The Ropes of Personal Investment

Investments are an extremely important part of an individual’s life. Think of it as something like a cushion. You cannot be certain of any aspect of life, because life itself is as abstract and as uncertain as possible. Thus, you need a cushion that would protect you from the shock of bad times. You need a cushion to fall back on. Therefore, it is imperative that you learn the ropes of investment and do not take the plunge into an investment that you know nothing about. At the end of the day, everyone wants a return on their investments, and the best way to reap the harvest is by sowing the right crops.

The Ropes of Personal Investment

To begin with, there are several ways in which you can plan your personal investments. Personal investments might not demand an MBA degree from you, but it requires good financial acumen, nevertheless. You must know where and when to invest so that it might serve the best of your interests when the time calls for it. Some of the best ways to invest your hard-earned money are investment funds, stock markets, bonds, life insurance, bank products, education, retirement, and the like. While some of the aforementioned options might seem risky, the others are completely benign. Also, if the right knowledge is used and calculated risks are taken up, one can be sure to reap the benefits of investment options like stock markets and investment funds.

Before we move on to the ostensibly riskier investment plans, let us gauge the perks of the congenial ones.

Life Insurance Policies:

Life is uncertain in all its glory. That is what confers meaning to it; to be finite in this infinite Universe. Therefore, it is our duty to live out the limited days on Earth the way it is meant to be. Life insurance is one of the best shots you have at a personal investment. It keeps you and your loved ones covered and sees to it that your family members do not have to spiral towards an endless abyss of nothingness after you are no longer with them to be their guardian. There are many life insurance policies available, and each of it differs in their perks, few of which are discussed below.

Term Life Insurance-

As the name suggests, term life covers you up to a specific term. You would either have to renew the insurance after the term concludes, or close the policy. The premiums for the term life insurance go up with your age.

Whole Life Insurance-

This kind of life insurance policies covers you for your entire lifetime. It is a permanent policy and serves as one of the greatest savings measures. The premium of the whole life insurance does not change as you age. It remains the same, and thus, you do not have to worry about planning your expenses, keeping in mind the changing premiums.

Variable Life Insurance-

Variable life insurance does not provide you with the best death benefits. The premium of the policy can be adjusted to suit your budget constraint, but beware of the fact that it does not promise a high ROI.

A piece of unsolicited information for anyone who wishes to find out more about life insurance policies- Ken Stephens’ guide on life insurance provides a scholarly insight into why life insurance covers are important and the right ways to go about it.

Education Plans:

You might not even realize this now when you are starting off your career, but there might come a day when you would want to settle down and start a family of your own. Education plans come in as a welcome relief amidst a host of other high-risk investment plans. Start saving up for your child’s education the moment you start a family. Before you know, your little kid would be going to an Ivy League college, and the issue of money would crop up. Investment in education is the best thing that you could do today. This is not to insinuate that you would want your child to grow up and give you the returns when she lands a handsome job. However, by investing in your child’s future, you will be securing her future and preparing her for the world.

Savings for Retirement:

You might feel invincible right now when the adrenaline rush is still fresh in your veins. However, there will come a time when the rush will fade, and the skin shall adorn more wrinkles than ever. Old age shall come to all and wither away the health and beauty that you behold.

Therefore, it is always advisable to have some retirement plans worked out. Save up for your retirement so that you do not have to find yourself in a financial whirlpool. There are a number of ways to go about retirement savings, some of which are mentioned below to give you a head start.

Smart Automatic Retirement Plan Investing-

The company you work for might already have a provision where the employees are automatically enrolled for a retirement plan. Check if your company has the provision and dig up on how the entire process goes about. Smart Automatic Retirement Plan Investing enables simple saving and helps you save more than usual for your retirement. It also comes with various tax benefits and thus, makes it a lucrative retirement plan.

Individual Retirement Accounts-

Individual Retirement Accounts are the type of retirement plans where you establish a connection with a bank or any such provider and plan your savings accordingly. It is not on the organization that you work for to take care of your individual retirement accounts. One of the greatest benefits of an Individual Retirement Account is that it helps you to keep aside a sum of money that can be used to chase your dreams or pursue a passion after retirement, when you have the time for it.

Mutual Funds:

It goes without saying that mutual funds are subject to market risks. This is one statement that reiterates through any advertisement of mutual funds, and it is true. You cannot put all your faith in mutual funds, because the financial market is a volatile area and has several uncertainties. However, mutual funds, when done right can be the best investment plan. It is advisable that you have an advisor for the investment, one who knows all the legalities and financial aspects well. A great way to invest in mutual funds would be to distribute your investment among different portfolios. This lowers the risk substantially and makes for a wise decision.

Therefore, there are unlimited ways in which you can invest your money and make good use of it. The ropes of investment are not nuclear physics. You do not need to have special skills and knowledge about how to operate a nuclear reactor. All you need is the right advisor, at the right time and a few decision-making skills, all of which can be acquired.

How to Fight Bad Breath and Keep it Away

Halitosis is the term given to bad breath, a condition that affects people all over the world. You can fight this condition at home without having to go see a dental hygienist about it. Here are some of the many things you can do at home to fight your stinky breath.

  • Use proper oral care products like mouthwash, toothpaste and floss. These have all been proven as remedies to the issue of bad breath as long as they are used regularly and properly.
  • Brush your teeth (and floss!) at least two times every day. This is especially important if you’re wearing invisible braces. When selecting a toothbrush, pick one that has softer bristles. These will prevent damage to your teeth and to your gums, and will instead only take the plaque off. For toothpaste, you should look into one made using fluoride. Together with the right brushing techniques, all the food particles and plaque left in your mouth will be scrubbed away never to be seen again.
  • A dry mouth is one of the main causes of bad breath, so the best remedy is to constantly produce saliva to wash away bacteria in your mouth. You can do this by stimulating the glands in your mouth to make more saliva. This can be done by chewing gum, sucking on mints and eating sugar-free candy that is slightly sour.
  • Another way to get rid of the bacteria in your mouth is to try to eat fruits and vegetables containing fiber every day. That’s right, an apple a day actually keeps the doctor away!
  • Taking a supplement with your diet in the form of vitamins C, B, D and E is a great way to prompt your body to get rid of the excess toxins in your blood and cells in natural ways to prevent bad breath.
  • The last remedy might seem a little unorthodox, but it works. If you brush your teeth in baking soda every now and then, you take out all the acids that are produced by the bacteria in your mouth when they break down leftover food particles in there.

Other Easy Ways to Prevent Halitosis

Prevention is better than cure. This is the basic tenet taught in every health class ever. Preventing your body from ever getting bad breath is the best way to fight it. If you can train yourself to have certain good habits, you will never have to eat a breath mint again.

  • Eating high fiber foods is the best way to keep the halitosis away. The more processed food you eat, the worse it will be for you. These problems can be found in cookies and other sweet foods.
  • Mouthwash is also your best friend. There are some solutions out there that are made for people who have problems with bad breath. One thing you should avoid, though, is mouthwash that has an alcohol base. This makes your mouth get extremely dry which can bring the bad breath back with no trouble at all.
  • Green and black teas are the most effective in getting rid of bacteria in the mouth and the sulfur that they produce as a by-product of their digestive process. This is due to a set of chemicals called polyphenols that can be found in tea.

The last and most important thing to remember is that smoking causes bad breath. If you are a smoker, the only way to stop the breath from paralyzing your victims is to quit smoking or at least reduce doing it. Good luck with your bad breath!

Essential Elements of Building an Outstanding Behavior Based safety Program

Implementing a Behavior Based Safety program is a brilliant way to transform a company’s safety culture. When it’s done properly, the outcome is usually positive and undeniable. Behavior Based Safety (BSS) can substantially minimize safety risks and prevent workplace accidents. But, anyone who has worked with other safety programs understands that realizing the full benefits will largely depend on successful implementation. Statistics indicate that approximately 70% of such programs pursued by American corporations collapse, resulting in millions of dollars in lost revenues and time. Here are some simple strategies to building a BBS behavior based safety program that is sustainable.

Secure Commitment from Management and Front-line Employees

One of the critical elements of a successful behavior based safety program has to do with securing buy-in from management and front-line employees. When everyone is not on the same page and focused on the goals of the program, chances are that your BBS initiative will fail. At the planning stage of the program, form a team of key members that are familiar with BBS to help you with designing the program and establishing the indicators of success.

Environmental Health and Safety Data Collection and Review

In many organizations, safety departments collect a lot of critical data that is often underutilized. Ensure that you review and evaluate all data collected when performing safety inspections and audits. This data will help to establish the kind of jobs and tasks that pose the greatest risk. Analyzing this data will further help to expose the areas that need improvement and help to unearth new trends that warrant further investigation.

Make a Critical Behavior Checklist

Once you have performed a comprehensive data review, you will be in a position to clearly discover the risky behaviors that have played a role in past incidents. You will also be able to identify risky behaviors that have the potential to contribute to future incidents. You can now develop a checklist detailing all required behaviors to perform specific tasks or jobs. Supervisors can use the checklist during observations to record unsafe and safe behaviors.

Perform Behavioral Observations

Make a decision on which members of the BBS team will be doing the observations and clarify how frequently they should be conducted. Observations may be conducted on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis, but this will depend on the organization’s environment as well as the risk severity of the task or job.

Behavior based safety is most successful and effective when handled as a continuous process that constantly adapts to your business needs as well as your employees’ and safety needs. Your supervisors should provide constant feedback after completing observations. Additionally, try to leverage your data to come up with a data-driven strategy while measuring success and making continuous improvements.

The Great Migration Safari in Kenya & Tanzania

If you’re planning yourself a safari tour in East Africa, then why not opt for the best season possible? The sight of the majestic wildebeest as well as the other migrating species is truly one of the most wonderful sights to behold! Even the predators are a sight for sore eyes. It’s a great idea to book yourself and companions a Kenya luxury safari especially if you’re planning to sightsee the Great Migration Safari in Kenya & Tanzania. You’ll be able to watch as the animals exemplify their intelligence by following the rainy, wet paths into a location where their food stock will be all the more plentiful. Tempted to head out and see what Africa has to offer? Before you nab yourself a plane ticket, take note of the certain months in which the safari occurs. You won’t want to spend time and money only to be disappointed, after all!

July – August
During these months, you’ll be able to watch the herds as they begin their long travel. They start from the Masai Mara and then walk to the Northern Serengeti wherein they have to avoid all of the dangerous crocodiles lining the waters in the area. There’ll be wildebeests, zebras, elephants and other animals as far as the eye can see. So if you want to see them in action as they travel across the Masai Mara plains and rivers like the advanced creatures they are, then be sure to plan a visit during July and August.

September – December
Once the end of August has settled in, worry not if you think you’re late, you will still be able to watch the animals’ migration but this time they’ll be heading back to their original home, Tanzania, because the rainy season will begin. This means they will no longer need the lush and fertile food grounds of Kenya any longer, at least for this time period. If you’re looking for months which are a little bit cooler but with around the same experience, they you might want to book a trip somewhere along there dates.

April – June
Around this time, the lands start to dry up meaning the animals’ food supply will start to replenish. Uh oh! Thankfully, Africa’s animals have evolved to this change in agriculture, and will be starting their travel all the way to Kenya in order to find a greater quantity of delicious means to last them the Serengeti’s dry season. This is a wonderful time to visit, but be sure to get the timing right as it can take a little bit of time for the animals to actually get up and going!

Got all of the information you need? Use them to plan your next trip to Africa for the Great Migration and have the best experience possible.

6 Ways To Help Stop Snoring Naturally

I wish we could all sleep soundly like that little fur fella up there, but it’s not always the case for some of us. There are millions of people around the world who have poor sleeping quality because of various reasons but there’s one common denominator among us. Obstructive sleep apnea (OSA) or snoring is a very common breathing condition among people of all ages and there’s no need to be ashamed of it, really. It’s not permanent and what’s good is that there are different options that you can take in order to breathe better when you’re catching zzz’s.

6 Ways To Help Stop Snoring Naturally

There’s no simple way to jazz all the way downtown when your rhythm when you’re sleeping is off-key, but improving your sleep quality should be a part of your personal goals because there’s a better life worth living that’s waiting for all of us, so don’t let it slip away! Here are 6 proven, natural solutions to aid snoring and improve your wellbeing as well as your loved ones.

Keep your fur mate beside you when you doze off

These little furballs are not just your everyday trusty lil’ companions – they’re also the best ones to cuddle in bed (aside from your partner, of course). According to researchers, 41% of pet owners who had their pet dogs or cats sleep together with them helped a lot to improve their sleeping quality and eased their anxiety. There’s no doubt that snuggling with your four-legged pets during nighttime increases the value of your physical relaxation.

However, here are the factors why some people are a bit skeptical about staying together with your four-legged darlings under the same covers:

  • People have their hygiene woes. But we think that’s understandably normal. After all, there are unavoidable circumstances when our dear pets think that beds are better places where they can litter. Better to litter on something soft, ain’t it?
  • Their partner says nope. And sometimes, you’d wonder if your S.O. is jealous of your dog because they get more cuddles than your partner does. But, nope. They’re just thinking of spending more quality sleeping time with you.
  • Allergies > Good night’s sleep. You can’t really win the battle if it’s your allergies that will prevent you from getting a good night’s slumber. Your pet might be able to protect you from other kinds of harm that might come your way, but not on this one.
  • They’re itsy bitsy teeny weeny quirky. If it’s playtime, it’s playtime. If it’s bedtime, it’s still playtime. That’s where their uncontrolled quirks start, especially for little pups.

Hit the hay with good cushion.

There are many cool inventions that may help some people to stop snoring and fortunately for more severe sleeping conditions, there are different pillows designed for people with sleep apnea in the market that will send you and your partner to slumber nirvana. These pillows are ergonomically designed to align your head and shoulders to help maintain open airways so you can breathe properly even when you turn sideways… and all kinds of ways that you want to turn.

Stock on yellow food-sentials, ‘stat!

If there’s a color that’s ought to make lives better, that’s gonna be yellow. There’s the sun, bars of gold (Hey, that qualifies too. It makes people happy!), and then… there’s food. If you’re digging for a sleep that’s far from hollow, then gather some of these marvelously healthy foods that are yellow.


Drinking at least two cups of tea helps lessen congestion. For best results, it’s best to drink black or green tea before bedtime.

Olive Oil

Olive oil wouldn’t be called the best for no reasons. It lessens the chance to have acid reflux and has less saturated fats compared with other types of oil, margarine, and butter.


This yellow spice will surely give your decongested nasal passages a good kick. Snoring? Goodbye.


It has anti-inflammatory properties that help improve nasal passage airways. Pineapple is best eaten after dinner for optimal results.


Honey relaxes and soothes the throat and reduces swelling, that’s why it’s a big A+ for people with colds.

Werk it up, tone that body!

Exercising regularly in general can reduce snoring. That’s because when you tone various muscles in your body, such as your arms, legs, and abs, this leads to toning the muscles in your throat, which in turn can lead to less snoring.

We get it, sometimes it gets extremely difficult to get up and move. But losing weight and having a healthy body contributes a great factor in having a peaceful slumber. Instead of earning rolls on your tummy all year ‘round, roll out that yoga mat today instead, grab your partner and start hustling together to get that dream bod!

Soothe up and headphones on.

Music is an effective treatment for short-term and chronic sleep disorders, according to a recent analysis of research. The therapeutic effects of music on sleep get stronger with time, meaning the more consistently you use music to help you sleep, the more effective the practice may become.

Music heals, that’s why people run away from the rest of the world through music. Listening to music that helps our bodies calm down has proven wonders for emotional and mental health. So whatever your jam is, when you can’t sleep, just put those headphones on and let the rhythmic waves lead you to a peaceful rest.

Healthy routine will defeat the snorin’

And most of all, the key to defeat snoring is rockin’ out the highway to healthier living. Come on, it’s for you and your loved ones too! Find out what foods should people with sleeping problems avoid, consult a doctor and determine what kind of diet will work for your lifestyle, and stick to the routine you’ll establish. Practice exercising at least one hour everyday. And of course, sleep early. Trust us, even people who have lived more than 100 years concluded that it wouldn’t be possible living that long without eating something healthy and sleeping earlier and for longer hours.

What Does A Design Agency Do And Why Should You Hire One?

If you are starting a new business or wanting to add a new product or object to existing products you may be wondering whether or not you need to hire a design studio to design your logo, packaging or other designs needed for your business. To help you decide if you really need a design studio for your business then knowing a little about what a design studio does can help you to decide if you should need to hire one.

What Does A Design Agency Do And Why Should You Hire One

What is A Design Studio?

A design studio also known as a drawing office is a workplace for designers who conceive, design, and develop logos, packaging, new products or objects. A design studio can be any size from a one-man operation run out of an apartment or home to large studios that have a number of designers who may work on one or several assignments at one time.

A design studio may design logos, products or objects for a number of different businesses or may concentrate on designing for one specific business. For example, an automobile design agency designs automobiles.

Why Should You Hire a Design Studio

Every business has a story to tell and their brand and their products should tell that stories in a way that consumers readily understand what that message is and that the message is carried across their logos, packages, and products. This means that everything needs to be consistent across the board.

Hiring a design agency that has a clear understanding of your story, your business and your customers aids in the development of all designs related to your business and can meet all of the design needs associated with your story and business so that everything works well together and helps establish and further your brand among your customers and the public in general.

A good design company has the ability to design both for traditional channels and digital channels helping to further your brand and improve your bottom line.

What to Look for When Hiring a Design Studio

There are so many design studios out there offering the same range of services and pitching the best presentations in order to acquire businesses and then it’s just all about producing template-looking visuals that might not meet client’s expectations. But there are few remarkable design companies who can resonate with the story you wish to tell and how to use the best executions when it comes to brand storytelling.

When hiring a design studio there are some things you need to look for in order to ensure that you get best design studio to meet your needs.

  • Does the design studio take the time to ask questions in order to learn about your business, your goals and your customers? Any design studio or design studio representative who doesn’t take the time to understand your business and your story won’t be able to help you brand or further your brand because they don’t know enough about your business.
  • Is the design studio willing to make suggestions regarding how you can improve your existing logo or brand? Do they consult you first before making any changes on your business’ visual branding? Do they give you the opportunity to collaborate with them when it comes to incorporating ideas that can help improve your logo or brand? You really need a design studio that cares about your business and is willing to put suggestions that will help you move forward in your business.
  • Find out how their previous clients felt like when they worked with them. Were they able to achieve the creative outputs they wanted? Did they have good or bad experience working with the design studio? Clients’ feedbacks plays an important factor on finding out if a design studio’s promises is worth the value that they deliver to their clients.
  • Does the team get along quite well when working together? Are they able to clearly communicate the ideas to their clients even without the support of their team member? A design studio’s systemic organization in the workplace plays a vital role on creating something for their clients.
  • Lastly, do they express genuine interest in working with you? Do they deliver and report to clients on time? Do they make sure to express urgency and put integrity in what they do? That alone, a design studio’s sense of professionalism says a lot about who they are and what they stand for.

At Grafik Design Studio, the design staff has over 15 years of experience working with businesses to help them further their vision and increase their business. Their professional designers will work closely with you and take the time to learn about your business, your products, your goals and your customers so that their designs will help you to achieve the success you are looking for.

How Social Media Ads Are Revolutionizing The Education Industry

The best places to advertise are those places where your targeted audience tends to assemble. In today’s world social media is the place where people join together to share everything about their lives including the products and services they find useful.

For the education industry social media ads are actually revolutionizing the education industry due to it’s ability to reach groups of teachers, scientists, parents, and other people who value education and are always looking for new educational materials and products for their children and themselves including online courses in a variety of areas.

How Social Media Ads Are Revolutionizing The Education Industry

However, just placing any ad on social media is not going to gain the attention of the targeted audience you are aiming for. You need to be able to specifically target the audience you are looking to sell your educational materials or services to. For that, most educational companies can use the assistance of a social media advertising by Kinetic Social as they know how to target the right audience.

There are basic social media marketing techniques that reliable social media marketing agencies use which can help take your paid social media ads up a notch such as:

  • Specifically creating social media ads that will fit social media standards (hi-resolution image with small amount of text + short and concise caption that resonates with your target market’s interest).
  • Customized campaign depending on marketing goal and comprehensive targeting based on demographics and interests.
  • Social media listening wherein we keep track of every social media trend which we can possibly relate to your educational products or services. Social media listening is used to create better social media content and engage interaction among communities affiliated with education and conducive learning.
  • Reaching out to potential partners for cross promotions, future collaborations or establishing active online communities for educators, scientists and parents.

A great social media advertising agency will work hard to get your brand out there before the right people and be able to present you with measurable results that allows you to see that your brand is becoming well known for its quality. In addition, a good social media advertising agency will:

  • Target traffic and actually funnel it to your website where you have an increased chance of converting that traffic into actual sales.
  • Consumers on social media have serious purchasing power (and can influence other purchasers as well) and a good social media advertising agency will ensure that you target those customers that are ready to purchase and to influence others if they like your product or services.
  • They will help you create great communication between you and your potential customers so that you have the ability to build trust that will result in higher sales.
  • Do more than just creating social media ads and promoting your educational business online – for them, it’s a responsibility to help improve your brand and make a huge impact on people’s lives.

There are so many social media marketing agencies out there offering you the assurance that they’ll be able to target the same goal that you want to achieve, but there are only few, reliable social media marketing agencies who actually have the passion and dedication to make it all possible for your business’ growth.

A credible social media advertising agency should have the experience and expertise to create those social media ads that will drive the most traffic to your website and give you the best chance of converting that traffic to actual sales. They should be willing to work with you to understand your brand, the audience you are looking to reach, and be able to create those social media ads that will reach that audience while promoting your brand to those people who are looking for the educational products, materials, tools, or services that you are selling.

Do not limit your educational business’ capacity to go beyond traditional means of getting your educational products or services on a global scale. Diving into social media advertising and being in the know about the digital landscape will provide better opportunities for you to connect with the rest of the world conveniently and change the lives of millions.

If you are looking for a great social media advertising agency that has the skills and expertise to make your social media ads stand out, then you should consider Kinetic Social to meet your social media advertisement needs by reaching the right targeted audiences that would be most interested in your products.

They have the expertise to get the job done and help you achieve your advertising goals to help promote your educational business. They are more than just providing social media marketing services to businesses – they put their heart and their best foot forward to collaborate with you and grow your brand.

How New Innovative Technology Can Help The Environment

Technology has done a lot. Some of our innovations have been good, while others have hurt the environment. Now we have learned the impact some of our advancements have had on the planet. Our same passion for technological innovation has lead to environmental improvements and will lead to further improvements.

How New Innovative Technology Can Help The Environment

Alternative Power Sources

One of our biggest aims as a planet is to change how we power our world. For too long we have used pollution producing power sources. Recent innovations have brought new ways to provide power without a carbon footprint.

Tesla is getting ready to release solar cell roof tiles that can collect power all while resembling traditional roof tiles. Not only are these great for the environment but they also will be more affordable than traditional roof tiles.

Repair Our Existing Infrastructure

A number of pieces of our current infrastructure are not what they should be. Look at the amount of trash that can be found in the ocean. People have been working hard to develop ways to clean the ocean. The ocean garbage collector, known as System 001, was proposed by an 18 your old man who dropped out of university.

Many other similar technologies are being developed. Another example is a technology that allows us to strip oil from the water. Imagine being able to cleanup oil spills and purify our existing water of oil. These are only two ways that we have hurt the environment since we have been on the planet, we have done numerous other things that we haven’t even started correcting.

Less Paper

Computers have been around for a while but more and more technologies are coming out to move away from the need to cut down trees for paper. Microsoft’s Windows Ink is a good example of that. It allows students and workers both to bypass paper and send large amounts of content digitally. Other options include Ink tablets and tablets with pen input.

Moving away from paper bills, magazines, and such and onto digital platforms has also been a big help. This would not have been possible without technology supporting it.

To help put this in perspective, just under 2.5 million trees are cut down every day. That is billions of trees in a year.

Studying The Environment

We can’t positively impact the environment if we do not know what is going on with it. Numerous different devices and technological innovations have allowed us to be able to study the environment. From weather sensors, to contamination testing, to plotting technology, it is all used to study the environment around us. All of this information then goes to making changes to the world around us.

How This Technology Becomes Possible

While some of the technology used to enhance the environment comes from big firms, a lot of it also comes from people with ideas for inventions. Powerful invention companies such as invent help take inventors ideas and help them move along the process. Without help along the way, the process can be quite confusing and many inventions would fall short.

When it comes to the environment we can’t compromise and need all of the tools we can get. For those that want to see what Invent Help can do, take a look at some of the times it has been mentioned in the media:

Do you have the next biggest idea for helping the environment? There are limitless possibilities. Flush out your invention and then consider reaching out to a company that specializes in helping inventors. They can help you from the patenting process to the funding. You may end up being the next person in the news with a big invention.

Why Students Should Book Airport Parking in Advance

For students wanting to fly home for events, holidays, and summer break, finding car parking at airports can be a painful experience, and anyone that has been to JFK airport will attest that no matter how well you prepare, finding JFK parking can be a nightmare. That’s the reason why there are so many different parking websites and apps around, which are designed to make the entire parking process more secure and easier for students. One such parking app is, which has revolutionized parking at the airports, as it allows students to book parking spots in advance.

Cars parked in a row at the airport

This provides airport goers with a hassle-free experience and ensures they don’t need to hunt for parking spots and waste precious time. goes out of its way to not only provide students with easy access to parking but also provides options for booking for movies and dining as well. Students can find pre-booked JFK long long term parkingand parking at different airports all over the United States including the likes of LaGuardia, Dulles, Detroit, Denver, San Francisco, and Los Angeles. One of the best things about pre-booking parking spots at the airport is that they not only save students’ time, but result in savings as well.

The Convenience You Get through

In this day and age, time is of the essence and it seems like students are always rushing to keep up with their hectic schedule. You simply can’t be sitting around waiting in your car for 15 to 20 minutes looking for the ideal spot to park your vehicle. That is the average time it takes for drivers to search for an available parking spot at the airport. The great thing about is that it allows you to pre-book JFK parking spots before you get to the airport so that you don’t need to navigate through traffic and go around in circles in the parking spot to find an empty spot.

Once you book your parking spot, all you need to do is follow the directions on the app, which will guide you to your parking space. So, no more hassles with parking spaces, and you can also take advantage of their promo codes to save on parking prices. It’s not really a surprise to learn that JFK long-term parking can cost you a pretty penny, but you can get great deals if you pre-book through and save money for airport parking at the same time.

No Other Concierge Service Like It!

There are a lot of different concierge services out right now, and people are spoilt for choice. However, the range of options available to them can also confuse people, who end up not knowing which option to opt for. With you only get exclusive deals on airport parking, but also get great deals on event tickets, dining deals, concert tickets, and movie tickets.

You can find the best option available in your city by searching on the app or the website and get a list of all the offers that are available in your city. You don’t need to worry about your information as well since is secured with 128-bit VeriSign Secure Socket Layer Encryption. You can also use the promo codes at for exclusive deals at the best restaurants in your city and the best parking spots at airports in your city.

It’s a smart way to not only save money but also your precious time, which is an extremely valuable commodity these days. So, whether you’re searching for great deals on JFK long-term parking or looking for standard JFK parking deals, choose to show you the way and make your life easier.

The Various E-Liquid Ratios and What They Mean for You

Anyone getting into vaping will typically pre-occupy themselves on two things in particular: 1. their hardware and 2. the e-liquid; in particular, the flavours and levels of nicotine in the case of the latter.

After a few months’ vaping experience, attention shifts to more specific details such as the impact of variable wattage and voltage, and some users might even scale up to higher performance devices like mods.

The Various E-Liquid Ratios and What They Mean for You

In the case of e-liquids, one often ignored consideration by beginners (and even some experienced vapers) is the “base” of the e-juice – vegetable glycerine (VG), propylene glycol (PG), or a mixture of the two.

That is a mistake because selecting the proper PG/VG blend is central to your vaping experience in terms of flavour, throat hit and cloud production.

This guide is to illustrate the possibilities – and why they matter a big deal.

Characteristics of PG and VG

An e-liquid’s base plays two major roles. It “carries” the other ingredients in the vape juice, and also has a huge bearing on the flavour, vapour produced, and throat hit.

Unless you are one of those who preoccupy themselves with the terms and conditions section, the boring details about these two ingredients aren’t compulsory for most vapers to read through. Both bases are largely deemed safe and commonly used in an array of consumable products.

The one major health caveat to be aware of is the fact that a small number of people are allergic to propylene glycol, and interaction with it could spark symptoms such as stomach upsets, rashes and hives.

PG may also cause throat irritation in some individuals, and the reasons for this will become apparent in a jiffy.

In such instances, the option for these users is to switch to a VG juice.

PG and VG both have their distinct characteristics which have a direct effect on the vaping experience – and a major one at that:

Propylene Glycol

PG is a synthetic non-toxic liquid which is runny (thin) in nature with no natural flavour, an element that makes it a great carrier of flavours present in an e-liquid. Due to its non-natural ingredients, it also boasts a longer shelf life.

PG packs a strong punch (throat hit) and this is largely why you may experience some throat irritation if it is concentrated.

It has a higher temperature resistance, meaning it requires a higher voltage in order to create clouds. Therefore, with PG, there is less vapour being inhaled, and consecutively, thinner clouds being exhaled. And if the voltage isn’t regulated properly, there is the possibility of a burnt taste.

Vegetable Glycerine

VG is a natural substance which is thicker and harbours a naturally sweet flavour. Due to its organic nature, it has a shorter shelf life.

When used as a base for e-juice, VG creates thicker and denser vapour, although it has less of a throat hit compared to PG.

This makes it a smoother vape on the inhale, with huge clouds on the exhale.

Common PG/VG Ratios and Ideal Uses

A mix of the two does more than simply bring out the best of both worlds.

What you will realise over time is that different PG/VG ratios work best for different families of flavours, not to mention the type of device.

You will also discover that juice high in VG blended with several flavours takes more time to steep. As well, you will find that a lot of “interesting” flavours and most high-nicotine concentrates are not available in a VG-based e-liquid.

This all has to do with the inherent properties.

As far as the e-liquid ratios go, here are the possibilities available to you:

100% VG: (Max VG): 100% VG is most ideal in two situations – competitive cloud chasing or for people allergic to PG. There’s virtually zero throat hit, and the sweet VG obviously alters the flavour while also posing a device maintenance issue since it gums on coils, wicks and other equipment components.

80% VG/20% PG: (80/20): Also has little throat hit but guarantees voluminous clouds. It is at this level that the sweetness of VG begins to noticeably affect flavours. It is also the point where high VG content can start becoming a concern with regard to gunk build-up on your wicks and coils.

70% VG/30% PG: (70/30): If you are interested in large clouds but still fancy a little throat hit, this is the level to go for. It is smooth on the inhale without overpowering and big plumes on the exhale. This is the spot that most users find offers them the best of both worlds.

60% VG/40% PG (60/40): Another popular ratio, this mixture provides a perfect balance between large clouds and flavour saturation.

50% VG/50% PG: (50/50): This blend has a perceptible, but not harsh, throat hit, along with quality exhales. It used to be the industry standard before it was overtaken by 70/30. A perfect level to start with.

20% VG/80% PG: (20/80): This ratio has an increased throat hit with just a whiff of clouds. Common with users who used to be heavy smokers or anyone who fancies a good nicotine hit with a little VG to balance it out.

100% PG: (Max PG): Used to be quite popular some time back, but now not so much. This flavour ratio is not for everyone. It has the strongest throat hit which can be too sharp for most people. The amount of vapour produced is also noticeably meagre.

And there you have it.

Again, if you are just starting out and want to try out the different combinations, the best place to start is the 50/50 baseline or 70VG/30PG. Then move on from there.