The little Mermaid Has Fooled Us


Did you know that there is a fake Starbucks in the Namm building cafeteria? You can smell the fakeness and betrayal when you walk inside the cafeteria. Mostly every student in campus calls it as the “Fake Starbucks” because it doesn’t look like the other Starbucks. Students to students joke around saying, “ Lets go to the fake Starbucks” and others feel offended that it doesn’t look like a real Starbucks. Others say that the coffee and Frappuccino don’t taste the same. Well it is really not a fake Starbucks. The main reason why it doesn’t look like other local Starbucks is because it’s a licensed store meaning that the school has a permission to open up a local Starbucks and work with the Starbucks cooperation. In addition, all products comes from the Starbucks Company. According to Dante Chinni’s “Why Are There So Many Starbucks in Marlborough”, “college campuses are the among the nation’s biggest Starbucks magnets.” So there’s no reason for those Starbucks lovers to feel offended or those who think that the drinks are not as good. Which is pretty cool because not all CUNY’s cafeteria has a local Starbucks. However it doesn’t look like the other Starbucks.

The first thing that you’ll see when you walk into the cafeteria is Starbucks. It’s pretty awesome that there’s s a Starbucks in the school campus, but you’ll notice how it looks too basic and simple. A regular Starbucks store would have this nice interior design; the place would be covered with polished wood, music playing in the background, paintings hanging on the walls and dim lights. The Starbucks at City Tech doesn’t compare to the other Starbucks. You will also realize that there’s no menu to help you decide whether you should get a caramel Frappuccino or a Vanilla latte, or if you want more information about the other drinks. Instead of putting up a menu there are these posters displaying the popular drinks. In the real Starbucks you’ll find cookies, snacks, gifts and breakfast. In this Starbucks, you’ll only find Danishes. They only have one coffee espresso, and one steaming wand, which doesn’t look like the machines that the other Starbucks have. In addition you should consider the time you go because there’s only one employee working there. Keep in mind you should not going during the busy hours, which is around 11:00 AM to 1:00 PM because you’ll be waiting for a good ten minutes. I also realized that the cups don’t change during the seasons. They stay basic; white cups with the Starbucks logo. In every other Starbucks, they have their cups change during the holidays and seasons.

Speaking of the one employee, her name is Yareli; I interviewed her about working at the “fake” Starbucks.

“I get no promotion,” said Yareli

Literally she’s the only person who works there and has to manage to prepare every drink as quickly as possible. I can picture how stressful it is to be the only employee to work there and have all this pressure on you trying hard to not cause a mistake on the people’s order.

I replied,   “Why not? You should get promoted, you deserve to be promoted!”

“Yeah I guess so but like I said it’s a licensed store,” she replied. I found it very unfair that she can’t be promoted because mostly every job provides people to get promoted. Then I asked Yareli if she can tell me what a typical day is like on the job?

“ It’s very annoying, stressful, and boring” she answered, which sounds fair enough because she’s the only employee who works there. Then I was curious of how many drinks she sells in a day.

“I sell about a hundred,” Yareli said. I can picture the scene of Yareli going back and forth preparing people’s drink. I was also curious how does she balance work and school at the same time because mostly every college student has to master their time management.

“ I had to give out my free time and focus only in work and school, which I found very odd,” Yareli said. In the other hand there are some college students that had to quit school and focus in work because of financially. According to Jordi Kantor

“Work Anything but 9 to 5”, “Ms. Navarro’s degree was on indefinite pause because her shifting hours left her unable to commit to classes. She needed to work all she could, sometimes counting on dimes from tip jar to make the bus fare home.” After all the only good thing about working there was that Yareli gets free coffee.


The Starbucks in the Namm Building Cafeteria is not fake at all. People call it fake because it does not have the requirements to look like an official Starbucks. However, at this Starbucks, the prices are cheaper and it’s in a convenient location for City Tech students. Some still say that the drinks don’t taste the same like the other Starbucks, but after interviewing Yareli, she told me that all products comes from the Starbucks company and the drinks are in fact the same.

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