Local Grub: Brooklyn Coffee Roasters

Need a delicious pick me up that is actually worth the price? Maybe a coffee roasting company is what you’ve been searching for! Brooklyn Coffee Roasters has many good qualities including its rustic earthy design, traditional styles of American and European coffee and friendly customer service. Their styles are original and something i haven’t seen before. The quality of their products are very high as well in my opinion, and due to the fact that the coffee house is usually packed with smiling customers, I assume many people would agree with me!

  When you first walk into the Coffee Roasting company, there is a very big machine, with a very cheerful woman dutifully dumping raw coffee beans into the top of it and monitoring a computer screen. She is open to any questions about either the coffee roaster, or roasting process. The machine fills the whole store with the intoxicating smell of coffee that puts you in the mood for a nice cup of “Joe.” The walls are made of dull crimson called brick that gives a steampunk industrial feel to the Cafè. All of the baristas wear stereotypical steampunk/hipster outfits, such as a short sleeve shirt with a scarf and beret! It feels very homey while you gaze around the hipster coffee house, and see hundreds of different coffee blends and flavors, all in colorfully decorated cans, in towering shelves next to the espresso bar. The espresso machine is facing outwards so you can watch the baristas go to work, making beautiful latte art on your coffee, which makes the mark of a true professional. The Brooklyn Coffee Roasters is also a treat for your eyes.

  The Coffee served is also very traditional and strong. One thing that made this coffee shop stand out was how its drinks are not modernized almost at all. Its cappuccinos are small and strong, and proportioned the way a traditional cappuccino is. The “cup should only hold about 5-7oz,” to contain the perfect mount of espresso, steamed milk, and foam. Also a macchiato is properly made, not incorrectly as a latte with a double shot. However a “macchiato is a single or double espresso topped with a dollop of heated, texturized milk and (usually) served in a small cup.”  The word “macchiato” means marked in Italian, which applies to the name greatly because you mark the espresso with the foam. Very few cafe’s get a macchiato correctly now a days. Also the way the baristas can mark your drink with latte art while working in a very fast paced environment, shows their care, professionalism, and expertise in coffee making.


  Customer service was also a very impressive area of the cafe. Everywhere you turned here was a customer smiling while they worked or even just to ask you if you needed help with anything. When i went to order my drink i was greeted with a smile and a “Hi! What can I get you?” When i looked at the menu i asked what was recommended and without question the worker said “Oh definitely the cappuccino, the barista today is very good at making cappuccinos, and they definitely wake you up!” After ordering I went over to the barista making my drink and she smiled at me and greeted me warmly. “Hi!” She said. “Your drink will be ready in one moment. How are you doing today?” I replied that it was going well but long and she replies “Well I hope your cappuccino helps with that!” She then handed me my drink and waved goodbye. I felt welcomed, and wanted as a customer. Nobody seemed miserable which is rare in New York City. Everyone looked like they loved their jobs and I was definitely able to feel that.

The Brooklyn Coffee Roasting Company is an overall great place to get your morning pick me up. They have great interior design, quality coffee beverages, and friendly workers. While many might say that the coffee is pricey, the same people will go to Starbucks and spend the same price, if not more on beverages that are nowhere near the same quality. A simple $2.75 for a regular cappuccino is definitely worth the price for what you are getting. This cafè is definitely a 5 out of 5 for me and many other customers. It is definitely a better quality coffee beverage place than the more popular “Starbucks” coffee. Also the coffee is always fresh since it is roasted, brewed and served on site. This place is great for anyone who needs a wake me up in the morning or a leisure coffee in the evening. There is little to no fault in this cafe.

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