Local Grub: Juliana’s Pizzeria Best in Brooklyn

  Juliana’s Pizzeria Best In New York

            Although, it is tight inside I admire Juliana’s pizzeria because the food and beverage is great, it’s a clean pizzeria, and it is not your typical pizzeria, it is a fancy location to dine in with great service. Juliana’s pizzeria is located in 19 Old Fulton St. Brooklyn NY, 11201, right by (DUMBO) which is Downtown Brooklyn Bridge Park. Many reasons why people might not want to go to Juliana’s pizzeria is because they don’t want to wait in long lines and it’s a pretty tight location. Other people don’t mind going because they have been their before and think the pizza is amazing and everything else that has to come with a restaurant review such as the atmosphere, service, and cleanliness. The area there is nice, it is right next to the park and the park has many things to do their such as, play basketball, volleyball, soccer, handball, and also spend time with your family at the park too. Next to Juliana’s pizzeria they have Grimaldi’s which is Juliana’s pizzeria’s nemesis, Juliana’s and Grimaldi’s are fighting for their bragging rights in pizza in the location they are in.

Juliana’s pizzeria is a wonderful establishment to enjoy authentic Italian food. It holds a lot history, “In 1990 it was leased to Grimaldi’s Pizzeria and in 2011 became the home of Juliana’s.” (Juliana’s Pizzeria Website). The tightness inside of Juliana’s pizzeria is a con to the restaurant because its always busy from the time they open till the time they close. They also have competition right next to them which is a pizzeria named Grimaldi’s, so its even more crowded with both places because has long lines. Inside Juliana’s they have about 8-12 tables to dine in but its very tight when dining in because you feel like you need your space and you wont get the best amount of space you would like to have. For example, when I went I was pretty tight, it felt like people can hear your conversations and that isn’t a good thing but, the pizza there is great and it should take your mind off the cons and makes you see the pros of the pizzeria. This relates to my thesis because yes it is tight inside but, the best about it all is that the place is clean, they sell good pizza, and the service is great for a tight location.

Food and beverage in Juliana’s pizzeria is amazing, it is the best part of the whole restaurant in my perspective. They have many varieties of pizza pies, condiments to put on the pizza, drinks, and desserts, Everything I had was great. When I went to Juliana’s my starter was “Pasty’s Homemade Soup”. The soup was amazing once they served me the soup I smelled the aroma of the soup run up my nostrils, I ate the soup and it had a tomato lentil flavor to it with vegetables inside. For my entrée I had pizza special number 4 which is a large pizza pie with tomato, mozzarella, arugula, and prosciutto (Italian ham). I also added condiments which were garlic and house made meatballs, it seems like a lot in one pizza but it was amazing. It was how I always expect my pizza to be the crust was crunchy and a little burnt, the cheese was good not too much of the condiments so you can taste everything together in one bite. Every bite I took I had garlic, a piece of the meatball, sauce, mozzarella, and arugula, now that’s a good pizza. Finally, for dessert I had “Carol’s Cannoli” the cannoli was awesome, the shell was so crispy and fresh and the filling was great. It was so smooth it reminded me of a fluffy cloud that you dreamed to be on. Overall the food was amazing and according to beverages they had many different types of wine and alcohol. According to (Michael W) “The pizza was really amazing. To me the stand out element was the crust. I also really liked the sauce and cheese, but all I could remember after finishing was how tasty the crust was. Julianna’s can definitely hold it’s own against any of the top pizzerias in the city!”. Relates to my thesis because even though the place is tight the food and beverage overcomes the tightness and you still can enjoy your food at Juliana’s.

The service and cleanliness in Juliana’s pizzeria is good. You will expect it to be kind of slow because it is so busy but it’s the opposite way around. The service is a lot quicker because they get more customers to come in and out more quickly and make more money for the business. From my experience the cleanliness inside of Juliana’s is clean because the tables are always cleaned, the floors smell good and always shiny, and the bathroom is actually pretty clean which tells me that Juliana’s is a clean business. The service was good too, when I went to dine in Juliana’s I was there for about 1 hour and a half because I was with family and we were spending time together and talking. The food came out every 7-10 min the latest because the service was quick and that’s what I like to see when ever I go to a restaurant, it makes me want to re visit the restaurant because I had a great time in it. This relates to my thesis because although it was pretty tight I still had a great time because everything else such as the cleanliness and service was great.

Although, it is tight inside I admire Juliana’s pizzeria because the food and beverage is great, it’s a clean pizzeria, and it is not your typical pizzeria, it is a fancy location to dine in with great service. The one justifiable criticism that could be made against Juliana’s pizzeria is that it is small and maybe not fancy to others. But even if it is small you can just get a pie of pizza for takeout and not experience the tightness. Overall Juliana’s pizzeria is a great pizzeria and I do not regret going and waiting in the lines and just because it is tight. It didn’t stop me from going and dining in because the food and beverage was great with many varieties of food to eat and many drinks too, also the cleanliness inside was real clean and didn’t look dirty at all. The service was also great, the food and everything included I say its worth the go and worth the price to go and try out Juliana’s pizzeria.

















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