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Number 1 when you take a Number2

Justin Kwok

Do you know what the most important place on City Techs campus is? The Bathrooms! I can’t believe it myself. If you think about it, this is a place you generally use every day, possibly 2 or more times. This is a place you can’t live without! If there were no bathrooms, then the world would be a much scarier place. Can you imagine all the feces and urine all over the place? Also the smell would be unbearable. Every morning you walk outside and you may just want to throw up. Even your pets wouldn’t want to go out for a walk. It’s a good thing City Tech offers many bathrooms located all around the school. There are certain floors without a men’s bathroom but the closest one near that isn’t too far.
I’ve had both good and bad experiences when using the bathroom but I only have good stories to tell about City Tech campus bathrooms. Most times it is occupied but when you really have to go, it feels like you’ve waited a century! The custodians do a fantastic job keeping it clean and smelling fresh. Even though I had good experiences, I recently interviewed a Senior Custodian Supervisor named Beth. The division she works for is Buildings and grounds. She worked at City Tech for about seventeen years. She spoke to me one on one and based on her responses, she had many bad experiences. She said “one of my worst experiences when cleaning City Tech bathrooms were feces all over the walls and doors”.
I’ve been to the most luxuries bathrooms but also the worst and what I heard from Beth was unheard of. When those words came out of her mouth my jaw dropped in disbelief, but I can paint an image in my head because I’ve seen bathrooms like those before. According to a website Buzz feed, written by Jon Michael, “it was like someone had intentionally missed the toilet with a shit hose”. I read this article and it said exactly what Beth was describing. “When I walked in, it smelled like absolute putrid, but I really had to go so as I opened the first stall, there was shit everywhere – the toilets, floors and walls”!
I also asked her what about the shifts during cleaning. I found out that they work all day (three shifts) and the bathrooms never close. So just in case if you were worried, you’ll be able to go anytime of the day or night! The custodians also take a great pride in cleanliness when it comes to the bathrooms. The amount of work they put in is time consuming and tiring but they manage. They first have to flush all the urinals, spray urinals, toilets, sink with chemicals to prevent diseases or other sickening viruses, lastly change the urinal pads every two to three months to keep the bathroom urinals smelling clean and fresh. Cause who does like smelling that sour urine smell when peeing? I know I don’t!
Back in then in America it used to look a whole lot different. People used to throw feces over or around there houses because a sewage system wasn’t build until the late 19th century. A man by the name of Thomas Crapper, yes his name is crapper, developed, and invented the first flushing toilet. He had a background in plumbing and became the first to change society with this new system of filtering.

Special thanks to!
Beth for taking the time out to be interviewed. She gave me great information on the inside and outs of a bathroom and cleaning procedure. Keep in mind; she does her job to satisfy others and to make it more comfortable for us daily bathroom users.

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