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Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen


Kathy Jiang

Hello everyone, I am a freshman who is studying at New York City College of Technology. After studying for few months, I found out that not all students are wealthy enough to dine in star rating restaurants daily around campus, especially me. Therefore I started to explore restaurants around campus for the best and inexpensive place for people to dine and relax. I visited a fast food fried chicken chain restaurant during the gap between two courses. The restaurant is called Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen, located at 80 Court St Brooklyn, NY 11201. After going there several times, I love this restaurant. I did some research on Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen: Popeyes has thousands of fast food restaurants in the world, and Popeyes Chicken & Biscuits is the world’s second-largest quick-service chicken chain!

When I was dining in Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen, I was surprised that its prices are very cheap and people can afford to order meals in the restaurant. The price of a meal made of chicken is offered from $1.99, and the price of a meal made of seafood start from $4.99. It also includes sides such as red beans and rice, mashed potatoes with Cajun-style gravy, Cajun rice, Jalapeno, green beans, Cajun fries and Cole slaw. In addition, Popeyes always have promotions with discounted prices for its customers. People could get 2 free piece dinners when they purchase a 3 piece dinner and medium drink at regular menu price. In Popeyes, I can order 8 butterfly shrimps that include regular fries, biscuit, and Dill tartar sauces for my lunch, and I just needed to spend around $5. Also, I like to eat meals that include fried food occasionally instead of eating at home most of the time. Due to my schedule, I would visit Popeyes during the break time between two classes.

Popeyes is a restaurant that has a variety of menu options for customers to choose what they like to eat. And I knew that there are more than 300 different ways of offering guests to eat a meal in Popeyes; guests could create menus for themselves, and the employees will prepare them for the guests. For instance, I could choose two pieces of Popeyes Bonafide chicken combo, which includes a regular side, biscuit, and a small drink, and choose either one flavor, whether spicy or mild. According to the article “Popeyes® Brings Back $5 Bonafide® Big Box with More Than 300 Ways to Enjoy a Real Meal”, it stated that

“Popeyes is providing guests with a variety of menu options to build a full meal that won’t leave them asking for more. With options like Red Beans & Rice, Green Beans, Cajun Rice, Cole Slaw, Cajun Fries and Mashed Potatoes with Cajun Gravy, there is no end to the combinations guests can create” (Webb).

Even though Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen is famous for its fried chicken, they also have many healthy foods to attract new customers. According to the article “Can Good Design Rescue Fast Food?” the author claims that

“this June, a line of offerings called Louisiana Leaux, pronounced ”low,” as in low in fat and calories, at least compared with staples of the menu — like the four-piece combo with a side of coleslaw and a biscuit, which delivers 101 grams of fat, 3,790 milligrams of sodium and 1,570 calories and comes in a really spiffy box” (Segal),

As David Segal quoted, it shows us directly that Popeyes had added a new menu called “Louisiana Leaux”, which offers lower calories chicken options, such as Naked Chicken Po’ Boy, Naked Chicken Wrap, and Naked Tenders Meal, etc. With more choices of healthy foods that are low in fat and calories, and more nutritious than before. The restaurant management has made a lot of changes to their ingredients to provide healthy diet. I could see the ingredients listed in their menu. People who want to eat healthy food could go to Popeyes now.

On the other hand, some people might think that Popeyes is not a good place for customers to eat, because of its lower quality of the food. This is not true. Over the years, Popeyes has changed its menu to include many healthy choice of food. You cannot compare Popeyes with high class restaurant. The price you pay at Popeyes is very reasonable and affordable for someone like me.

Popeyes is a famous fast food fried chicken chain restaurant that could help students save their money, enjoy healthy food, and have more food options to choose during the gap between classes. Therefore, I highly recommend people who work or study around campus to enjoy their meal in Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen, because of its inexpensive price, variety of menu options, and they also have healthy food choices.

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