5 Cool Digital Tools for Students You Probably Never Heard About

The number of writing assignments an average student gets might not be that big, but on top of everything else it is sometimes too much and an odd paper slips your mind. And then, when everything finally seems to be falling into place, the realization hits you – the deadline is today, your paper due now, and you are still at square one! When the situation is extreme and your GPA is on the line, there is one last resort. Professional writing service can help you to craft a paper in a matter of hours and get you out of this mess. However, it really pays off to be a good planner. With the apps from this list you will never find yourself in such desperate situation.

5 Cool Digital Tools for Students You Probably Never Heard About

Cite This For Me

Cite This For Me is a tool that saves oodles of time and takes care of citations for your academic papers. Thanks to the integration with another nifty tool, RefME, it now can add printed books to you citation lists. All you have to do is scan a barcode of the book with your smartphone. For a digital source, it’s even easier – just click on the icon of a website or journal article.

You can choose a style of citation – MLA format, APA citation, Harvard referencing, or any other that your teacher specified. You can change it anytime if style guidelines have changed for some reason – and no tediously retyping every single title! As someone who used to do all this by hand, I must say such automation is a lifesaver.


Padlet is web-based tool for digital collaboration that can unite people from geographically distant places in one learning space. It is a virtual corkboard, where students can freely add images, notes, videos, and comments – virtually any piece of information from any media source.

This tool can be also used by regular college goers for brainstorming and working on a group project. When getting together can be problematic due to schedule differences, your study group can always create a space on Padlet for discussion and sharing of ideas.


This web-based audio recording service is simple and minimalistic. However, it has its advantages over the multi functional tool out there. Since it doesn’t require any software to be installed, it can be accessed from anywhere in a matter of seconds. Records are stored on the cloud, so free space on your device isn’t an issue either.

The voice clips can later be added as c code to your presentations, slideshows, or group projects on any website of your choice ( Padlet and other digital collaboration spaces included). Also, you can upload records from your device to work on them with Vocaroo.


This tool allows annotating videos – as simple as that. Yet do not underestimate its educational potential. Annotated videos help to maximize the efficiency of learning by saving time. Teachers can add side notes, link to additional resources and comment without pausing the video. Students have a tool to ask clarifying questions, point out bias, offer improvements, etc.

This tool facilitates discussion and collaboration for distant learners who are connected only via the internet but can have a shared experience as if they shared a classroom.


Flipgrid is a video discussion platform. Any student can create 15-second to 5-minute video logs as a response to prompt, sharing their ideas and opinions. Peers and teachers can give feedback. This is more fun than giving a written answer and sometimes much more informative and adequate (especially for non-native speakers or students who struggle with writing due to a condition like dyslexia).

Flipgrid is another invaluable tool for distant learners to have an experience that is closer to a real classroom without the taxing necessity to be connected on schedule to a video conference.