A Piece of Art in My Heart

    When I was a high school student, my family and I always crossed the Manhattan Bridge into Brooklyn. Next to the Manhattan Bridge there is a building that is a part of New York City College of Technology (City Tech) named Voorhees Hall. Voorhees Hall appears to be built of glass; the glass looks fashionable. Every time I passed by the building, an image of my future came to my mind. I imagined myself studying in the college and looking at this beautiful part of Brooklyn. Two years later I enrolled in City Tech; I thought my classes would be in the beautiful building that I had always seen until I had free time to visit Voorhees Hall.
Many City Tech students had never heard about Voorhees Hall before. They may have seen it, but never knew the name of Voorhees Hall. Most of the students stay at the NAMM Building; some of the students spend all four years at Namm. Actually, Voorhees Hall is located in 186 Jay Street and for particular students only. According to World Public Library, Voorhees Hall is in honor of Enders M. Voorhees, “ a prominent industrialist and Chairman of its Board of Trustees” of City Tech in the past. The building is for the students who study Technology and Design, but it welcomes all the City Tech students to visit. Finally, I had a chance to visit. The front of the ground floor is pretty and it looks new. The lighting is a bit yellow; the floor is made with grey rough tiles and on the wall there are some architectural photos hanging; these photo are the images of the figures siting next to them in alcove. I almost forgot that I was on the campus of City Tech. It looks so different compared to the Namm Building. Wh en I went inside of the hallway. I was shocked. The lighting of the back of the hallway looks totally different than in the front. The lighting is very bright, the floor is smooth and the shape is rectangular. The atmosphere of the hallway is similar to a hospital.
To me only observing the building does not give enough information to me. Getting information from someone may help me know more about the building. I interviewed Officer Sullivan, who was a Campus Security officer assigned to work in Voorhees Hall. He does not work Voorhees Hall all the time, but he has been working in City Tech for about fifteen years: “So far yes, until the new science building is built up.” Officer Sullivan he also think; Voorhees Hall is the most beautiful building on the campus. In addition he provided me important information about the glass. Those glass windows are absorbing the sunlight to provide the energy for the building.
Many people may not think a “Haunted Hotel” is beautiful. However, they are wrong! It is actually the beauty of imagination. The Haunted Hotel is an activity operated by the students and faculties from the Entertainment Technology Department. This activity is only available on certain days. They create very realistic scenery for people to explore the fabulous scary moment. Inside the 2015 Haunted Hotel, the lighting was dark and the scenery was full of old fashion style. Next year, they will most likely create many other kinds of Haunted Hotels to further draw the interest of their consumers. Each year over thousand of people are attractive by Haunted Hotel. According to the Gravesend Inn, the admission is free for City Tech students. Students with ID or group sales are $5 each and a general sale is $8 for the tickets. Just come and give it a try! It is free!

    People not only want beauty, they also like useful things. In Voorhees Hall, more amenities are provided for students than in Namm building. According to City Tech official website, ASAP means Accelerated study in Associate Program in City Tech, at now they only support the majors that relate to Technology and Design. When you entered the Voorhees Hall you can see the poster over there. ASAP offers “a free monthly Metro Card,” “a textbook voucher,” “a dedicated ASAP advisor,” “early registration options and consolidated schedules,” “classes with fellow ASAP students,” and “ Career development, ”and “academic support services” for the students who are in this program. City Tech is the only four years college has the ASAP. Until next year fall 2016 the program will be offered to another majors that like Hospitality. This program helps the students stay on track and save money. Also in the Voorhees Hall all majors have their workshops and tutoring for the students. They also have a computer room, but not a library.

Voorhees Hall is a place that inspires use their imagination. When you first see the front of the ground floor you may, want to know more about the building. No doubt from the outside to inside, the building is full of beauty. I wish City Tech had a building for Hospitality Management like Voorhees Hall, cooking in a place where you can see the beautiful view. Oh, that would be the most fascinating place on the campus. It is a piece of art in my heart.

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