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Break Time? Starbucks It is!

In school, early in the morning, feeling tired, not wide awake enough to start the day yet. After class, a long break awaits before next class begins. I was thinking about what I should do during my break time. There are many places to go around campus, but where should I go? I always stay on campus for my breaks, but I feel like going out today. Since I’m feeling tired, I want a place to go for a nice cup of coffee to wake up. For a cup of coffee; around campus there is Starbucks, Dunkin Donut, The Metro Star Café, and more. There are many places I can get a cup of coffee. So, I eliminated some places and decided to go to the one nearest to campus.

Starbucks Coffee is a great coffee house with variety of beverages and pastries which many people will enjoy for sure. On the Downtown Brooklyn website it stated Starbucks is known as the “largest coffee house in the world and serve high-quality beverages”. They have beverages ranging from Coffee to Espresso, Cappuccino to Frappuccino and more. Also, you can have pastries, sandwiches, cakes and muffins along with your beverage if you like. When I go to places for food and beverages, I need them to have the flavor, price, and service I expected. For example, I wouldn’t want my drink to be too sweet. After going to Starbucks, I have knowledge that they followed the criteria I expected. The food and beverages are a bit pricy, but it is affordable. If I have the time I would come back.

It is really close to campus. Starbucks is located at Metro Tech, Jay Street, in Downtown Brooklyn. It is right next to NYU Polytechnic School of Engineering. This coffee house is a less than five minute walk, maybe only two minute from campus. As you get near the coffee house, you see a huge red artwork in front of it. Right in front of the coffee house, you will see at top saying “Starbucks Coffee”, which is impossible to miss it.

When you enter, the first thing you will see is furniture like the ones you see at a bar. They have tall tables and chairs. On the right side of the entrance there are shorter tables and chairs for the elderly and parents with kids in which they can sit comfortably. The outside of the café, also has two tables and chairs for guests if they feel like sitting outside and catching some fresh air. As you enter, to the side, you would most likely see a long line, but it isn’t too long of a wait. Their service is very nice and pleasant. They greet you when it’s your turn to order. Next to the counter, they have a refrigerator where they have their pastries and bottled drinks.

The portion of their foods and beverages are very good. Beverages include a variety of sizes that include Tall, Grande, and Venti. When you order pastries like bread and muffins, they help you heat it up before serving it to you. I like that kind of service because I haven’t been to a café that heats up the food for you. This way I don’t have to be eating my food cold. The prices range from $2 to $7 depending on the size you get, which is affordable. I very much enjoyed the drink that I ordered. I ordered a Java Chip Frappuccino, size Grande and the total came out to be $5.17. It is a little pricy, but I think it i worth it. I also tried a cake pop, but I would recommend that to the ones that really like sweets, because I personally think it was too sweet.

On the Starbucks website they stated their “foods are made with high-quality and simple ingredients”, but it is up to the guests if they think so. Although, I think this coffee house is a good place to go, other people might not think the same way. Some people complain about how long they need to wait in line and how the employees would spell their name wrong. Yes, I agree, but it doesn’t happen all the time. Recently, Starbucks has created this app in which guests can download for their convenience. Guests can order and pay through the app and just go into the Starbucks they ordered from and get their order. Using the app, you don’t need to worry about any long wait or wrong name spelling. This is a very good solution that solves the problem many guests have.

Starbucks Coffee is a coffeehouse that is really close to campus. It is a good place to go to in the morning for a cup of coffee and breakfast. You can even go during your break or afterschool to hang out with friends. They provide free Wi-Fi, so guests can do their work while enjoying their beverages and food. On the tables they also provide wireless charging spot for their phone which is really convenient for guests who are on low battery, just like my phone that seems to run out of battery quickly. I would recommend others to come here for a nice break and enjoy a good cup of coffee and have the opportunity to communicate and connect with friends a little more.



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