rooBrooklyn Waterfront map, and Friday’s Google Fusion Tables workshop

hi everyone,

I wanted to share the handout from Friday’s Google Fusion Tables workshop as well as the Brooklyn waterfront map, which is in development; you may notice that various elements are not yet working as you might expect. Moving forward, your feedback on the map will be very helpful. Please get in touch if you’d like to discuss designing an assignment around visualizing geographic data.

~Anne Leonard, Living Lab/Brooklyn Waterfront Research Center research and pedagogy liaison

Scavenger Hunt: Green Team!

A court of sorts, used for sports.

A Hexagon of Windows

An historic landmark, A feat of engineering, and twin modes of transportation

The VA Health Care Center

An Hotel

A Monument with an Institute of Higher Learning

Library books about other books

Two Live Mammals

Living Plants

A local ad campaign

A Method of Transportation

A national ad campaign for water

A new building creeping up behind an old building

A religious institution

A restaurant

Underground Railroad Entrance

I think this used to be used for telecommunication.

The DUMBO Theatre



Team Blue: Scavenger Hunt

With Jill Belli and Robert Leston

Seeing Brooklyn as a Living Lab – Purple Team

On Friday February 1, four new living lab fellows, Susan Phillip, Jason Montgomery, Benjamin Shepard and myself, Anna Matthews, took a nice walk.  In an hour, walked through walked through several hundred years of Brooklyn history, within footsteps of the college.   Our charge was to take part in a scavenger hunt, in which we were to find twenty-five items on one hour.  Some of the sites of were easy – a new building.  Others, including a stop on the underground railroad took a little searching.  But in the end, we found all of them and more.  Looking at Brooklyn as a living laboratory of ideas, history, technology, people, animals, plants, places, buildings, monuments, courts, restaurants, vehicles, and works of art, we saw parts of the city and our history for the very first time.

So,here we go!

An institution of higher learning – because what is ‘higher’ is different for everybody: for one it may be a PhD, and for another it is to learn to write their name… (A day center for adults with developmental disabilities)

Old and new, together… And also a church, just happened to be nearby

A very living plant, despite the cold and never-stopping pedestrian traffic..

A method of transportation:

And then another one:

And yet another… 🙂

An animal..


Health care facility – our own! Please come – we are open 6 days a week now, and I am in clinic Tuesdays, Saturdays 🙂  (this, of course, is also a local advertising campaign…)

These were my favorite pictures – thank you Jason for sharing them with me. Please edit the post and add your favorite too!