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The Best of a Café

Every college student enters the bookstore to buy textbooks they need, but have they entered one that has a café in it? As a student in City Tech, did you know there was a café in campus? There are actually a lot of students that have probably heard of it, but do not know where the café is located. The City Tech café is located in the General Building at the corner of 55 Johnson Street and Tech Place. Most people know it is called City Tech Café, but they most likely do not know that it is actually not owned by New York City College of Technology. It is called the City Tech Café because it is located in campus, but it is owned and run by a company named Follett. Follett is a corporation that has been running “For more than 140 years, Follett has been taking care of the critical details that make it easier for schools to run, teachers to teach and students to learn.” (Follett)

I remember the time when I first enrolled in New York City College of Technology, I heard about the City Tech Café, but I never knew where it was. The first time I realized where it was located, was when my friends brought me there. That time I thought it was really inconvenient because I had to leave the building to get there. But, the next time I went I found out that there was another entrance that led to the café without leaving the building. The other entrance that leads to this café is through the bookstore, which makes it more convenient for students.

City Tech’s Café is a really nice place to go for a meal or do work. I enjoyed my time there every time I went. The atmosphere is really nice there. They have a menu full of a variety of drinks, food, and snacks. Their environment is very clean and kept at a sanitation grade of A for a few years in a row and will most likely continue to. They also have a clean sitting area with a few tables and seats for customers to relax and enjoy their meal. The manager, Sakina said, “To keep this grade they clean very often when they open and close and the manager would check the supplies every month to make sure of any expire dates” which is a good thing.

The café is open to public, so anyone can go and enjoy their time there. They do not have many staff members there, but they are very nice and sociable. “This is a perfect place to come and enjoy a meal with friends here while they’re doing work or studying or you can just sit down and relax” (TheGuide). I go to the café when I have breaks too. If I have a short break, I go there and buy a snack or a quick meal and go back to class. But, if it is a long break, I can go there and sit down to have my meal and do my work and study. Their food and drinks have such an attractive smell like some type of drug that you will get addicted to once you walk by the café.

Customer service there is really good. For example, when it gets loud, which is less likely to happen, you can observe the staff telling others to lower their volume so that they can communicate with their customers, and people can communicate amongst each other. Like stated before, the workers are very nice, sociable and approachable too. Sakina said, “My favorite part of my job is the customers. I like to social and interact with customers and let them know my name.” This café is not only a place to enjoy a meal and relax, but it can also be a place where people can go and make friends. On Thursdays, the place becomes an open café where music students go to play music and people go to enjoy and communicate with one another.

Sometimes when you go to a café, you might not know what to eat. When that happens, you can ask for some advice. At City Tech Café, the employees are more than happy to recommend you something. I asked Sakina is there anything that she would recommend to customers to try. She said, “I would recommend the beef patty with croissant and chicken with croissant.” When I asked her why she said, “most customers like to order those and I was the one who created these two food of the menu.” With some recommendations now I know what to get the next time I go.

As a City Tech student or a college student in general, the café is a perfect place for you. Most colleges would have a café for students to get a meal and relax or do their work. The café would probably be the most common place a college student would go to. In college, there are full time and part time students mainly because some college students work and some do not. Students that do not work do not have as much money on them and students that work are most likely to save up their money. But, no matter what type of student you are, you still need to eat and do work. At this point, college students should go to their school café, because the café food and beverages are not expensive, so that all students can afford. Also, they provide school Wi-Fi so students can access the internet, do their work and have a good meal at the same time. City Tech Café is a really nice place to come and I would recommend you to go and try it out. There is nothing bad about trying new things and maybe this will turn out to be the place you like to go to grab a meal or do work at for the rest of your years in college.





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