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   Eric Chin

       The Citytech Math Learning Center, located in AG-31 and open 6 days a week Monday through Saturday with varying time schedules. When you enter the learning center you will often see many students already there for various reasons such as tutoring, helping with homework, or studying for upcoming tests. The Math Learning Center is a place that you should always go to incase of trouble with any math related problems which can be easily solved by the helpful and reliable tutors which deal with almost all subjects on math like such as physics and algebra. As a detached observer I was notice many details about the tutoring center from my own narrative view.

Located to the right of the Computer Learning Center in an unassuming corridor that’s easily unnoticed by many students new to the school who try searching for the Math learning center. When I entered the Math Tutoring center I saw a table with two computers right next to two tower of stacked trays used for holding math reference material and references for all kinds of different math subjects. There were 5-6 tables lined with chairs with 1 table designated to one specific math subject for example physics, algebra, etc, and also one tutor for each group. I could see various students and tutors discussing math problems and talking in their study groups while also writing on the large whiteboard located in the center of the room to display examples and formulas. All you could hear in the room was the papers and books being flipped as the tutors discussing problems and giving students a comprehensive look at the problem and methods to solve them on, whiteboard as the sound of pens and pencils filled the air as the students furiously jotted down notes for future reference.

During my interview and observation of the Math Tutoring center with one of the tutors named James I was given a more in-depth look at the Math Tutoring center which was great a learning experience as it gave me a look at both how the center runs and also about the people that come and go as there will always be students that will look for help regarding the subject.  During the interview had noticed that there was a constant influx of students and decided to ask the question of how many students visit the tutoring center today. I was surprised and also amazed by the fact the tutors where able to effectively deal with this much students during their shifts and not be overwhelmed while also admiring their skill in math and improvising with math problems that may be too complicated. Due to my curiosity from having such a huge amount of students coming on a daily basis I was curious on their opinion of their teach methods and came up with the question about how effect they personally thought their teaching skills were with the students, in which they responded that overall they felt that their methods were effective though some students may often not understand or may still be confuse, but most of the students that visit the Math Tutoring Center come out educated.

When I asked the tutor if they thought that the Math Tutoring center was an important part of the school and they responded with “I think that the Math Tutoring center is something that should be required in all colleges”. I think that this quote expresses how not just the math tutoring center but tutoring for all the subjects are very important for colleges, or at least City Tech as students cannot hope to understand everything and will often turn to their fellow students or professors for help. As the Math Tutoring center is an important part of the school so too must there be competent instructors also to help out the students. So the question of effectiveness of the lessons was asked and they responded that they think that lessons vary with the individual as some may have better understanding and comprehension while some may not fit with the style.

My observation and interview of the Math Tutoring Center was a great learning experience that showed be a bit of how part of the school runs. If you’re ever having trouble with any of your math problems I recommend the Math Tutoring center located in AG-31 and open 6 days a week Monday through Saturday with varying time schedules, you won’t regret it as the staff there are both talented at math and teaching ranging from mind boggling questions to just studying for test.

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