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Brenda Cordova

            Being in college can be stressful for some and we don’t always have all the time in our hand. They say breakfast is the most important meal of the day, but what if you can’t get access to a decent meal and the lines in the cafeteria are too long. Fast food is good but the money in your pockets isn’t. So many obstacles seems like your choices are limited, luckily Hero by Alexandria who was a Geek mathematic and engineering who created the vending machine back in the 1800’s, has really shaped the way we interact with these machines. Verma Samidha. “Invention Story of Vending Machine.” Engineersgarage. Copyright 2012. Web. 7 December, 2015. Ever since then they have developed and are now basically in all kind of different places, you can find them at schools, hospitals, restaurants, airports, mall centers, occasionally some banks. With them being scattered all over the place, they really seem to be the ideal back up plan, for all kind of ages, a true lifesaver for various reasons.

            The vending machines in New York City College of Technology are located mostly on every floor throughout the Namn building. (Not sure about the 3rd floor no classes are held there so I never walked through those hallways.) There is one located in the front of the hallways surrounded by all the elevators or in the rear end where seldom people go. The products that are being sold are nationwide sell according to Rebecca who works for the company Venderite she has access to the information about the vending machines updates. A nationwide mean sells the products that are being sold in our school can be sold as well in Florida, imagine that a student can be munching on the same bar you’re eating. The vending machines are filled with Lays, pretzels, Snicker bars, Cheetos, Doritos, Rice Krispies, gum, as well as Tylenol, or Advil. They’re the same products you’d get if you stop by a deli, but in the form of a big see through Box with buttons on the side. They’re very helpful when you’re short on cash, majority of the items in the vending machines can be purchased fewer than two dollars, and you can pay in a one, five or even ten dollar bills. No worries about the change you’ll get back they don’t give quarters or dimes, they actually give back those big gold one dollar coin. If you don’t have cash at the moment, you can swipe your card on the upper right side of the vending machine. Since there are several of them throughout the building you don’t have to worry about getting to class on time, just go down or up a flight to purchase a choice of your desire.

            Everyone probably wonders how often the products in our vending machines at school are being change, and what happens to your money if it gets stolen? The last dollar you might have who do you go to complain? The products in the vending machines are being change on a daily need to need bases. The 10th and 8th floor are changed every day, the 5th and 2nd floor are changed twice a week, it all depends on where they located in, as mentioned either in the back or front of the hallway. Their location also depends on how often they are checked due to how frequently they are being used.

No one wants our money to be taken away, especially from a machine, would you ever see that dollar bill again? Perhaps with a quick phone call. “We’ll gladly refund your money, just give us a call and your personal email and we’ll mail the money to you”. (Rebecca, Venderite). When asked what happens if the vending machine steals someone money or has a complaint about it how would they resolve it. She kindly explain that the students should give them a call to the number located on the vending machine, explain their problem and they’ll be happy to help.

            Vending machines have been around for a long while, many may argue that it doesn’t compare to real food, but that’s not the point vending machines are for. There not meant to be high quality products, there a quick access for students that may have a long day and don’t have enough time to go out and get a decent meal. Not only are they used for school but they have been placed throughout many places, come to say they have been a success. Vending machines can be the bottom line of saving your time and money, so if you’re ever in mood for chips a granola bar, having a sweet tooth but limited on money, make yourself to the vending machines, true lifesaver.




















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