9 Doubts You Should Clarify About Research Proposal

Research proposal, explicitly termed as a thesis statement, is the backbone of every paper you write. Experts and professionals believe developing a research proposal calls for creativity. There’re specific techniques and guidelines to it, abiding by them eases the task on your favor. But often, students come up with discrete doubts regarding the composition, framing, clarity and many more. This blog encloses and explains every common doubt, which has been restraining you from creating a top-class research proposal.

Is it important to construct a research proposal?

According online writing sites for students and pros, a research proposal is an integral part of your paper. It’s like portraying the whole idea in one or two sentences. Your readers can hardly relate to the central theme if your draft is devoid of a crisp thesis statement.

Which spot is apt for a research proposal?

Some students, though, place the thesis statement at the beginning of the paper, but, it fits best after the introduction. First, briefly introduced the topic and write about the contextual study and. And just before getting into the main discussion, drop a line to the research proposal.

What is a good research proposal format?

Like the rest of the paper, thesis statement, too, follows a framework. Its focal point reflects the locus of your paper and conveys your take on the topic. Clearly, state about your position, so that the readers understand where the paper is heading.

What happens if a research proposal is lengthy?

If your research proposal is lengthy, that means you are exaggerating on the matter. This particular statement should be precise, to-the-point, clear-cut. Wordiness is just not acceptable when you are developing the central argument of your paper.

Is it vital to relate every argument with the thesis?

The research proposal is the chief focus of every paper. So evidently, each of the other arguments must have a strong line of attachment with it. Moreover, the interlinking connection is extremely important to prove your point, in the end. Somewhere in the body section, link all the contentions and shreds of evidence with the thesis statement.

Does a research proposal contain a controlling plan?

Thesis is not the right place for inserting a controlling plan, as it will unnecessarily increase the length. Moreover, here you should raise a claim not a solution to it. If a research proposal is closely relatable to the controlling plan, reinstate the argument while offering the solution.

Are negative words allowed in a research proposal?

The answer to your question is a big NO! Inserting negative words tend to create a negative impact on the reader’s mind and they happen to lose interest in your paper. Well, you may feel what to do if you aren’t supportive of the topic. In that case, create a hypothesis and prove it wrong with validated facts and evidence.

How to write a virtuous research proposal?

Developing a true-blue research proposal isn’t an easy chore at all. You need to keep quite a handful of things in mind while preparing one. First, mind map the main focus of your paper, then identify the keystones of your research. Finally, give rise to a logical argument, considered as the thesis statement of your paper.

Does writing websites help in creating a research proposal?

If you need help with research paper proposal, there’s no harm in seeking assistance from professional academic writers. But, the trick lies in finding an authentic service-provider. The Internet is now the hub of these websites, but, only a few of them offers what you really need.

Research proposal example


Consumer’s behavior is a good way to anticipate returning clients


A research has been conducted to explain the interrelation between customers and purchase-rate and how returning rate is identified from high satisfaction level.