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Hercules E. Reid, the president of Student Government Association looked down, thought for a while, then raised his head with his smile and answered my question; “My main goal right now is to let everyone at City Tech know that there is Student Government at this campus. I want students to be coming in and out all the time.”(Reid, N.p.) At that moment, I decided to introduce the Student Government Association (SGA) to all students at City Tech. The students from SGA can do more than you think they can. They keep trying their best to serve the students in City Tech

Student Government Association, in New York City College of Technology website words, “It’s the representative body for students on all college policy issues. They basically recommending student activity fee allocations, shaping policies affecting student life, coordinating extracurricular events and chartering new clubs and organizations. Student representation in college and student committees provides an opportunity for students’ views to be expressed and heard, and to have a direct impact on virtually every aspect of college life.”(Student Government Association. N.p.) Cross out all the fancy words, Student Government Association is a place for student and a place for student only.

The Student Government Association located on the fourth floor in the General Building, room G-400. To be able to get there, I walked up to the fourth floor in the Atrium building, turned right, and passed the crowded library. After the library, I passed the “Game Room”, where filled with groups of people who were playing Ping-Pong, video game or billiards. Another two doors were waiting for me to open to be able to get to the General building. Don’t panic, I was almost there! The door of Student Government Association is right there at the end of the hallway waiting for me to go in.

The door is always open in their office hours like SGA is always welcome you. The first time I walked into the Student Government Association was for the “Hana” program’s meeting. “Ohana” program creates by Hercules E. Reid. It’s a volunteer program to let students who would like to get involved with Student Government Association, help develop Student Government become a better place for students together with executive officers and senators from SGA. After the meeting, SGA gave me a strong feeling of how the college can be better because of us—the students. And things they did for students like holding events and giving out information made me felt City Tech is really a place full of love

I arrived early for the interview I had with president Hercules. As I walked in, the students in office were saying “Hi.” to me and asking me to sit on the sofa that put on the right side of the office for everyone who walk in to do their work or just to relax. I saw some new faces; they shook my hand and introduced themselves. One of the officers asked me if I needed anything and I spoke to her that I was here to interview the president. She smiled and asked me to help myself.

The interview started, Hercules welcomed me to his office, a private room with a computer, and a lot of paper on the desk. He asked me to sit on the sofa that put next to the door, and the interview started. During the interview, I learned a lot from him. He explained how much he want the student to be able to connect together because he thinks that friends in school are just like “ the second family”. I asked him what is his motivation for SGA, “This position also is a part of my legacy. I can actually change somebody’s life or their future in some way.” Said Hercules. He wants every student knows that Student Government Association is always here to serve them, have all their questions about college, or their future answered because he knew what is the panic feeling of walking in this new environment. The “Ohana” program he created is one of his pride. ““Ohana” means family, and family means no one left behind.” Student Government Association is a place to help freshmen to know more about City Tech; a place to help Sophomore to deal with their academics problems; a place to help Junior to better understand their future; a place to help Senior to have a happy ending of their college life. Student Government Association is a place to help every single student.

As Hercules explained his one typical day in Student Government Association, I can see his passion for students, and how SGA help students from helping students associate with their professors in academic way to host different events to let students enjoy their college life such as “Girls talk”, “KTV night” in creating a network for all students and so on. After we finished our meeting, he asked me to see this office as my home, he said that I could come anytime I want, not only for the question but also a place for me to relax between or after classes. I can always hear laugh come from the office, people in the office are really like a family here in City Tech, and they can always lead you to a positive and productive way.

In American Student Government Association’s website, it indicates to have a position in Student Government Association “isn’t about boosting your ego or getting a better job after graduation. It’s about serving your campus, your community, and your fellow students. Listen to your constituents and do your best to meet their needs. More often than not, you’ll leave your campus a better place than it was when you first arrived.” The students in Student Government Association in City Tech are always ready to help you; they are not there for themselves, but for the students in City Tech. They have a lot of responsibilities; they need to deal with their academic stuff, but they are always there with a passion.

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