Local Grub: Smash Burger

Justin Kwok

English 1101

Professor Westengard


Smash It Up, Take The Hanger Out With Us!


Smash Burger is the “real deal” when it comes to fast food burger joints! According to my class, a lot of people have never heard of or tried Smash Burger. From my experience Smash Burger is amazing in many ways more then one. Some ways that Smash Burger to me is good are their quality of food, services and location.

People assume that Shake Shack is better and more famous when it comes to burger joints. To an extent that’s true but what they don’t see is the quality in every burger! People are always like shake shack this and shake shack that but they never get to really try another good burger option. Smash Burger is made with fresh never frozen certified Angus beef and placed on a buttered flat grill. The animals used were pasture fed and corn finished. (motherearthnews.com/web) This simply means that the cows were grass fed and no added hormones or antibiotics. The bottom of the bun is toasted to create a crispy, caramelized color and texture. They also use an Artisan bun which plays a huge role in creating the perfect burger (Smashburger.com/web). You could taste all the delicious ingredients with every bite! When I recently visited Smash Burger, I ordered the Sin City Burger which consists of hay stack onions, an egg, and bacon. I usually rebel against eating bacon because I think it tastes nasty and salty but with the burger it changes the way I feel about it. The bacon is a perfect texture, crispy but not to hard or burnt. The onions are perfectly soft like the clouds in the night sky. The egg was cooked perfectly round and wasn’t runny which is a huge turn off in any sandwich. Unlike shake shack they have a variety of signature sandwiches. Shake shack offers many burgers but nothing spectacular. It’s just an issue of being to plain and simple. The Starbucks of burgers! (usatoday.web/2013)

When I arrived to Smash Burger 2 weeks ago, I was ambushed by workers greeting me and treating me like a king! They showed me to a table. The table was amazing! Right as I arrived, the workers cleaned my table spotless. So clean that you could even lick it. They placed a bottle of ketchup and napkins and made sure there was enough for my mother and I. They asked me “how my day was” I replied amazing. They were super nice to me when I was ordering my food. As I waited for my food they would check up on me every moment they can to see if I wanted any more assistance and just making me feel loved and welcome. As I waited, my food finally came in a fashionable time and the burger was amazing and warm. I also noticed fantastic service when an old women with a cane strolled in and immediately the staff jumped in quickly to help assist the older women. Some people can argue that was unnecessary but it showed that the people cared for her and they wanted to show her the full smash experience.

It;s obvious to say that Smash Burger is really close to City Tech! It is roughly a 10 minute walk down Fulton Street but if you’re not the fastest walker like myself, then it’ll take you about 15 minutes. Overall it isn’t too far for anyone around the Downtown Brooklyn area. It is located next to LIU Post and around the corner from the Verizon building on Flatbush.  Please be advised, do not go during business lunch hours (11:30am-2:00pm) that is when Smash Burger is mostly packed and you wont be able to find seating. The store itself is quite small but that’s just a way to make the people feel closer to each other!

Smash Burger may not be the best burger joint but it offers fantastic quality, services and a very close location. People may differ from my argument so why don’t you try and see for yourself!




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