor or language courses in your town and follow your dream!

We hope you have found the answer to the question of why you should start learning German. We wish you good luck and hope you will find many ways to use this new ability!

5 Cool Digital Tools for Students You Probably Never Heard About

The number of writing assignments an average student gets might not be that big, but on top of everything else it is sometimes too much and an odd paper slips your mind. And then, when everything finally seems to be falling into place, the realization hits you – the deadline is today, your paper due now, and you are still at square one! When the situation is extreme and your GPA is on the line, there is one last resort. Professional writing service can help you to craft a paper in a matter of hours and get you out of this mess. However, it really pays off to be a good planner. With the apps from this list you will never find yourself in such desperate situation.

5 Cool Digital Tools for Students You Probably Never Heard About

Cite This For Me

Cite This For Me is a tool that saves oodles of time and takes care of citations for your academic papers. Thanks to the integration with another nifty tool, RefME, it now can add printed books to you citation lists. All you have to do is scan a barcode of the book with your smartphone. For a digital source, it’s even easier – just click on the icon of a website or journal article.

You can choose a style of citation – MLA format, APA citation, Harvard referencing, or any other that your teacher specified. You can change it anytime if style guidelines have changed for some reason – and no tediously retyping every single title! As someone who used to do all this by hand, I must say such automation is a lifesaver.


Padlet is web-based tool for digital collaboration that can unite people from geographically distant places in one learning space. It is a virtual corkboard, where students can freely add images, notes, videos, and comments – virtually any piece of information from any media source.

This tool can be also used by regular college goers for brainstorming and working on a group project. When getting together can be problematic due to schedule differences, your study group can always create a space on Padlet for discussion and sharing of ideas.


This web-based audio recording service is simple and minimalistic. However, it has its advantages over the multi functional tool out there. Since it doesn’t require any software to be installed, it can be accessed from anywhere in a matter of seconds. Records are stored on the cloud, so free space on your device isn’t an issue either.

The voice clips can later be added as c code to your presentations, slideshows, or group projects on any website of your choice ( Padlet and other digital collaboration spaces included). Also, you can upload records from your device to work on them with Vocaroo.


This tool allows annotating videos – as simple as that. Yet do not underestimate its educational potential. Annotated videos help to maximize the efficiency of learning by saving time. Teachers can add side notes, link to additional resources and comment without pausing the video. Students have a tool to ask clarifying questions, point out bias, offer improvements, etc.

This tool facilitates discussion and collaboration for distant learners who are connected only via the internet but can have a shared experience as if they shared a classroom.


Flipgrid is a video discussion platform. Any student can create 15-second to 5-minute video logs as a response to prompt, sharing their ideas and opinions. Peers and teachers can give feedback. This is more fun than giving a written answer and sometimes much more informative and adequate (especially for non-native speakers or students who struggle with writing due to a condition like dyslexia).

Flipgrid is another invaluable tool for distant learners to have an experience that is closer to a real classroom without the taxing necessity to be connected on schedule to a video conference.

Why You Should Earn Your Bachelor’s Degree

When it comes to education, there really is no end to it. Our whole lives are about learning and becoming more and more educated in the process, not only by attending schools but also through life experience. Having said that, earning degrees has become an essential part of getting ahead in today’s fast-paced world, not only academically, but also on a practical level.

There are several reasons why you should earn your bachelor’s degree. Read on to get a brief insight into why earning yourself a bachelor’s degree may be one of the best decisions you ever make.

The Benefits

Considering the benefits that a bachelor’s degree holds, it isn’t surprising that millions of students worldwide work towards attaining a bachelor’s degree every year.

First of all, a bachelor’s degree will open up a world of opportunity for you. Students normally take anywhere from 3-4 years to complete a bachelor’s degree. Once a bachelor’s degree is completed, there is always the option of aiming for a master’s degree. Once the master’s degree is completed, there is also an option of attaining a Ph.D. Both the master’s degree and Ph.D. are unattainable without first completing a bachelor’s degree. As such, a bachelor’s degree can be seen as a stepping-stone to furthering one’s education.

Secondly, getting a bachelor’s degree will help teach you lessons that you can carry on for life. Getting a bachelor’s degree will push you to attend your classes on time, getting assignments done, learning to work with group members, developing reading habits and working hard to get through your coursework. This will help establish a habit of being productive, working to meet deadlines, learning to work with different individuals and understanding the dynamics associated with it all. These are essential lessons that will help you once you join the workforce and ultimately will prove valuable in your every day life.

Not just that, earning a bachelor’s degree opens up numerous career opportunities that may not have been available without the degree. Earning a bachelor’s degree means you can choose an area of study to specialise in, which you can then choose to work under. Whether it is the educational field, health care, engineering, business or any other trade, there are bachelor’s degrees available in pretty much all areas and subjects. Liberal Arts, Sciences, Architecture, Engineering, IT, Media and Communication, are just some of the field names that many choose to study under.

In addition, earning a bachelor’s degree can almost certainly lead to you getting better pay. When employers see the level of commitment and effort an individual puts into studying, they are keen to let that person apply their knowledge and skills at work. Not to mention, earning a master’s degree usually means your salary goes up another notch. Attaining a master’s degree, of course, cannot be possible without first attaining your bachelor’s.

Earning a bachelor’s degree also allows you to go up the ladder at work. Considering the point mentioned regarding millions finishing their bachelor’s degree, it goes without saying that this creates a huge competition within the job market. Employers are looking for individuals who have a solid educational background alongside experience. In many cases, people with experience are unable to get ahead in their jobs in terms of higher positions due to not having the educational backing. Many go back into studies while working in order to get the educational qualifications needed to get ahead.

Not to mention, attaining a bachelor’s degree can help you boost your self-esteem and prove to you what you are capable of academically. Even though grades aren’t everything, grades do carry value. Often at times, the effort and patience required to get good grades push an individual to try harder. There is so much you can learn about yourself while studying, in terms of what your interests are, your strengths and weaknesses and how to go about dealing with them. You may even discover that what you chose to study is not your cup of tea. There is always the option of changing fields of study when one area does not interest you like you once imagined.

One final benefit associated with attaining a bachelor’s degree is all the people you get to meet while studying for your bachelor’s degree. Whether it’s your classmates, your teachers, the university admin or the different clubs and groups generally associated with a university. Attending a university lets you expand your horizon in terms of contacts. You meet people from all walks of life, different intelligence levels and different approaches to life and what it’s all about. These are valuable lessons and experiences that will shape you as an individual. There will be memories created and friendships formed that will perhaps last a lifetime.

Looking Ahead

With the number of students studying to get their bachelor’s degree, the competition is real and requires individuals to constantly strive to do better and achieve more. Attaining a bachelor’s degree has become one of necessity in many societies, as people value the years of study an individual has completed.

Many may feel the knowledge they have is sufficient and getting a formal degree doesn’t mean anything. However, what they fail to realize is that, just as people need formal evidence regarding their ID or birth certificates, educational certificates are also similarly valuable to state an individual’s accomplishments. Attaining the bachelor’s degree simply gives an individual a formal proof that they have indeed studied a particular subject to a certain level.

Studying helps keep minds active and constantly growing. This is why one of the best reasons to keep the tradition of attaining bachelor’s degrees going is so that the desire to learn, get an education and move societies forward does not stop.

It’s important to mention that another generation or two down, there will hardly be any member within a society who does not have at least a bachelor’s degree. With the advent of time, the level of study an individual has on a minimal standard level has increased. Centuries back, it might have been primary school as a minimum, then it moved onto middle school or high school. Slowly, a university-level education will also become a minimal standard of education. This has in essence been a huge success for humankind. A positive achievement for a change, one to feel
proud of.

9 Doubts You Should Clarify About Research Proposal

Research proposal, explicitly termed as a thesis statement, is the backbone of every paper you write. Experts and professionals believe developing a research proposal calls for creativity. There’re specific techniques and guidelines to it, abiding by them eases the task on your favor. But often, students come up with discrete doubts regarding the composition, framing, clarity and many more. This blog encloses and explains every common doubt, which has been restraining you from creating a top-class research proposal.

Is it important to construct a research proposal?

According online writing sites for students and pros, a research proposal is an integral part of your paper. It’s like portraying the whole idea in one or two sentences. Your readers can hardly relate to the central theme if your draft is devoid of a crisp thesis statement.

Which spot is apt for a research proposal?

Some students, though, place the thesis statement at the beginning of the paper, but, it fits best after the introduction. First, briefly introduced the topic and write about the contextual study and. And just before getting into the main discussion, drop a line to the research proposal.

What is a good research proposal format?

Like the rest of the paper, thesis statement, too, follows a framework. Its focal point reflects the locus of your paper and conveys your take on the topic. Clearly, state about your position, so that the readers understand where the paper is heading.

What happens if a research proposal is lengthy?

If your research proposal is lengthy, that means you are exaggerating on the matter. This particular statement should be precise, to-the-point, clear-cut. Wordiness is just not acceptable when you are developing the central argument of your paper.

Is it vital to relate every argument with the thesis?

The research proposal is the chief focus of every paper. So evidently, each of the other arguments must have a strong line of attachment with it. Moreover, the interlinking connection is extremely important to prove your point, in the end. Somewhere in the body section, link all the contentions and shreds of evidence with the thesis statement.

Does a research proposal contain a controlling plan?

Thesis is not the right place for inserting a controlling plan, as it will unnecessarily increase the length. Moreover, here you should raise a claim not a solution to it. If a research proposal is closely relatable to the controlling plan, reinstate the argument while offering the solution.

Are negative words allowed in a research proposal?

The answer to your question is a big NO! Inserting negative words tend to create a negative impact on the reader’s mind and they happen to lose interest in your paper. Well, you may feel what to do if you aren’t supportive of the topic. In that case, create a hypothesis and prove it wrong with validated facts and evidence.

How to write a virtuous research proposal?

Developing a true-blue research proposal isn’t an easy chore at all. You need to keep quite a handful of things in mind while preparing one. First, mind map the main focus of your paper, then identify the keystones of your research. Finally, give rise to a logical argument, considered as the thesis statement of your paper.

Does writing websites help in creating a research proposal?

If you need help with research paper proposal, there’s no harm in seeking assistance from professional academic writers. But, the trick lies in finding an authentic service-provider. The Internet is now the hub of these websites, but, only a few of them offers what you really need.

Research proposal example


Consumer’s behavior is a good way to anticipate returning clients


A research has been conducted to explain the interrelation between customers and purchase-rate and how returning rate is identified from high satisfaction level.

Summarize Any Text In Just One Click

There is nothing as important as getting the main idea of a written work quickly and easily. 80% of readers today always appreciate it when they can get the primary information of a text without going through the stress of reading the entire work, especially when it is a boring one. Although, this is only possible when you can get a good summary of the work, in such a way that the essential points and ideas to be noted are brought out without the need for any modification. That is why Resoomer is the best platform for the job.

Resoomer is an automatic summarization tool that helps you summarize and analyze your argument texts, articles, scientific texts, history text, as well as any work of art. Resoomer summarizes an article in 500 words so that you can go to the main idea of your document.

Most importantly, it serves as an educational tool that identifies and summarizes the essential ideas and facts of your documents. Resoomer helps students to effectively synthesize any page on Wikipedia in a matter of seconds for better productivity. With Resoomer, students can easily Surf online and save time when reading textbooks, hand-outs, or any text on the internet.

It also helps teachers and professors to quickly identify the most important ideas and arguments in the text provided which enables them to better prepare for their lessons. Asides this, Resoomer effectively helps institutions to identify the most important passages in books that contain a lot of words for detailed analyses.

Now that you have an overview of what Resoomer is all about, the main question you may ask is, how can you use it? Well, it is quite simple and accessible. All you have to do is follow these simple steps:

  • Go to Resoomer.com
  • Just copy and paste your argument text into the blank space given.
  • Or by using the extensions provided to summarize your online articles with only one click.

Some people may think the popular method of diagonal reading which is to identify key terms or phrases in a text to enable quick reading is more efficient. However, this method can entirely prevent us from coming into contact with the main ideas of the author. But with Resoomer, you can easily spot the critical concepts in any text.

So do you desire to learn or teach the faster way? Then use Resoomer, and you are assured a wonderful experience.

Abstract Tube

Your dissertation or research paper is complete. You are ready to present and publish. But how do you get the word out to others? How do you share your work so that others can search for it? You need a way to show off your work to your friends, your mom, and those looking for more information about your area of research. Abstract Tube ( https://www.abstract.tube/ ) is the perfect solution for you!

Abstract tube is a video platform like youtube, but dedicated for scholars, researchers, students, and professors. This video platform allows researchers or scholars to upload an abstract for their work in a video form. Abstract Tube is the only video platform for abstract videos. It is perfect for uploading abstracts in a video form for scientific journals, conference papers, theses, dissertations, unpublished works, and academic synopses. Research is evolving as technological advances allow new ideas to come to fruition. The methods we use to share this research must also evolve. Moving abstracts from text to video reaches a greater audience and ensures that your work reaches a younger, more current audience as well as a seasoned audience looking for fresh ideas.

This is an amazing way to engage an audience. Video allows viewers to feel as if they are engaging with the researcher. Rich information quickly reaches a large audience through video. Abstract Tube will transform the way we find and share scholarly ideas and information.

Benefits for Researchers

Anyone who has written a white paper, dissertation, thesis, conference paper, medical report, or any type of research can benefit from Abstract Tube. Abstracts are the vehicle used to share a quick synopsis of the research. The ability to create that abstract in video format takes this process to an entirely new level full of new opportunities.

Using video, a researcher can “sell” the research. He or she can show their passion for their work and explain their motivation behind the research or topic. In a quick, two minute video, a scientist can explain why this work draws their attention, why they want to share it with others, and why they are devoting their life to learning more about this topic. That scientist can even give a bit of history of the topic and research completed up to this point. This type of abstract will draw a reader in and make him or her want to read the entire research document.

Video abstracts allow the viewer to get to know the presenter on a whole new level, adding to the credibility of the presenter and of the research itself. For example, a medical doctor publishing about a new technique can easily draw attention by presenting himself as a person who truly cares about his patients. He can present his new idea in video format encouraging the viewers to trust him and his new ideas.

Another great benefit of video abstracts is the ability to share multimedia components. A scientist can share charts, diagrams, graphics, or even animation that highlights important aspects of the research. An article for a medical journal may preview graphs outlining new information. A student can share quick eye-catching graphics to draw more attention to his or her thesis or dissertation. Video simply allows the addition of media that text cannot allow.

Additionally, video abstracts will draw better search engine results. With the use of strategic tags and keywords, videos are easy to search and easy to find. Videos receive more clicks and allow more people to quickly access your work. Ultimately, the use of Abstract Tube will help you reach a greater audience.

Unpublished? This could be your answer. By creating a video abstract and submitting it to Abstract Tube, your work may draw attention from professional journals, universities, or others looking for great ideas and great research to pursue and publish.

Benefit for Readers and Viewers

If you are searching for research on a topic, reading through abstract after abstract can be so tiring. After a while, they all start running together. Abstract Tube makes this process much more engaging and very simple.

Abstract Tube helps to streamline your search. Just like youtube, you simply type in your keywords to find abstract videos highlighting current, relevant research. Instead of spending hours pouring through printed abstracts, you can quickly search for a list of videos to watch. While watching, you can determine if this paper is what you need to complete your search.

As a viewer, you have the ability to meet the folks behind the paper. You can hear them explain why this research is important to them. You can learn why they devote their lives to this work. Getting to know the doctors, professors, and scientists behind the documents allows you to better understand the research they conducted and the articles they have written. It makes your learning and understanding much more personal.

Abstract Tube is revolutionizing the way we conduct and publish information. There are so many reasons to move toward video abstracts, and Abstract Tube is the only company out there that provides a platform for these videos.