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Rocco’s Tacos: A Quality Establishment

It’s interesting how popular is the myth that all students prefer to eat in fast-food places with not complicated, low price menus. I understand that the majority of them don’t have enough time and money to go to a full-service restaurant, where you have to wait about twenty minutes for your order to arrive and leave tips. However, there are many people who like good quality food and service, and they are ready to pay for it. Rocco’s Tacos is a Mexican restaurant located in Brooklyn on 339 Adams Street; you can easily get there from all City Tech College buildings. I went to Rocco’s Tacos for dinner and I liked it because of its exclusive dining room design, good service and variety of delicious food and drinks on their menu.

It was after my Tuesday evening class at City Tech College when I decided to go to Rocco’s Tacos for dinner with my husband. I am a Mexican food lover and always ready to try Quesadillas in a place that I haven’t been before. The restaurant was not far from college; it took us eight minutes to walk there. We didn’t make a reservation and were happy when a friendly hostess gave us a nice table with comfortable leather seats in the middle of the dining room from where we could see the open kitchen. The lighting in the place was the first thing that caught my attention. There were unique star-shaped lamps that looked expensive and were creating a warm magical atmosphere in the whole place. They were giving red and yellow lights on the dark ceiling which made me feel like if I was looking at the night sky full of stars. There was traditional Mexican décor of masks hanging on the walls. This masks had particular facial expressions showing a variety of emotions. Looking at the expressions on the masks made me think of the different people eating in the restaurant. Some masks had happy faces, sad, angry. I liked that these expressions could be the way that people in the establishment were feeling. The thing my husband liked was the furniture. He is tall and there was always a problem with low tables and chairs that we didn’t experience at Rocco’s tacos. He was able to sit comfortably, and even stretch out his legs at our table.

5e0d1a_5f629177c25e4eeab556bb8bcb3c42f6The Rocco’s Tacos dining room design. Taken from Rocco’s Tacos Brooklyn official website.

I had a good impression of Rocco’s Tacos because of the service they provided. As soon as we were placed at the table the waiter appeared in front of us, introduced himself, gave us menus and asked if we needed water. He was very polite while talking to us and was smiling. We had a couple of questions about the menu that he was able to answer. The first thing that we ordered was chips and tableside prepared guacamole for $8. The person who was making it arrived fast and it took him about eight minutes to mix all ingredients and finish. Also we were watching the cooks work at the open kitchen. They were involved in a process and we could suppose that they were telling jokes, because they were laughing, and it seemed that they loved what they were doing.  It reminded me of Anthony Bourdain’s interview that he gave to The Edge Singapore magazine when he said: “bad food is made without pride, by cooks who have no pride, and no love” (Bourdain qtd. In Tan). Cooks in the establishment were opposite to the cooks Bourdain mentioned in his interview. It was pleasure for them to bring happiness to customers by making delicious food with love. That moment I realized that I made a right choice when I came to Rocco’s Tacos. I consider the tableside food preparation and open kitchens a big bonus for restaurants. It shows that the restaurant hires professional cooks and is not afraid to offer guests control in the preparation of the food they pay for. Also it gives guests a chance to customize their order during the process.

According to the “Introduction to Hospitality” textbook a full service restaurant is “a restaurant that has more than a dozen main course items on the menu” (Walker 597). Rocco’s Tacos has about thirty main course items that you can order to stay or to go. Moreover this place is known because of four hundred varieties of tequila. The menu is two separate A4 format pages. All food items were listed in a front of one page. Each menu item was written in Spanish with English explanation on the bottom. On the other page there was a list of drinks. It was easy for me to find a chicken Quesadilla in a menu as it is something that I always order in Mexican restaurants. Also I chose to try a strawberry basil margarita with Casa Noble Crystal tequila for $12.50. I was surprised when I saw my food, because it was a very large portion that I didn’t expect to have for $13. I hadn’t been charged extra for the guacamole, mild salsa and sour cream on the side. I was full after I ate half of my Quesadilla, so I took the rest of my food home. I was satisfied with my drink too. It was refreshing, smelled like basil and I could feel the bitter taste of tequila and sweet taste of strawberries.

In comparison to other restaurants that I’ve been to in Brooklyn, I liked Rocco’s Tacos the most, because I was satisfied with the good service, dining room design and delicious food. My advice to City Tech students would be to visit Rocco’s Tacos for lunch or dinner. It is also a good place to celebrate a special event after school, such as birthday, because there is a casual dress code at Rocco’s Tacos. If you are really busy with studying, you still can try a Rocco’s Tacos food by ordering it to go in a special “to go” window on the right side of the entrance to the restaurant.

For a great dining experience, choose Rocco’s Tacos; you will not regret!

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