Culmination Entry #5

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Dear Journal,

I know, don’t rub it in. I’m MUCH later than usual to post my next update.  Better late than never, I suppose. I do have some good news I want to share. I finally got enough content to make a demo version to send to my tech advisor, professor King. He is reviewing it as we speak and will get back to me shortly. My new findings and assets are proving to be most useful. However, now that college is finally picking up on the hard work, my time on the game has been slowed so it looks like I’ll have to make adjustments on my calendar and my schedule. In the end, it looks like I’ll be looking into an open-ended game which I will continue even after culmination is complete.

By the way, I hope you like the new music I picked for the next two entries. I just needed to clear my mind for a bit because I do have a lot going on in my head. Oh yeah, more good news. The college has decided to allow me to obtain my hours by working alongside them. I’ll attend every shift, do every show, and whatever else they want. I need those hours fast and I only have two and a half months to get 120 of them. I know it looks impossible but I don’t care. I’m doing all my work early so that I can focus on the internship at hand.

Sometimes, I wonder if it will be easy to just give up and quit. Luckily, I have the answer to that and that answer is: it is not. Why? I’m so close to finishing and despite my strength draining from the effects of home, school, and everything else in my life, I made a commitment and I plan to see it through. I can’t stay for long, journal. I have to keep working if I ever hope to pass. I’ll write you again when I have a new update.


Your friend,

Virgilio Samo III

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