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Kathy Jiang

            There are a lot of bookstores in the world. The common facts of these bookstores are the same: bookstores can help students to buy school supplies that they need, its employees can assist them to buy books in order to help them to learn more knowledge from books, and the bookstore is spreading ideas and cultures. That was my first day in New York City College of Technology, and I had to go to a bookstore to buy books. I was surprised when I search for bookstore near the college, the result said that there is one bookstore located in the General building on 259 Adams Street, and its name is City Tech Bookstore and Café. The bookstore has been open in this location for over 5 years. The bookstore is owned by “Follett Higher Education Group — a family-owned bookstore provider in business for 133 years with more than 750 bookstores nationwide”. (New York City College of Technology, par.3).

There are two ways to get into the City Tech Bookstore and Café, one entrance is at the corner of City Tech on the Adams Street, and the other one is get into it from New York City College of Technology’s Namm building. I entered from Adam Street. The first impression that it gave me is caliginous but also elegant because the walls are brown, just like a person who has experiences of life, and there are a lot of books placed on bookshelves, like a sea of books. This is different from other bookstore, because there are bright. There were several employees act like waiters to hold the door for people who come in and greeted them politely, such as smile, and a warm welcome. There are counters next to the door and students were waiting on lines to buy or rent products in the bookstore, and some cashiers were helping them. In addition, beside books, there are different types of products there, such as lab coats, gift items, culinary supplies, clothing, general reading books, stationery supplies, umbrellas, and common medicine. People can buy everything here. If student could not find things he or she needs, he or she can ask for help. There have employees there who can help them immediately. And if there is something special student need for classes, he or she could ask the bookstore manager Tiffanny Eager, and she can research and add it to the bookstore. It is just like what Tiffanny Eager said: “We really are here to assist you meeting your goals with your college experience”.

Walking forward, I saw gift items, culinary supplies, clothing, general reading books, supplies, and lab coats. I started to smell the fragrance of coffee because there is also a café shop.  I saw some but limited places for students to rest, with several tables and chairs. Since I remembered that I come here to purchase books that my courses need, I continued walk straight to the area of books, and I can find the books easily, because there were big labels on bookshelves that arranged in order. If not, I can always ask a sales associate to help. I brought the books I want to buy to the counter, and pay for them. The bookstore manager Tiffanny Eager said:

“Students do not receive a discount but renting them or choosing a digital version is less    expensive—you can save up to 80% with our price match.  If you find a book in stock at Amazon, Barnes & Noble or Chegg that is lower than our price we will match it” (Eager).

Also, I like the idea that students can also sell their books back to the bookstore. While passing to the register area, I noticed that there is a stairs that lead with the Namm building which is second entrance to the bookstore.

The best part of the bookstore is that it held many events for students and faculties to participate.  It open to the public too so that everyone can buy things he or she needs. For instance, there are tourists who walked from the Brooklyn Bridge would come to City Tech Bookstore to patronize, local courts jurors would come here to enjoy their coffee and lunch, and other college students can get to check the prices of books before they buy.

After visiting and talking with the bookstore manager, I realized that this bookstore has a lot of products to offer, beside books. To sum it all, with the vast selection of books and many genres to choose from, it is definitely a place for book enthusiast to hand around.


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