The Amphitheater in CityTech: A Place Where You Can Learn More

The Amphitheater in CityTech: A Place Where You Can Learn More

By Guoxiong Lin

College is a place for people who want to further their education and develop knowledge in their skills. After we attend college, school will be an important part in our lives. Getting to know our school becomes such an important and necessary thing while we are studying in college. The time we spend in school takes almost half of our daily time, so knowing the layout of our college and its functions will help us more easily get reliable sources. Thus, it will benefit our study. As a new student in New York City College of Technology, I am so excited to explore the rooms and offices in our Downtown Brooklyn campus. CityTech College offers many space for students’ activities. According to the website of CityTech, there are many rooms can used for school clubs and students’ lives in the Namn building and the Atrium building (CityTech). However, I would like to introduce a place that many students properly still don’t know – the amphitheater!

Time Out magazine recommended our college‘s amphitheater was a thing to do in Brooklyn, because of its convenient location and fantastic equipment (2010). In CityTech, most of the students, especially, the freshmen don’t know there is an amphitheater that exists. The amphitheater is located underground in the Atrium building. Most of students would not look for the amphitheater unless they have some particular meetings or conventions hosted there; some students just pass it by when they walk toward to the exit door. I went to amphitheater once. It was half a year ago and I could barely remember any details about it anymore, until I conducted my interview in the amphitheater.

There were two doors to enter the amphitheater. I went to the left door, the one next to the tutoring office. Once I opened the door, both of aisles led me to a small stage. It was not a big room about 700-800 square feet. Behind the stage wall, there was a huge screen as big as a screen in the movie theater. Also four new HD televisions hung separately on the celling. Besides, this space was almost occupied by the seating. It was not at all what I expected. I thought it would be like a showroom that looked similar to Broadway. A big stage with a fabulous curtain, where people could perform, a glitz lighting system that could satisfy most of the show’s requirement and a hi-tech sounding system that can pressure the persnickety audiences.

I was still curious like the first time I stepped into the entrance. In front of me, eleven rows of seating were arranged side by side. Around the stage, an exit sign indicated there was an emergency door. Here came Felix Chen, the technologist who has been working in the media service office for three years. Felix was a typical guy that I saw before. Like most technologists, he wore glasses and he dressed in a white t-shirt and old-fashioned jeans as simple as most college students. However, a ponytail made him look different. The most impressive thing was his smile. He said hello to me and we found two chairs to sit. We talked about some school topics first, Then, I went straight to my prepared questions.

“What is your job in this amphitheater?”

“Mostly, we are the in charge of this space. We check the entertainment system and other stuff, make sure everything goes well during events that occur here.” Felix kept his smile all the time.

“So what is the part that you don’t like about the amphitheater?”

I know this question was a little pushy him, but he laughed. His eyes glanced at the stage for a few seconds. “I think the most unhappy thing is after every event, we need to check and reset all machines and staff, it takes a lot of time”, “but that’s why I am hired, isn’t it?” he added. We both laughed at that moment. Felix’s smiled like the sunshine, throughout the air, shined on my face.

Apparently, I was wrong about what was used for the amphitheater. According to the sources from Felix, the amphitheater is mostly used for the events like students’ presentation, faculty conventions or school parties. I used to think this place must host many music plays or shows by the school’s music and theater club or some clubs outside of school. Felix also told me all the students and faculty from CityTech can use the amphitheater for free. All they need is to sign the rent sheet and book earlier in case their date conflicts with someone’s schedules. I also asked if he liked to work here and what was the best enjoyable thing that he thought when he works in here. His answer was so honest and frank. “Of course, I like work in here, because it is the great place to watch movies. Seriously, we all have something that we fear and we don’t want to admit. For me, it is doing the presentations. I used to practice here and it gave me an amazing effect back.” Then I looked around this amphitheater once more and both of us laughed. “That is so true and such a good idea.” In the rest of our interview, this conversation was relaxed and enjoyable.

Before leaving, I decided to do something, a thing that I always wanted to try. I walked toward the stage and stood at the center. All the empty seats were faced me.  I remember from the first day when I was asked to do a presentation. I always faced the seats with filled with audience, so it was easier made me nervous. This time, I realized that I was much more relaxed and my feeling was so right, it seen like the amphitheater wanted to tell me “go for it and do your best.” Like what Felix said, in this amphitheater, we all could find something that we used be scared to admit. However, if we find a right place to practice; life not only in college, but also in society, all can get better every!

The amphitheater is such amazing place that I want to recommend. For the colleagues and faculties in the CityTech, we are so lucky to have a space like this theater and can use it for free. So take the advantage and practice in your ways. Like what happened to Felix and me, I believe many meaningful things will happen while you are participate it.

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