9 Doubts You Should Clarify About Research Proposal

Research proposal, explicitly termed as a thesis statement, is the backbone of every paper you write. Experts and professionals believe developing a research proposal calls for creativity. There’re specific techniques and guidelines to it, abiding by them eases the task on your favor. But often, students come up with discrete doubts regarding the composition, framing, clarity and many more. This blog encloses and explains every common doubt, which has been restraining you from creating a top-class research proposal.

Is it important to construct a research proposal?

According online writing sites for students and pros, a research proposal is an integral part of your paper. It’s like portraying the whole idea in one or two sentences. Your readers can hardly relate to the central theme if your draft is devoid of a crisp thesis statement.

Which spot is apt for a research proposal?

Some students, though, place the thesis statement at the beginning of the paper, but, it fits best after the introduction. First, briefly introduced the topic and write about the contextual study and. And just before getting into the main discussion, drop a line to the research proposal.

What is a good research proposal format?

Like the rest of the paper, thesis statement, too, follows a framework. Its focal point reflects the locus of your paper and conveys your take on the topic. Clearly, state about your position, so that the readers understand where the paper is heading.

What happens if a research proposal is lengthy?

If your research proposal is lengthy, that means you are exaggerating on the matter. This particular statement should be precise, to-the-point, clear-cut. Wordiness is just not acceptable when you are developing the central argument of your paper.

Is it vital to relate every argument with the thesis?

The research proposal is the chief focus of every paper. So evidently, each of the other arguments must have a strong line of attachment with it. Moreover, the interlinking connection is extremely important to prove your point, in the end. Somewhere in the body section, link all the contentions and shreds of evidence with the thesis statement.

Does a research proposal contain a controlling plan?

Thesis is not the right place for inserting a controlling plan, as it will unnecessarily increase the length. Moreover, here you should raise a claim not a solution to it. If a research proposal is closely relatable to the controlling plan, reinstate the argument while offering the solution.

Are negative words allowed in a research proposal?

The answer to your question is a big NO! Inserting negative words tend to create a negative impact on the reader’s mind and they happen to lose interest in your paper. Well, you may feel what to do if you aren’t supportive of the topic. In that case, create a hypothesis and prove it wrong with validated facts and evidence.

How to write a virtuous research proposal?

Developing a true-blue research proposal isn’t an easy chore at all. You need to keep quite a handful of things in mind while preparing one. First, mind map the main focus of your paper, then identify the keystones of your research. Finally, give rise to a logical argument, considered as the thesis statement of your paper.

Does writing websites help in creating a research proposal?

If you need help with research paper proposal, there’s no harm in seeking assistance from professional academic writers. But, the trick lies in finding an authentic service-provider. The Internet is now the hub of these websites, but, only a few of them offers what you really need.

Research proposal example


Consumer’s behavior is a good way to anticipate returning clients


A research has been conducted to explain the interrelation between customers and purchase-rate and how returning rate is identified from high satisfaction level.

The Greatest Invention Ideas That Shaped The World

When we go to think of inventions that shape the world, we tend to think of creations such as the atomic bomb or the MRI machine. But these are big inventions. When was the last time that you used an atomic bomb or operated an MRI machine? Plus, none of these are inventions that the average person could own.

If you think about, the inventions that have shaped the world are those that we use on a daily basis. Ones that change how we go about our day. We are going to take a look at some of greatest invention ideas that have shaped the world or are in the process of shaping the world.

The Toilet Seat Holder

How many people have been startled by a toilet seat coming crashing down while trying to use the toilet at night? Or maybe simply trying to keep the seat up when you want it up? The toilet seat hold is a small device designed to hold your seat up and it has simplified our lives and taken away something small but something that most of us have had trouble with at one point or another.

Fan Blade Cleaner

Fan blades tend to get very dusty. Depending on where they are they can also get dirty. But cleaning them with a duster leaves dust coming back into your face. The fan blade cleaner allows you to get dust, dirt, and other debris off fan blades without getting it into your own face. A small. Invention but something that anyone with a fan appreciates.

Side Sleeper Pro Air

This small pillow looks very similar to a neck pillow but bigger. It is designed to give proper cushioning to anyone who sleeps on their side. Anyone who sleeps on their side knows how uncomfortable it can be to not have the proper cushioning, especially on certain beds. A relatively small invention that has been sold in major stores changed how people sleep.


Installing a door isn’t easy but it doesn’t have to be as difficult. Install-A-Door is a system that is designed to help proper alignment and safe installation of doors in homes. The product is featured on HomeDepot.com and is a tool that has helped countless door installers get the job right the first time. Simplifying their work.

Weed Thrasher

Getting rid of weeds is a frustrating process and there are very few easy ways to do it easily. The Weed Thrasher was created to make the process of getting rid of weeds easier. It uses small plastic pieces to whack away at weeds until they are chopped down. If you haven’t used Weed Thrasher yourself, you have seen it on TV or in an add, it is one of the most popular gardening tools.


Another gardening tool that has changed how people go about what they are doing is the Maxi-Edge. It attaches to your mower and further reduces the size of trimmings so that they can be redeposited into the lawn to provide mulch. The small little blade may be a small invention that has managed to change how we garden but it took a lot of work for inventor Peter Bryant to get it just right.

Magnetic Staple Remover

If you work in an office and remove staples a lot, you know how frustrating it can be to have staples lying about. The magnetic staple remover allows you to pull staples out of paper and then retain said staples on the remover so they don’t fall to the floor. No more bending over and searching for staples that you remove.

Do You Have Your Own Invention Idea?

As you can see, many inventions are things that people think up as they are going about their regular day. Many of us have an invention idea but we don’t know what to do with it. Instead of kicking yourself years later, why don’t you make that idea a reality?

InventHelp is a company that is dedicated to helping inventors along the way, turning an idea into an invention. Read a few articles about InventHelp and see what they can do for you:

The ideas that we have mentioned in this article are all ones that started with InventHelp. Inventors who wanted to seize the day and were not afraid to ask for help. Everyone who shaped the world started somewhere, and no matter how little your idea is, it could become big.

Staying Safe While Studying Connected To A Public Wi-Fi

Public Wi-Fi refers to Wi-Fi that is accessible in public place like airports, cafes, hotels, parks, malls and universities among others. Free Wi-Fi is one of the fringe benefits that some businesses offer their customers. It is immensely popular among a lot of people largely, because of its cheap, convenient aspects and the limitless data usage that it offers.

Indeed, it is an invaluable resource for academic activities, hence its availability in university structures and public spaces within the environs. However, public Wi-Fi is something of a Trojan horse: cheap, convenient but dangerous. This is because most times, these public networks are not secured channels and so there are some threats that you will be exposed to when you are on these public networks.

Man-in-the-Middle Attacks

These kinds of threats are similar to eavesdropping in normal human relations. Only, it is a lot more dangerous, in the digital context. Hackers are able to access the data sent from your device (laptop, computer, mobile phone) to its destination. They do this by positioning themselves between both points.

So while you think you are “interacting” with the hotspot, you are actually sending info to a cybercriminal. At this point, they have access to any piece of information you put out and it is only a matter of time before they get their hands on personal data that they can use for their profit.

Hackers have since advanced from that level. They have now mastered the manipulation of devices to the point of using malware to “mine” cryptocurrency.

Distribution of Malware

Malware is malicious software or tools used by hackers. Hackers exploit the vulnerabilities in an operating system or software program to distribute malware that infects devices. The infected devices then become “puppets” that are manipulated by hackers for nefarious purposes.

Snooping and Sniffing

Hackers are able to eavesdrop on Wi-Fi signals. This is called Wi-Fi snooping and sniffing. It allows hackers to access everything that you are doing online. As a result of this, they are also able to clone your login details which they can use to steal your money or identity.

Malicious Hotspots

These are access points that trick unsuspecting internet user into connecting to a seemingly legitimate network. Like the name suggests, these hotspots allow hackers to view the sensitive information that your online activity reveals. They then exploit whatever information they get there for their gain.

When you use a public Wi-Fi for whatever purpose, your data and online activity are like open books which anyone who is interested can read. There is no privacy whatsoever. Neither is there any security. Assume that others have access to your private information. If for some reason, you must use a public Wi-Fi, you should take some of the following measures to avoid the threats listed above:


VPN is also known as Virtual Private Network. It is a service that lets you access the web safely and privately by routing your connection through a server that hides your online actions. It protects the confidentiality and integrity of data as it travels over the internet.

When you start the VPN client (software from your VPN service) the software encrypts your data before your internet service provider or Wi-Fi provider sees it. This means that it cannot be read except the person has the encryption key. Without VPN anyone can easily access your data.

With a VPN, these risks are reduced if not completely eliminated.

VPN essentially allows you to secure a virtual tunnel through the internet to another network or device. It could be used to access region-restricted websites. VPN services are expensive but would you rather lose vital information that could lead to financial and identity among other things?

In our opinion, your security is worth the cost. We also believe that VPN is the best way to surf the internet via a public network. It even gets better when you use well reviewed Surfshark VPN as it’s new in the industry and at the same time reputable.

Employ SSL Connections

If we were to rank these options, we would deservedly place this option second to VPN services because the SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) is a cheaper and less effective alternative to VPN services. You can at least secure some of your data via an SSL connection to the websites you visit. SSL is a layer of encryption used in web browsers to protect your data. Hackers understand this, that is why they try to divert you from SSL protected websites.

Ensure that you are protected by always using HTTPS on websites that require a login. Download HTTPS Everywhere extension that is available on the more popular browsers like Chrome. This extension automatically activates HTTP for websites where it is supported.

Enable Your Computer’s Firewall

If you do not have the resources for a VPN service, you could use the firewall protection on your computer. Be sure to enable it BEFORE connecting to a Wi-Fi hotspot. Not AFTER.

Key Signs To Know That You Have Found The Best Real Estate Agent

Whenever in life, you want to buy a property; the key thing which you would do is to seek the assistance of a well experienced and a qualified estate agent so that he may grant you the best advice regarding the property which you want to buy. You can also go alone and search for the property but that could somehow be wrong at the end because when you seek help from an experienced estate agent, he can do it better for you. The one and the key sign which you need to identify while you are searching for the best real estate agent and small business accountants is that he identifies what you want. A good real estate agent is that who knows what his client wants and he values the time of his client and his too.

Following are the important signs which would let you know that you’ve got the best real estate agent:

– Just a click away

Well, one thing is sure that you aren’t dating your agent but commitment is important. You need to spend a lot of time with the agent so that he could know what you want and what you are searching for. Buying a property is a major decision and it should be supported with validity so when you have found an estate agent who is ready to spend a lot of time with you to understand your needs then it means that you’ve selected the right one. Spending time with the agent is important because you need to know that the agent is trustworthy enough so that you can make your buying decision based on his opinions. If you feel that your agent is pressurizing you, or is trying to convince you about something not right then you must think about your decision.

– Special treatment

Once your agent knows what you want in terms of price, location and home size, he must start working then by taking all the data into account and they should just show you the homes and property which meets that certain criteria. However, you can also do some basic research based on the information available on the internet. One benefit which you are sure to get while you are taking the assistance of a real estate agent is that you don’t need to tell the search engine that what you want. This means that a real and breathing person is helping you.

– Interest

This is really not troubling as you can go for ESTATE AGENTS FOR LANDLORD IN ILFORD which would be the best one who keeps interest in your choices and wants and asks you about your future plans so that it could provide you something best based on your choices and wishes. So in this regard, a good agent would not only provide you with the best type of finishes but also regarding what would be better for you in long-term and in future.