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Let sleep at Dumbo Kitchen

By: Nancy (Jia Yi) Huang

Dumbo Kitchen is one of the most peaceful place and undisturbed place students can found, which is located at 108 Jay St (corner of York Street) Brooklyn, NY 11201. The tranquil atmosphere of the Dumbo Kitchen allows guests to feel totally at home because of its silent and beautiful design. I noticed that this restaurant is elegant, and traditional with a vibrant Tuscan-style design such as an Italian style. The decorating makes people feel relaxed so they can enjoy their own time. Dumbo Kitchen can be appreciated and enjoyed by all guests because of its service, food, and location.


(Fig.1: How the Dumbo Kitchen look like?)

How important is the good customer service? “Spontaneous service brings joy to both receiver and giver. Good customer service has to come from people who like people and enjoy being nice to them. It starts at the top” (Neiman-Marcus in pg.1). It means the good customer service is the reason why guests come back to their business. Good customer service should include fairness, friendliness, understanding, speed, and information. Dumbo Kitchen is doing well in this regard because it only took 5 to 10 minutes to get my order. When your order comes out, the staff will call out your order number to let knew that your order is ready. How sweet is this? The dining tools are placed in the middle of the table. People need to get their dining tools by themselves, even though sometimes people are tired of serving it by themselves. However, it also means that people do not need to pay tips.


(Fig. 2: Salmon Special)

Food always is the most important thing in a restaurant. People won’t come again if they don’t like the taste of the food. In Dumbo Kitchen, they separated with the menu into three different parts such as the delivery menu, the catering menu, and the daily special. For the delivery menu, they are selling the salads, plates, drinks, and sides. In the catering menu, it more specialized and detailed about the food types. It includes breakfast, lunch, sandwiches, platters, sides salads, entrees, sides, and desserts. Dumbo Kitchen also had a number of dishes that show the prices behind the food to make it easier for guests and know how much they will cost. The daily special is changing every day. Although the staff will put the sample of daily specials on top of the table, people probably will look forward to see each day’s special menu. When I saw the sample of daily specials on top of table, I tried the daily special which was called the salmon special. The salmon special is a dish with two pieces of salmon with rice and vegetables. It cost me $15. It tasted little spicy and delicious, but I felt it was expensive to have a lunch for $15. So I probably won’t go there often. In addition, they have a bar which was shocked with different kinds of wine. The bar does not open until 4pm. Some people may like to go there at nighttime because that is a good time to drink some wine before people go to sleep.

IMG_20151103_144052950(Fig. 3: The Bar)

When people are finding a place to eat, people always choose to visit the place that near to them. The location is also important to all of the students because they will not have extra time to waste on buying food. From school, it only takes 10 minutes to walk to Dumbo Kitchen, and it also near to the F train. People can use those 10 minutes to exercise by walking back to school to make sure that they do not feel too full. People can use the F train to get there, because it is easy to find its location. If you are too lazy to walk that 10 minutes, you can choose to take the F train to go back to school. It only takes one step. When I finished my salmon special, I chose to go home. I used the F train to transfer to the N train. I find it a convenient way to go everywhere.

Dumbo Kitchen has good qualities including service, and location; however, the pluses do not outweigh its one major drawback, namely how expensive it is. Except for this defect, Dumbo Kitchen is successful in other parts. People probably are not coming every day, so the price can be acceptable.


Dumbo Kitchen: ★★★

Atmosphere: Glass windows, gracefully designed seats, and bright lighting with elegant, traditional, and vibrant         Tuscan-style designs

Sound: Moderate.

Recommended Dishes: Salmon Special, Dumbo Chicken, and Salmon Nicoise.

Drinks: Homemade iced tea, and Ito En.

Price: $$ (little expensive)


A version of this review appeared in print on November 17, 2015.




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