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A Sound Mind in A Sound Body

During my first semester at City Tech, I noticed that many college students don’t have a normal schedule like kids in high school. Sometimes they spend all day in college, having two or even four-hour breaks between classes, and they don’t know what to do during this period of time. I saw some of them sleeping in the Library or wasting time in the Namm Cafeteria playing with phones or watching movies on laptops. I believe that there is a better way to spend your free time beneficially at City Tech College – to go to the Gym. Just bring your sneakers and activewear, and when you are free from classes, enjoy activities the Gym provides.


Outside of City Tech Gym. Anna Novoselova for #TheGuide

City Tech Gym is located on the first floor of the Namm building in room Namm 112 in front of the Cafeteria. It was founded as a temporary gym when the actual one located in Klitgord Building was closed down for the renovation in Spring 2013. The Gym is open from Monday till Friday for all City Tech students, faculty members and staff. There is a detailed schedule on its door where you can find information about the time when different activities take place. According to the City Tech website “the Gym has cross-fit, circuit training, Zumba, ABC training for women, body sculpting for women and Martial Arts.” All activities are free – you just need to show your City Tech ID to get in.

I went to the Gym and interviewed Athletics and Recreation director Brenda Alexander to find out about the services the Gym had to offer and the hours of operation. Ms. Alexander was able to fill me in on the details. Our interview was conducted while she was actively exercising with a group of students. Though she was sweating and physically moving her body in different exercise positions, she was still able to talk and provided me with the information I needed.

Brenda Alexander, who also works as a group trainer, warns students to make a reservation for some group classes in advance. “There are twelve lockers in the Gym, so we can’t let more people in” she sighs and ads “the Gym gets crowded in busy hours; make sure that you made a reservation before coming for a group training.” She pays attention to this because there were situations when students wanted to use the Gym and there was no space for them. To make a reservation, you should go to the Recreation & Intramural Office located in Room AG 32. Taking care of your Gym schedule and college classes will help you to learn time-management and become more organized. If your desire to lose weight or gain muscles is strong, but you don’t like group training or feel uncomfortable working out with other people, find out about the personal training in the same office. They will create a personal schedule for you, so you, together with a personal trainer, will go step by step to reach your goals.

If you are afraid that the Gym is going to distract you from studying, you are mistaken. It is scientifically proven that regular exercising is beneficial for the brain. Students from American InterContinental University did a research about the influence of gym activities on the human brain. They found that “for college students, the implication is clear: regular exercise could benefit the parts of your brain that help you recall information” (American InterContinental University). It means that if you sign up for the Gym classes, not only will you be in a good shape, but have good memory as well. Also, participating in gym activities relieves stress. James Pivarnik, professor of kinesiology and epidemiology at MSU, studied long-term effects of attending the gym among 1,138 freshmen students.  “There is clear evidence that physical activity can reduce stress and anxiety, which many students suffer throughout the semester. So that would be a direct benefit of working out,” he stated (Pivarnik qtd. In Sheffler). I think that all students should take advantage of this significant opportunity to get rid of stress after week of classes right on campus.

Rumor has it that some people consider the Gym ineffective because of its small size; they afraid that it is tight, smells bad and has a poor inventory. I had the same idea of this place until I went there. From the outside it looks like a storage facility, where the management keeps old equipment away from people’s eyes. When you walk inside, however, you will see huge mirrors on the walls that reflect the sunlight and make the Gym spacious. Hip-Hop music playing loudly sets the rhythm and creates an informal atmosphere in the place. Besides, there is a wide range of sports equipment such as mats, dumbbells, weight plates, and steppers, carefully stored by the widow and a flat screen TV hanging on the wall by the door. The advantage of group trainings, where the maximum number of people is twelve, is that everyone can see and hear the trainer well. There will always be enough equipment for everyone and students can meet new friends that share the same interest. If you have ever been to the public gym in your life, you should know about the smell of sweat that appears there. You will not experience that smell in the City Tech Gym because of its good ventilation system.


Inside City Tech Gym. Anna Novoselova for #TheGuide

Classes that we take in college help us develop our minds; the gym is created to help to achieve physical well-being. I believe if a student is in harmony with his/her body and mind he/she will succeed in every challenge. Therefore, the Gym is a good place for students to go to challenge their body and to see what they can do to enhance their physical well being. Moreover, City Tech Gym is a good place to meet new friends, learn how to be organized, and get rid of stress.

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