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“Key to Your Future”
Some people might think that a library is a boring place, but for me I think it is a place that is full of knowledge. As a student often we need to do research papers and homework. What is the best place? Of course the library. City Tech provides a very nice library that is located at the Namm building 4th floor. It has all the information that you need. The best part is the library is for all CUNY students not only for City Tech students. In here we have technology, we have faculty and students to help you. Overall, I think the library is a place that provide knowledge and help for everyone especially freshmen.
My mom told me that books mean knowledge. You might think that going to library is boring, but remember that knowledge is more than money, it is the key to the future. When I first walked into the school library, library is the most frequently that you must visit. Also, people wonder aroundjust trying to know more. I remember when I was younger I often visited Brooklyn Public Library, this library is the fifth biggest library in the nation according to the official website. The website also states that “Receive Knowledgeable service and professionalism from all staff.” Well, guess what? City Tech also provides the same services even though they are not as big as the Brooklyn Public Library. So now you can go to City Tech Library too it is more convenient and probably they provide better helps because it has college level works, and professors around can provide you better knowledge base on your course.
As a student, I think you learned more by solving problems by yourself is one of the technics that you need and there is always time that you need helps. That’s what the library for. As the official website stated “The Ursula C. Schwerin Library at New York City College of Technology is integral to the educational mission of the college, and fosters connections with and supports students, faculty, and staff in their academic pursuits.’’ Here, they provide a lot of support for students who need help and trying to build their wisdom. The library has over 30 faculties and staff around. Everyone has different jobs, some of them can help you with knowledge, some of them give you technical help, and you might have learned from their life experience as well.
If you need to a research, what is the best thing? Of course using books. What else is better than books? You can’t deny that sometime internet lies to you, provides false information and makes you look stupid. Our library has over 100,000 books as the website states it. Let said if you read one book per day it takes you up 136 years to finished. That is whole a lot of information that you can get. I remember when ever I walk into the library I can hear someone flipping the textbook doing the homework, I can smell the books, the knowledge, the new one, the old one and the other one. In a way you can smell your future because in the next few years when you study your major. Personally, I think books are more accurate than internet.
I interviewed one of our librarians; her named is Professor Nancy Gorzalez. I learned a lot of new things through the conversation. She declared that our library provides a lot of opportunities for students who need help. She told me that “the question that had been frequently asked is the direction, books, reference, technical, and gathering resources’’. It is undeniable that library is the heart of our school or every school. When you need to verify statements and information you are not going to ask your friend or google because sometime they might provide you false information’s. Therefore, you need to go to the library and ask a librarian for help. One things that you never notice is that you can actually make an appointment with a faculty and they will help you go through your information or maybe some external helps. That’s what Professor Nancy told me. When I asked her if the believes that the library is a boring place. She said “the library is full of curiosity” because library is a place that is full of knowledge. Sometime you might think the internet is accurate but they might lie to you. For example, Wikipedia everyone starts their research from there, but everyone can edit it so it might not be accurate at all. In the other hand, books are process through a lot of research and information gathering. It has to go through a lot of stages. So she told me that books are more trustable and I agree.
Over all, The City Tech library is the best place for you to ask for help and for gaining your knowledge. For me, I visited here once a week not just for printing but I do a lot of my homework’s and papers here. If there are no faculties who have time to help me, I can simply go to the online library they provide the same information as well. That is why we are the Technology school. WhenSnapseed (1)

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Snapseedever I walked in here, I felt like getting smarter and closer to my future. What do you think.?

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