A Brief Detailing On The Angel Numbers

A brief detailing on the Angel Numbers

What are Angel Numbers?

The concept of angel number 333 has been clearly mentioned in many holy scripts like Bibles. It is believed that every human being on this earth is guarded by a guardian angel who does not communicate with him or her directly as it is bound by the set of rules set up by the God himself. Hence they resort to mysterious symbols and not easy to understand characters to send the messages to their guardian children and one of the most interesting methods out of the same includes these Angel numbers. This article speaks further about this concept and describes what is the meaning of 333.

The features of these numbers

The following are the basic features of these Angel numbers: –

  • Sequences of numbers carrying divine meaning with reference to the numerological values
  • Each of the numerical carries the specific vibrational meaning having value beyond a simple quantity.
  • These vibrational frequencies match with the natural frequencies of the vibrations of the Guardian angels and others of their types and often come across the person’s sight to provide him or her with a sign or message depicting something.
  • Have an underlying principle for the angel number 333 meaning called synchronicity that connects the human minds to the concept of Collective Unconsciousness
  • The numerical often come in the same sequence multiple numbers of times at both the normal and emergency situations and thus signify on a particular aspect of the life that the person needs to ponder about.

A case of Angel Number 333

Let us consider the Angel Number 333 for a better understanding of this concept and decode the angel number 333 meaning out of the same. As per the Bible, the number 3 signifies the trinity which is the amalgamation of the self-expression, creativity, and spiritualism of that person and hence forms an indication from the guardian angel on a particular spiritual path that it wants the former to follow. In other terms, the number 333 also means that the person is overflowing with power and energy and that the self-confidence has attained the zenith value with an ever-growing growth process. This also indicates that the person is indeed enjoying his or her life and has attained that level of optimism that one should maintain throughout the lifetime. Thus, at this stage, one must start looking for the hidden inner truths of the world and start taking the responsibilities of his or her actions properly.

The reason and ways of interpreting the Angel Numbers

Since the Angels live in high-frequency worlds in comparison to the low-frequency world where the humans live, the only way in which they can interact with the latter is via their brain which can process these numbers easily and hence they resort to sending messages through repeating numbers known as angel numbers.

Coming to interpreting the number, it is quite easy because one will find it in front of his sight at a higher frequency than the other numbers and then he or she can easily refer to the meaning of each numerical in the Bible to decode the specific Angel number. Thus, the entire process of interpretation becomes quite easy.

9 Ideas for On-Trend Graphic Design Assignments

9 Ideas for On-Trend Graphic Design Assignments

Written by Anthony Del Gigante

Bachelor of arts degrees are a great way to get a strong foundation in the art—and business—of graphic design. At MDG Advertising, our designers constantly work to develop and hone their skills, and we’re always excited to share ideas and insights with design students and new designers.

Students majoring in graphic design will create dozens of projects as they learn the fundamentals. In addition to teaching you the basics, these projects will become the foundation of your professional portfolio.

If you’re searching for ideas for your design projects and coming up short, we can help. Exploring current design trends is a great way to get ideas for your design class projects. Check out this list of hot trends, put together by MDG’s design team. There are lots of ways you can use them to create designs that will help you as you pursue your degree.

1. Bright, but soft, colors

One hot trend this year is to use colors like Pantone’s 2019 Color of the Year: Living Coral. Try incorporating this color into your designs to show that you’re paying attention to the latest news in the design world. Instead of bold primary colors, experiment with other mellow shades to add subtle color to your designs without overpowering them.

2. Decorative fonts

If your assignment asks you to incorporate text into your design, try experimenting with decorative typography. While the last several years have seen a focus on simple fonts, this year’s designs experiment with more decorative typefaces. We’ve seen this trend on billboards, splash pages, and product announcements. Try working with a few new fonts to find one that might be a bit flashier than those you’ve used in the past.

3. Very large text

Another idea for assignments with text is to vary font sizes. Our designers are seeing a trend toward very big text that contrasts with smaller text to grab the viewer’s attention. If you’re working on a digital project, scaling up the font on a title screen or headline is a great way to implement this trend.

4. Gradients

Gradients have been popular for a while now, and that isn’t changing anytime soon. We’re seeing these move from the digital realm into signage and print collateral. Try using gradients in unusual places where you may not have considered them before. You could also experiment with unusual colors in your gradients to take your assignments in a new direction.

5. Open composition

The trend of open composition breaks through a frame and allows the design to flow beyond it. You can use this concept in powerful ways in your assignments. It works especially well with three-dimensional art. Let your audience imagine what’s just outside the frame. Sometimes the best way to demonstrate that you’ve mastered a rule is to break it. Just make sure it fits within the assignment’s requirements; you don’t want your professor to mistake your experimentation for lack of understanding.

6. Flat design combined with dimensional objects

This combination is a great starting point for advertising or digital art assignments. Combine real-life objects with the popular flat design trend to create modern takes on old themes. Mixing two- and three-dimensional objects lets you take your assignments in new directions with a futuristic feel.

7. Subdued movement

For your digital assignments, look for opportunities to add subtle movement to images. Many designers go big with lots of movement in banners and splash screens, but we’re seeing that less is more when it comes to movement. Just a small amount of movement grabs the viewer’s attention without becoming overwhelming.

8. Images made into icons

Icons are powerful tools in any graphic designer’s toolbox, so you’ll want to practice making images into icons. Experiment with telling a story using simpler images. Pieces that clearly communicate a story demonstrate your mastery of the visual language of graphic design.

9. Drawings

Don’t forsake hand drawing in favor of digital art all of the time. We’re seeing a trend toward organic illustrations that contrast with perfectly polished computer-generated graphics. Look for ways to use handmade art elements in your next assignment. Rather than erasing imperfections and brush strokes, highlight them and the authenticity they can bring to your designs.


Anthony Del Gigante, Chief Creative Officer at MDG Advertising

Anthony Del Gigante is chief creative officer at MDG Advertising, a traditional ad/branding agency made digital, withoffices in Boca Raton, Florida and Brooklyn, New York. Over the years, his unique talents in brand strategy, visual identity development, and brand activation have consistently delivered measurable results for a wide range of world-renowned clients, including American Express, Verizon, AbbVie, and Cushman Wakefield. A brand specialist, Anthony leads MDG’s creative development, working with clients to develop creative, strategic, and functional solutionsfor their brands.

Four Simple Tips for Parents of Preschoolers

Your child’s first contact with the real world happens during preschool times: there will be peers and adults who are not part of the family, and at the beginning, it might seem strange to the kid. In the first weeks, children require their parents to accompany them in the process of adaptation. For that, it is necessary not only to explain using words but also by taking them to places and introducing them to their classmates and teachers.

To clear some of the parents’ concerns, we have gathered tips from some educational psychologist and professors from different universities. The main point is talking with children and explaining things to them so that they don’t get lazy and use a custom writing service to do everything for them when they grow up.

Four Simple Tips for Parents of Preschoolers

1. Share attention

It’s especially important if you have only one child. We must explain that, in school, they will share their space and time with other children. By using words matching their age, we have to tell them that, in the preschool period, they will not be the only ones paid attention to, but that does not mean mom and dad will stop loving them.

You should convince them that they will start their education and will have the opportunity to make friends to play with. It works quite well with the youngest ones if you give them rewards. By way of conditioning and agreeing, you can ask them what prize they would like to have if they behave properly in this or that place.

Parents should pay particular attention to any change or their child as they are not used to having so many people around, which can be reflected in regress in behavior and baby-like acting. Parents must support by ensuring the atmosphere of safety and teaching their child to share with other classmates.

2. The rules

Parents should explain and show as much as possible about all the upcoming activities their child will engage in. For instance, if you want to tell your kid about reading, you shouldn’t confine yourself to just explaining and imagining — go to a library or somewhere where there are enough books and show in practice.

It is also important that you as a parent know the school rules so that there is no contradiction with the home rules. For example, if they teach kids to wash their hands before eating, this idea should be reinforced at home. The opposite can generate confusion. At an early age, it is essential that your child’s world is predictable, so the suggestion is to accustom kids to schedules for each activity to create a routine.

3. How to respond to aggression

The mother and father should go to school to consult with the teacher about how to behave towards the child in these cases. Sometimes, your kid might be a little angel at home, but at school, they become hellions.

Preschoolers must be prepared to face stressful situations. It is necessary that all the details are explained. They must know how to react, and you should not feel that you have little control over that world. The parents’ trust and love are vital here. Make sure your child tells you everything that happens to them and is not afraid or shy to seek your help. You kid should not be the passive victim of violence or the aggression of their peers because today we know a lot about bullying. So, tell them what is appropriate and what is not and give him examples of what they can and cannot do when facing such situations.

4. Bring learning home

The new trends involve shared education where the father, mother, and school have common responsibilities. At home, it is necessary to consolidate and maintain all the academic learning the children bring. The family must participate and help their kids to learn values, conflict management, etc.

Also, at school, teachers must know how to react if a child starts to tell lies or is aggressive with their peers. At home, parents must indicate that there will be a time to enjoy lunch but also teach eating alone and not to waste food and talk with teachers about what can and cannot be eaten. Additionally, you can reach an agreement with the teachers so that during the first weeks the kid can bring their favorite toy. In psychology, it is called a transitional or a comfort object. By having something familiar with them, like a favorite doll, children transition through difficult stages easier.

What are the Benefits of Dynamic Data Masking Solutions for Your Business?

Data security and protection is always a concern for businesses and professionals. While new security technologies are highly capable of providing adequate levels of protection, there are many scenarios where there has to be the right balance between security and access. In a business data scenario that is becoming increasingly complex, Datasunrise dynamic data masking solution is a proven, time-tested strategy to address the growing challenges.

What is Dynamic Data Masking?

Dynamic data masking (DDM) is a database security feature that limits unauthorized user access to sensitive data at the database layer. The data protection system enables you to classify sensitive data by field so that it can be configured for masking and hiding from queries. DDM masks all sensitive data on the fly using custom or built-in masking functions. At the same time, the algorithms prevent retrieval of unmasked data.

Benefits of Dynamic Data Masking

There are many reasons for including dynamic data masking into your data security system. It benefits you in different ways, as follows:

  • It simplifies prevention of unauthorized discloser of sensitive data. The administrator can determine the access of specific data to specific users. They can selectively restrict how much data can be accessed by someone.
  • You can determine whether to configure partial masking or full masking for selective data. Random mask can also be used on numeric data.
  • With modern systems like Datasunrise dynamic data masking solution, you will not have to get involved with the application coding process. Everything can be configured with ease.
  • A central data masking policy can be used to coordinate DDM, making it even simpler.

Dynamic Data Masking Scenarios

There are internal and external access and security concerns that can be addressed with dynamic data masking solutions.

I. Internal Data Access & Security Scenarios

Most organizations face internal data security threats from their own employees. It can be a disgruntled employee or some other kind of potential data breach threats. Every organization needs to maintain a balance between effective access for business operations and processing and data security.

If you add excess security to data access, your business users will find themselves limited or even ‘crippled’ in informing customers and/or making decisions. If you provide excess access to all your employees, it significantly increases the risk of data breach, especially of sensitive data.

This is where DDM comes into the picture and provides the perfect balance. Such a system lets the users to interact with a proxy server and not the production database directly. Anyone who has to interact with the database has to do so through the proxy server.

The proxy server checks all requests to determine whether sensitive data columns have been requested.

II. External Data Threats

Whether you have to send data outside your organization or protect it from potential hacking threats, DDM can also help in masking the data and preventing unauthorized access through data obfuscation. Even if a threat succeeds in accessing data, it will not be possible for them to decipher the data.

Thus, DDM can be used to protect your databases from both internal and external threats. Thus, there are many benefits of choosing such data protection systems. They help minimize the risk of accidental data leakage. There is dynamic obfuscation of sensitive data within all database responses. You can set functions based on your custom data security governance principles. The latest solutions allow you to create flexible masking policies supported by multiple algorithms. You can even determine whether to mask the entire database or separate columns. Thus, DDM solutions have become a must-have for modern businesses handling data.

Scholarships from PFA

Since the past few years, there has been a significant increase in the number of scholarship programs. Many people aware of such programs and started applying for them. But some people still do not know that these programs are free and you do not have to pay any money for the registration. From the college scholarships to grants and financial help you can get all the required help. You just need to know the various scholarship programs available nowadays to help you with your college fees. For the student who really wants to pursue studies, it is a better opportunity.

Scholarships from PFA

How to find the best PFA scholarship programs?

In order to find a good scholarship program, you have to do a little bit of research. You can create a list of all the scholarship and then apply for them as soon as they start for registration. Some scholarships are organized every month and you can participate in them. By applying for them you will be eligible to be selected for winning. But the main question is how you can find the best PFA scholarship programs. Well, you can use the help of the internet and search for various scholarship programs in order to learn certain details about them.

What is the importance of GPA to apply for such a scholarship?

Most of the people ask what is the importance of GPA in getting a scholarship. Well, as you are already aware that you might not get admission in a good college if you do not have a good GPA. That is why it is always advised to be careful regarding your GPA in your schools. The scholarship programs give preference to candidates who have a good GPA. This will help a scholar student who excels in studies to get a better educational opportunity. So if you are still a student then you need to focus on improving your grades to secure big scholarships.

Various types of scholarships for which you can apply

You can select from the given Scholarships from PFA in order to win big amount of money for your college fees. There are new scholarship programs announced from time to time which can help you in winning great prizes.

  • $1,500 Annual Community Volunteer Scholarship

These Scholarships from PFA is only organized for the candidate of USA and you can stand to win $1500 scholarship. The students who are applying for Graduate programs can apply for these scholarship programs. You can check the last date for applying for this scholarship programs. So make sure that you read all the details provided for the application of this scholarship program. You should apply as soon as possible and should not wait until the last date to apply for this scholarship.

  • 2018-2019 Annual Mental Health Scholarship

Anyone looking for the scholars of $1,000 can apply for this scholarship program. Anyone can apply for this scholarship as it is not restricted to any country. The last date to apply for the Scholarships from PFA is in August of this year. So you have a bit of time before you can apply for them. You can check out various information regarding this scholarship. You can stand a chance to win $1,000 so make sure you apply for his scholarship.

  • 2019 General Education Scholarship

If you want to get financial help with your studies, then you can apply for this scholarship program. You can stand to win $1,000 for your studies if you are studying for a graduate degree. The last date for applying for this scholars is till December of this year, so you have quite a bit of time on your hand. Make sure that you apply for this scholarship as it is free and you do not have anything to lose.


The student who is studying general marketing has a chance to win $1,000 for their education. This will help you with the financial load of your college fees. So make sure that you fill out the application form for this scholarship. The last day to apply for the Scholarships from PFA is in December.

  • Alliance Marketing Scholarship Program

Most of the people face the burden of money during their college years as the prices of education can be quite high. So you can apply for the $1,000 scholarship which can help you with paying your tuition fees. The students pursuing Bachelor’s degree in the United States can apply for this scholarship.

These are some of the best Scholarships from PFA available at the present time. So you can apply for them if you are eligible and qualified. You do not have to worry about any registration fees as all of them are completely free. It is always advised to apply for various scholarship programs so that you can get desirable results. The number of people applying for such scholarships is increasing day by day so you should make sure that you do not get left behind.

How AI Can Help You Personalize Your Prices

Retailers who have been around for some time are now trying as hard as they can to make sure that their pricing is personalized. A few of them are optimizing prices by taking advantage of machine learning in retail so that they are delivering on the desires of their customers by setting data-driven prices. Indeed, based on studies by both Deloitte and Salesforce, 40% of retailers that personalize offers do so via AI that way they can adjust both prices and promotions in actual time. Take, for instance, Walmart; they have used machine learning, which is at the heart of artificial intelligence, in order to optimize their pricing, their warehousing, as well as their customer support. As a result, they are able to stay competitive while also see increases in revenue by a minimum of 5%. Indeed, Amazon makes 35% of its revenue simply via their AI-powered price recommendations engine. So, why exactly is AI helpful when it comes to providing personalized prices?

Benefits of AI Towards Personalized Pricing

Since AI solutions are much cheaper now, they are able to cater to way more kinds of businesses, allowing retailers to figure out just how powerful it is to set optimal prices for certain groups of customers in actual time. Prior to machine learning, companies would have to put their customers into groups of no more than 20 segments with the help of data that they couldn’t even depend on from customer polls; this simply isn’t satisfactory enough in today’s retail market. Through AI, on the other hand, retailers are able to break up customers into many more groups such as depending on how much they are willing to pay. They way it works is that the algorithm utilizes any kind of data about shoppers in order to break the customers up into specific groups via information such as age, sex, location, and even online behavior, just to name a few.

Now, AI algorithms stand out from other forms of customer categorization because they are able to provide optimal prices via highly accurate machine-made decisions. Those solutions that are AI-powered are able to go through and analyze copious amount of item, customer, and competitive information while taking into consideration a variety of pricing and non-pricing factors such as price elasticity, business objectives, the weather, and even a grace period. As a result, retailers can establish actual-time balanced prices as well as create the proper price perception for the entire product portfolio rather than just for a single item. Humans simply aren’t able to accomplish such.

In order to introduce pricing solutions that are backed by machine learning algorithms, companies have to gather data and then either create an internal solution or enlist the help of an external solution.

How Powerful Algorithms are Able to Personalize Prices

Today, the market already provides retailers with AI-powered price recommendation systems that can be used right away without having to spend a fortune or spend too much time on creating and then dealing with the maintenance of a complex pricing software. In fact, they can be put into operation as soon as all of the data needed is collected as well as structured. Therefore, the first thing that you would have to do is teach the algorithm the proper way of categorizing customers and providing them with optimal prices depending on a number of both pricing and non-pricing factors. After, they need to try a pilot project in order to see just how efficient the AI-powered system is in actual time. If it is a success, you can scale it across the entire assortment.

Take, for instance, Find Me a Gift, a UK-based omni channel retailer that wanted every single one of their items to play a part in the amount of revenue made by setting prices that are personalized. Their purchasing and product development senior manager, Jean Grant, claimed that “We were running around like busy fools selling lots of stuff but we wanted to find a way to make each pound work harder for us.” Therefore, in order to optimize their prices, they decided to enlist the help of an outside AI-driven solution, causing them to see a growth in sales by 22% with profit margins increasing by 14%.

Internal vs External Data Collection

Prior to taking any other steps, retailers have to make sure that they have all of the information that the algorithm needs. The Head of Cross-border Projects at Northern European retailer RD Electronics, Bogdan Nesterenko stated that “If you do not collect and analyze competitive data, and you offer a big number of SKUs, your price will be completely off the market.” On top of the data about both your competition’s pricing and promotional work, retailers have to have information such as macroeconomic, historical, sales, and Google Analytics all in one relevant format that goes back the past three years. If needed, retailers are able to either simulate or simply purchase any of the data that they don’t have.

Instead of collecting information, some firms decide to create in-house solutions instead. Even though it does seem like a feasible task, in reality, it turns out to be essentially impossible with very negative side effects. In order to create a data gathering system, retailers typically have to get the help of IT departments that have their own KPIs and who also aren’t that knowledgeable of the retail market. Therefore, they end up making a solution that actually gets retailers removed from either the marketplaces or the sites of their competitors. On top of that, since online stores are constantly seeing technological improvements, the internal data collection solution always needs to be enhanced so that it can stay up-to-date with all of the market changes. As a result, other firms end up going with external data providers since they are able to cater to their needs when it comes to the expected data quality, delivery, and confidentiality. Regardless of the solution chosen, though, firms do need to make sure that the information that they end up basing their pricing decisions on is new, correct, and complete. As a result, retailers often utilize a data quality control system as it is able to pinpoint whether or not the information is appropriate and high-quality.


Overall, customers are becoming a whole lot more demanding as they hold a lot more power in the modern retail market. As a result, it is crucial for retailers to provide personalized prices if they want to get the attention of customers while also stay competitive. It is simply unfeasible for humans to calculate all of the information that is necessary in order to establish optimal prices, therefore, retail firms that are more mature are utilizing the strength of machine learning in order to calculate as well as provide optimal prices for as many customer segments as they can.

4 Reasons Why You Need To Play World Of Warcraft

The online multiplayer game known as the World of Warcraft has made history by taking over the globe since its release in 2004. The game involves everything a gamer looks for, awestriking characters, myth, magic, and all the adventures that there are. Here is why the world has been hooked to it since 14 years now and why you need to play the game yourself to experience its promised wonders.

1. Talent Trees!

There is an absolute lure towards talent trees, it’s almost like a maze itself, especially when they are the non-linear ones. Where would you go? Left, right? What route could possibly be it for your character and optimum game play? The manufacturers of the World of Warcraft, Blizzard surely understands the anticipation thus have incorporated talent trees in the game.

More to it, every player can now have up to three amazing artifacts or weapons, each one consisting of unique abilities. Your weapons are powered up by the collection of relics but you decide when and where you would want to power it up. Even every trait various levels of empowerment. Only when this was enough, a special gemming feature allows to move in various routes simultaneously to find out which one is the easiest.

2. Player vs Player system revitalized

Since a long time, the manufacturers have been trying to separate the Player vs Player from the Player vs Environment features for their own reasons. Thus they have now introduced some gradual changes over time to the player vs player system and the brand Honor system. This says that the cap level players now can own Honor if they do not decide to buy gear but instead build up a new set of Talent, More Talent Trees that concludes! This one especially helps you to loot and earn gold on your way.

3. Cultural references

The game, World of Warcraft has always been abundant when it came to pop culture references but now the manufacturers have buzzed it up further, no kidding. For example in an update trait has been named as the ‘Let it go’ for frost mage artifact, the name suggesting the reference of the famous “Frozen” movie by Disney. Another such updated trait was called as the ‘Ice Age’. It adds up to the humor along with the anticipation as to what might show up next.

4. You can make ACTUAL MONEY!

They say if you are good at something, never do it for free, same applies to this very situation. One of the major reasons that is making people go crazy is the fact that you can make real money by playing World of Warcraft. The main mode of currency used in the game is Gold which needs to be earned by being extremely active on the game, thus the programmers have made it possible for you to earn real money by selling in – game items and this gold. Also you can buy wow gold. Earning while you kick off your gaming skills, now that is the dream to live.

Marketing or Advertising: Which Major Is Right for You?

Written by Michael Del Gigante

If you find that choosing a major is somewhat challenging, you’re not alone. After all, the decision will impact your job prospects after graduation—and your career path for years to come.

Certain majors, such as marketing and advertising, can be especially difficult to choose from because they’re so intertwined and often thought of as being interchangeable, when in fact they’re two distinct disciplines.

If you’re interested in a career involving product and service development and branding, majoring in marketing or advertising could be perfect for you. To help you understand the differences—and similarities—between the two majors, the experts at MDG Advertising have put together this guide, which answers some commonly asked questions.

Marketing or Advertising Which Major Is Right for You

What Is Marketing?

Marketing is a broad discipline that involves the selling of a product or service to consumers. The marketing process includes a number of steps, ranging from market research and product development to advertising, distribution, sales strategies, and public relations.

What Is Advertising?

The field of advertising is focused on a specific part of the marketing process, which is to increase consumer awareness of a product or service.

What Courses Can I Expect to Take as an Advertising Major?

Advertising programs at most colleges and universities include courses in marketing, business, social science, writing, and math, as well as:

  • Consumer behavior
  • Advertising principles
  • Audience analysis
  • Content creation
  • Marketing principles
  • Brand strategy
  • Statistics and/or economics
  • Sociology and/or psychology

It’s common for advertising majors to concentrate their studies—or to double major—in public relations, art direction, or account management. If you choose to focus on public relations, you can expect to take classes in copy writing, preparing press releases, and strategic communications. A concentration in art direction typically includes classes on visual communication, digital design, and portfolio development. An account management concentration involves the areas of account planning, research techniques for advertising and public relations, promotions and sponsorships, advertising management, and the creation of integrated branding strategies.

What Courses Can I Expect to Take as a Marketing Major?

As a marketing major, you can expect to take required and elective classes in sales management, personal selling, marketing research and strategy, international marketing, advertising and promotion management, and retail and web-based marketing. Most marketing programs also require students to complete a hands-on internship.

Like advertising majors, marketing majors can focus on specific areas of study. In marketing, these include sales, marketing management, finance and accounting, and supply chain management. Depending on your area of concentration, you may be required to take additional courses, ranging from principles of investing and economics to logistics and product development.

What Types of Degrees Are Available for Advertising and Marketing Majors?

At the undergraduate level, advertising majors typically receive a bachelor of arts or bachelor of science degree. If you’re thinking about going to graduate school, a master of science in advertising program will afford you the opportunity to further your skills in advertising management or research. Graduate programs in advertising typically include courses in consumer behavior, public relations research, marketing management, advertising and society, and advertising and promotion management.

Marketing majors are normally awarded a bachelor of business administration or bachelor of science in marketing degree. A graduate program in marketing would include a master of business administration with an emphasis in marketing management. Graduate-level courses generally include marketing research, buyer behavior, strategy and planning, international marketing, and promotion management.

What Are My Employment and Earnings Prospects?

Job availability, earning potential, and the opportunity for advancement are always primary considerations when deciding on a major, but you shouldn’t overlook the importance of career diversity—and personal happiness—in your chosen profession.

Advertising majors could have the advantage in terms of immediate job prospects and earning potential. Virtually every brand has a need for qualified advertising specialists. There’s also a perception among some employers that a major in marketing is a little too broad, so they often prefer advertising majors because of their more focused skill set.

The advertising field tends to have more opportunities for both lateral and upward advancement, and the earning potential of an advertising or sales professional can be quite a bit more than that of a marketing professional, within as little as five years.

Because of its broader focus, marketing professionals often enjoy more career flexibility since their skills can apply to business, education, the arts, and nonprofit sectors. Even if the earnings aren’t typically as high as in advertising, this flexibility could allow you to find a job in a field you’re truly passionate about, increasing your overall job satisfaction.

Whichever major you choose, be sure to strive for a balanced course load that will provide you with an understanding of both fields and the skills you’ll need to develop creative and effective strategies for increasing brand recognition and growth.

About Michael Del Gigante, CEO of MDG Advertising

In 1999, CEO Michael Del Gigante founded MDG Advertising, a full-service advertising agency with offices in Boca Raton, Florida and Brooklyn, New York. With his unique insight and decades of industry experience, he turned what was once a traditional ad agency into an integrated branding firm based on an innovative 360-degree marketing philosophy that provides a full spectrum of traditional and digital advertising services.