City Tech Places: General Computer Lab

General Computer Lab
By: Nancy Huang
Where is a place that students stay at school most of the time? Students probably think it is their classroom. Actually, students spend lot of time at school to finish their works. In New York City College of Technology, the most familiar place for students is General Computer Lab. General Computer Lab is a heaven to all of students because they can fight with their work inside of Computer Lab. Students love General Computer Lab because of its office hours, convenience, and speed of doing homework.
General Computer Lab is located at General building 6 floor, G600. People can easily found out where it is because the outside of General Computer Lab have few tables, chairs and place to let students charge their phone. When students come in to General Computer Lab, they probably will see a person sit behind the door. Students need to swiping their ID card when they are come in and leaving Computer Lab. General Computer Lab is open Monday to Thursday 8:30am to 9:00pm, and Friday 9:00am to 7:00pm which means closed on Saturday and Sunday. General Computer Lab is open early on weekday because most of students don’t have class on weekend. It is a most considerate computer lab because their office hours is follow by students’ schedules. This is one of the reason why students love General Computer Lab so much.
General Computer Lab is a only place that have enough machines for each students in City Tech. Students able to have their own machines to finish the works. Although not every students have their own computer, General Computer Lab is a best place for those students. General Computer Lab have 74 Dell Computers, scanner, and printers allow students to use it. All computers are setting as line by line and marked as number to let students easy to found out what number of computers they are using. How fast can students print at General Computer Lab? Each student can print 30 papers at General Computer Lab per day. They need to enter their zip code and last four digits of their student number. It only take few seconds to print the papers. When they are press down the button to print out their works, they need to told the Computer’s number to a person who stand behind in printer. It also have few rooms to be the backup when there is no more space at outside. General Computer Lab is smell like fresh fruit because it is no food and drinks allow inside of Computer Lab. That why General Computer Lab is clean and organization.
General Computer Lab can enhance students’ speed of doing homework. Students will have different attitude and speed of doing homework in different place. Students can do their homework as fast as they can at school because students define the school as a place to study and work. Most of students might like to work alone because nobody can stop her doing homework. General Computer Lab is a place that separate with different areas because of its silent. Students only focus on their homework when they stay at General Computer Lab. When students need to use two hours to finish that homework at home, they probably only need to use 1 hour to finish their homework at General Computer Lab. This is how charming is the General Computer Lab.
General Computer Lab is significant to all City Tech students school life because they had spend lot of time in Computer Lab. Students can’t miss out the General Computer Lab into their school life because students felt comfortable to do their school work, and study in Computer Lab. Nobody can disrupt them to study at General Computer Lab. General Computer Lab is their second home in City Tech.

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