Local Grub: A Leisure Place For City Tech Student

A leisure place for city tech students

Iron Chef House is a Japanese cuisine restaurant that is located at 92 Clark St, Downtown Brooklyn. It will take about ten minutes to walk from our campus, so back and forward from the campus to the restaurant will probably take twenty minutes. The restaurant is a brilliant embodiment of Japanese cuisine, especially notable for its superb price, quality, and atmosphere. I think iron chef house is a great place to hang out with friends. If you have gap between classes and you want to eat something else besides fast food. Iron chef house is definitely one of the great choices around city tech where you can enjoy your food in a comfortable environment.

When people go out and eat, they always think about price, is it too pricey or is worth it? Many people think sushi or Japanese food are expensive in general. Well, Iron Chef House is definitely affordable to students and adults. The restaurant provides mostly Japanese food, like noodles, sushi roll, sashimi, soup, and combination box. Each category has its price and I think they’re all reasonable. A dish of a combination of sushi roll will only cost about twelve dollars and you get to pick three different type of sushi roll. The soup and appetizer will be around from two to six dollars and I think this is a good price for a top ten sushi restaurant in New York City. Entrée is the most expensive meal you can order from this restaurant. The noodle bowl that serve with soup, noodle, and you get to pick either tempura or teriyaki, would cost about thirteen to fifteen dollar. As you can see, the price is really not that expensive, they might be a little more expensive than other food but it’s not pricey. my other two friends and I went to this restaurant and ordered as much as we could and it only cost us forty dollars. So each of us would pay about fifteen dollars including the tips. There’s that Japanese restaurant Masa will cost about $300 dollar per person for it cheapest taste on the menu. Comparing to that, I think Iron Chef House has a pretty reasonable price. (Izzo, N.p)2, February 2015)

The prices are good, but how about quality? Is the money worth it to spend on this restaurant? Well, Iron Chef House has a variety menu that have great taste and portion. One of my favorite dish from the restaurant is the teriyaki beef noodle bowl. The texture of the noodle is very different to the noodle I ever had in life from china and America. This type of noodle is called udon. The udon is served with noodle soup, teriyaki beef and vegetables. The flavor of the noodle bowl is not too strong, but it has a delicate taste that keeps you want to eat more. The restaurant also serves a variety of sushi roll. My friend and I tried many rolls from the restaurant and they are delicious. We ordered two combination sushi roll which contains six different sushi roll from two dishes. Each sushi rolls tasted fresh and was wrapped in a stabilize condition. Each dish from iron chef house serves with a great portion. It’s not too much and not too a little, the size of each dish is just big enough to satisfy you and would not get you tired of the food.

The atmosphere in a restaurant is also important, it either makes customers comfortable and relaxing or nervous and uncomfortable. Iron Chef House provides comfortable seats and tables. On the table, they have the chopstick, plates, soy sauce and a little plant on the side that keep the restaurant smell fresh. On the left side, thy has a brick wall that give you a very traditional feeling. They also have a Japanese poster that hang on the top of the ceiling that is written with Japanese characters. Also, the sushi bar is visible to the customers. It’s interesting to see employees preparing our food that we had ordered, it shows us how they made the food and if the ingredients were fresh. This made me feel safe to eat something that is uncooked which is the sushi roll or sashimi. Then it comes to noise. They have background music that is set in a perfect volume,which won’t interrupt customer’s conversation. I think the background music helps the customers to relax which I think is great to have in a restaurant where you can relax and enjoy your food with your friends.

Although many people might think Iron Chef House is kind of pricey. I think it is worth it. Think about food from chipotle, shake shack or cafeteria in our school. one meal from these restaurants is also costing about 10 dollars or maybe more from chipotle and shake shack. Food in our cafeteria might be a little bit cheaper than chipotle and shake shack, but foods that from the cafeteria don’t taste good at all. If you are paying 10 dollars for meals that are unhealthy and low quality, why not spending 5 more dollars on the meal that is fresher and healthier? The ingredient from iron chef house is definitely fresh and tasty.

Even though there’re many other restaurants around City Tech, I think iron chef house is one of the restaurants where you can find food that is nice and fresh around the campus.(Steinberg, N.p) 18, June 2015) it only takes about ten-minute to walk from the campus and it seems faster when you are with your friends. I personally will definitely go back because of the quality of the food and atmosphere. Of course, the price is reasonable too so why not spend a little more money to have meals that are fresher and healthier? In addition, I think Iron Chef House is a very leisure restaurant where you can relax and gather with friends. We college students all need that enjoyable moment to relax and iron chef house can satisfy us.







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