4 Reasons Why You Need To Play World Of Warcraft

The online multiplayer game known as the World of Warcraft has made history by taking over the globe since its release in 2004. The game involves everything a gamer looks for, awestriking characters, myth, magic, and all the adventures that there are. Here is why the world has been hooked to it since 14 years now and why you need to play the game yourself to experience its promised wonders.

1. Talent Trees!

There is an absolute lure towards talent trees, it’s almost like a maze itself, especially when they are the non-linear ones. Where would you go? Left, right? What route could possibly be it for your character and optimum game play? The manufacturers of the World of Warcraft, Blizzard surely understands the anticipation thus have incorporated talent trees in the game.

More to it, every player can now have up to three amazing artifacts or weapons, each one consisting of unique abilities. Your weapons are powered up by the collection of relics but you decide when and where you would want to power it up. Even every trait various levels of empowerment. Only when this was enough, a special gemming feature allows to move in various routes simultaneously to find out which one is the easiest.

2. Player vs Player system revitalized

Since a long time, the manufacturers have been trying to separate the Player vs Player from the Player vs Environment features for their own reasons. Thus they have now introduced some gradual changes over time to the player vs player system and the brand Honor system. This says that the cap level players now can own Honor if they do not decide to buy gear but instead build up a new set of Talent, More Talent Trees that concludes! This one especially helps you to loot and earn gold on your way.

3. Cultural references

The game, World of Warcraft has always been abundant when it came to pop culture references but now the manufacturers have buzzed it up further, no kidding. For example in an update trait has been named as the ‘Let it go’ for frost mage artifact, the name suggesting the reference of the famous “Frozen” movie by Disney. Another such updated trait was called as the ‘Ice Age’. It adds up to the humor along with the anticipation as to what might show up next.

4. You can make ACTUAL MONEY!

They say if you are good at something, never do it for free, same applies to this very situation. One of the major reasons that is making people go crazy is the fact that you can make real money by playing World of Warcraft. The main mode of currency used in the game is Gold which needs to be earned by being extremely active on the game, thus the programmers have made it possible for you to earn real money by selling in – game items and this gold. Also you can buy wow gold. Earning while you kick off your gaming skills, now that is the dream to live.