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Meiling Xiao (Mechelle)

Want a loyal and helpful listener in campus? Counseling Center is the best place for you. The Counseling Center is committed to help students solve their problems and give advice based on their issues. It has developed for many years and plays an important role in the educational system. In the meantime, counselors are acting like leaders who work with the school staff in developing student’s behavior and thoughts.

As society become more complex and more competition, life has become more stressed. Anxiety is the biggest challenge to students. According to the article “Anxious Students Strain College Mental Health Centers” by Jan Hoffman. It says, “Anxiety has now surpassed depression as the most common mental health diagnosis among college students, though depression, too, is on the rise.”(Hoffman) It means the students are facing many challenges in college which can lead them to anxious and stress. For example; Some students can not accommodate college life and become anxiety and depressed. Some students have personal issues or family problems and can not talk to their friends or families. Some students are facing decision-making dilemmas and issues regarding their sexual orientation. Those problems are making students have displeasure in college life. At this situation. The college provides a place which is the Counseling Center for students to release their pressure through communication. Also, it provides an opportunity for them to talk with the professional counselors to learn new skills so that they can be more capable of solving problems by themselves.

Counseling Center is located in Namm-108 near the main elevators on the first floor opposite the New Student Center. You can easily find it since it was required that you had registered as a freshman at the New Student Center. When you visit the Counseling Center it is like a normal office, but you can see a lot of paintings on the wall. It gives you an ambiance of literature and art. Also, there has a colorful poster wall outside the office. There is some information posted which can help you get through the process of seeing a counselor.

Many students may not understand what a counselor does in the counseling center. They even become sensitive to this word, “Counseling”. Because they believe that only a person who may has mental problems will go there, this is a misconception. According to City Tech official website. The mission of the Counseling Service Center is to support and promote the educational, psychological and career development of students. Therefore, Counseling Center is not only for the person who may has mental problems. However, It is for all the students who have a different kind of issues to solve and want some advice. Actually, Counseling Center has many services provide to students. Such as; workshops, career development, educational planning, crisis intervention, personal and academic problems etc. These services are free to students. Students can go there directly without making the appointment. Because the time of the counselors are flexible.

The process of meeting a counselor is simple. You can go directly to the Counseling Center and the front desk person will greet and ask you what issues you bring up. You will need to fill in a form to select your reasons why you are here, then you sit aside and wait for the arrangement. The front desk person will bring you to meet any counselor unless you are required to meet the one of them. The counseling is one-to-one counseling and confidential. Counselors are respect and friendly, and they are approachable. According to counselor Kenneth Chung, he states, “We try to get close to our clients and make friends with them. So that we can understand what our clients worry about and what they really need. We will use different ways to let our clients become more open-minded and talk more about themselves.” In addition.The conversation with counselors is a privilege. Counselors will not share your information to anyone without your permission. Including your parents or other departments. Therefore, you can feel release to talk about your situations to these counselors.

In short, if you are struggling academically, losing or getting a lot of stress and anxious, go to the Counseling Center now! Do not wait for the last minute to get help with it. I believe after the process of counseling, you will build your confidence and do better.

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