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Did you know that the Atrium Learning Center welcomes everyone including the public? It provides them with a quiet and productive environment. We all become accustomed to the clattering sounds of clicking keyboards and the screeching sounds of printers scanning. The Atrium Learning Center enables everyone to excel academically. It offers tutoring for all forms of Mathematics, English, Science and ESL. You also have unlimited access to the internet and printing privileges.

Entering the Atrium Learning Center may seem intimidating for many students because the employees aren’t welcoming. If you take a step out of your comfort zone it will be worth it. You began to grow comfortable as you’re assisted by fellow City Tech students that work in the learning center. With a simple swipe of your student ID you have the opportunity to do homework, research and check your email. According to the City Tech website the learning center can be helpful for all students because “tutors are available to aid students who have little or no previous experience with computer use.” The bold signs on the computer screens give you the easiest steps to assist you during your visit. It is one of the most resourceful places on the city tech campus.

Many people have pre conceived ideas that the Atrium Learning Center may not be as sufficient as working from home. We all know what it’s like to have technical difficulties with your computers or printers the day before an assignment is due. Avoid the stress and use the Atrium Learning Center to your advantage. You will never have a problem printing out your work or using the computers. Tomas Ramos the manager of the learning center can assure anyone who believes differently. He said “there are three information technologists that are responsible for keeping all computers updated, replacing any broken computers and maintaining a sufficient firewall.” Printing is free for all students but there is a 30 page limit per day. Your hard work will always accompany you to class if you use the services at the Atrium Learning Center.

There are several rules you must follow during each visit to the Atrium Learning Center. You must sign in and out of the learning center by giving your student ID to the front desk employee. There are no food or drinks allowed along with no cellphone usage and online chatting. If you are trying to print any material from the internet. You must copy and paste the information onto a word document. Direct printing is not permitted as well as visiting any inappropriate websites. Instructions for printing are available on all computer screens.
The Atrium Learning Center has incorporated the most successful learning tool. They use technology to improve our education. We have access into an interactive learning community. Sig Behrens the president of Blackboard, Inc. supports the advancement of technology in education. He said “instead of relying only on a teacher and a text book, students should be learning from each other and from countless sources online.” (Behrens, par. 10) The Atrium Learning Center offers exactly that but not only for City Tech students but for the public. All visitors have the same privileges as students except that they are not allowed to print.

The Atrium Learning Center is open on Monday- Thursday from 9am -8pm and on Friday- Saturday from 9am -5pm. Although you have the option to use a Mac or Windows PC. The learning center will accommodate your needs to use your own laptop. It might make you feel more comfortable. Students are allowed to stay at the learning center during all operation hours. Another alternative for comfortability is working from home and using the printers at the learning center. As college students we have a budget lifestyle thankfully the Atrium Learning Center supports this by providing their services for free.

It’s important to practice professionalism as college students. The Atrium Learning Center enables us to stay prepared for class. It also allows us to get extra help on subjects we need more practice with. The learning center is one of the most important places on campus that students need to become more familiar with. It provides everyone with their own designated work space that can be used for any school related assignments. We must seize the opportunity that is being handed to us for free as City Tech students. This can lead to the development of better organization and time management skills. The benefits at the Atrium Learning Center are abundant. It is a great experience to be a part of a community that cares for your education. It brings us one step closer to our dreams as we use the tools they provide for us to succeed in college.

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