Luke’s Lobster

A Lobster that You Will Never Forget
Lobsters are one of the best seafood in the world. As an Asian, we have many ways to cook lobsters. After I went to City Tech, I found out there is a famous lobsters take out restaurant near our campus called Luke’s Lobster. This restaurant blows my mind; I never notice that lobster can be put on a roll because the Chinese culture tells us that lobster is suppose to be a very expensive food that we don’t want to eat with a roll. But after I tried the Luke’s Lobster, it is undeniable that the food they provided is delicious, the location is near to the New York City College of Technology, and it has a nice view of the Brooklyn Bridge.
Luke’s Lobster provides a tasteful roll that makes you never forget about it, and I’m still thinking about going there every day. Because it is a takeout restaurant it has a very small menu that contains 2-3 foods such as lobster roll, taste of the Maine Noah’s ark. Its price was around 16-20 US dollar. Robin and Patronite stated, “These aristocrats of the shrimp world are so fine and fresh you can gobble them down raw with just a drizzle of extra-virgin olive oil and a dash of sea salt.”(np) I agree with the author because I remembered that when I took my first bite I felt like swimming in the ocean even though I don’t know how to. But the freshness is killing me when I tasted the shrimp, or the lobster is so fresh that you can feel the sea water. An other article points that “Luke’s Lobster roll tastefully combines a fresh, flavorful crustacean in a light lemon butter sauce that is perfectly complemented by a toasted, buttery bun.” (np) I agree with an anonymous although there is a lot of freshness in the lobster and shrimp. It didn’t cover the bread itself at all. The crispness9F668706-8B5C-4D71-8C60-475001137BDF of the toasted bread, the smells of it, makes me want to get another one.
Have you get tired of our cafeteria’s pizza or chicken tender with fries? Well, Luke’s Lobster provides a better food than our cafeteria and its convenience for us to get there. It is located in 11 Water St, Brooklyn, NY 11201 under the Brooklyn Bridge. It takes about 10-15 minutes to walk there from our campus. Some people may ask if you have a short break how can you get there and get back very quick, but I think the only time you want to visit this place is when you have a long break and got nothing to do, another good things is that when you sit in a classroom for a long time is good that you walk out the building to take a fresh breath trust me it helps. If you think 10-15 minutes is a long walk, think about it in an another way like walking to a subway station, and you can simply put your headphone and takes about 3-5 songs then you can get there. You can enjoy the view while walking and listening to you favorite. Overall is a convenience place to go.
You can’t deny that Brooklyn Bridge has an incredible view, and Luke’s Lobster is under the bridge. It makes the taste even better while enjoying the view. People may wonder what if is raining out there. My answer is I don’t think you want to walk in a rainy day, of course you will choose a nice day to walk. The autumn season, the yellow leaves and the river that reflected the Manhattan on the water forms a really beautiful sense. It is a good thing that they are a take out the restaurant because in a way it is forcing you to eat on the benches under the bridge. There are a lot of magical things happening here; sometimes you might see a proposal here and sometimes you might see weddings here. It’s like a place where people come together; you might feel a bit of sweet while you see all the magical things happen. Also under this view it makes you wonders about life because you see Manhattan across the river. In a way it forms a comparison between a big city with knowledge and a forming teenager like us. For me, it is very important that I can eat and learn at the same time.
Overall Luke’s Lobster provides more than just food for us. It’s close to our campus. We can go while we have a long break enjoying the music and walking 10-15 minutes. As a New Yorker, 10-15 minutes’ walk is not going to kill you. Then you get to taste a nice lobster roll. The freshness and the bread itself combined just perfect you can’t deny that. Sometimes you can bring your little girlfriend and have a date over there because they provide a very good view. You can see the bridge and magical things like couples come together as a family here. After this experience I had some new thoughts about different cultural food. Like I said, Chinese believes that good seafood should match good sauces. We think bread is a lower class. We don’t want that. But now I understand that good food can be mixed with a lot of different things too, maybe lobster can match with ketchup too. You never know until you try it out. I encourage students to try it at least once during their four years.

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