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“Where people creates awesomeness”

If you want to learn how to cook an amazing dish for others, there is kitchen in Namm-214 next to the dining room. This kitchen where you can learn how to cook like professional and create amazing dish. You will learn from the outstanding professionals in the school. If you are in hospitality management major or interested in cooking, you will love to check out here. Sometimes they serve for school events, for example the students in hospitality management class had a great chance to eat their food and it was amazing.

The inside of the kitchen was really clean and fresh. As chef Jean F. Claude said one of the most important rule in the kitchen is to keep it clean, there were a board with paper on it to tell people to wash their hands and other food safety rules. Also chef said that they clean the kitchen every day after classes and they do deep cleaning every end of the semester. When I walked around the kitchen I felt safe to eat whatever they make in there.

The kitchen had variety of tools that students can use. For example, there is a nice clean grill, wok that reminded me of Chinese restaurant, ice machine, huge coffee brewer, tall stainless steel fridges with the temperature instruction on the door, steam cattle which is for slow cooking looked like a huge pot, and more. Students will learn from chefs or professors to how to use each tool professionally. Also you could see some students from the kitchen who carries around a bag. Chef explained that students have to get their own knife set for the class which costs around $300. The ingredients for the kitchen is managing by purchasing department of the school. Some ingredients are coming in beginning of the semester. And they also purchase it from the local farmers’ market to get fresh ingredients and better price.

Chef Claude told me the most important rules in the kitchens are “do not eat the food while you are cooking, respect each other, and wash your hands and keep the kitchen sanitized when you are done using it.” (chef Claude) The reasons were if you eat the food that you are presenting it is against sanitation rules and also you are stealing. The washing hands are obvious rule in the kitchen, who would want to eat the food made by filthy hands. The students and chef were in clean white shirt, gray looking pants, white hats and apron. They looked clean and ready to cook at any time. The respectful behavior is important too, chef explained that one of the difficulty in the class is when students do not pay attention. Some students are in the class because it is just one of the required class. When they do not pay attention the process of cooking could take longer or go in to the wrong way.

Students will learn classic French cooking mostly in the class. Not like culinary lab and pastry lab in the Namm building where you learn basics in Culinary Arts 1 and baking/pastry 1 class you will learn more focused on your specialties and currier.

I asked who is in charge of the kitchen and chef Claude said, “chef, professors, and student chefs are in charge of the kitchen.” Student chef is the system that every student could experience you will learn how to work together with other students and it will also grow your leadership. The student chef is rotating to other students every week.

If you are in hospitality management major, you should visit this amazing kitchen. You will surprise about the size of the tools and sanitation of the kitchen. This kitchen was very interesting to me because I’m currently in hospitality major and also culinary is the reason why I came to this school. I hope I get the chance to cook in there.



















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Quotes from Chef Jean F. Claude

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