Local Grub: UPDATE Buffalo Boss

Eric Chin

Eng 1101

Professor Westengard

14 October 2015

Convenient Food


Buffalo Boss located on 400 Jay St which is only a 5 minute walk away from City Tech which is also one of the best fast food restaurants in the neighborhood because of various things like its low wait time, affordable pricing, and most of all convenient location which makes it a fast place that I recommend going to. Buffalo Boss is sponsored by Jay Z the famous rapper, record producer, and entrepeneur. If you ever have a short break and wish to get something different you should try Buffalo Boss as it would take approximately 10-20 minutes for your order which is much better compared to the other fast food around. I think that Buffalo Boss is one of the better restaurants nearby City tech due to many of its criteria’s such as convenient location, great taste, diverse menu, and exceptional service.

With its specialized menu that revolves around chicken wings there isn’t any other place in Jay Street that is like Buffalo Boss, looking for some good spicy wings? Well with its wide variety of different flavors, spiciness levels, and various side dishes like desserts and fries you can enjoy real fast food that emphasizes on fast. Buffalo Boss is a great fast food restaurant because of the various choices given to the customer, enabling you to choose the order that caters to your preferred meal by giving 2 categories to appeal to different visitors. The Hell category which is for the people that love spicy food is separated into 5 different levels of spiciness ranging from Hot(Mildest), OMG, FTH(fire in the hole), N Sinerator, and blazing BBQ. Although I am terrible with spicy food, Buffalo Boss also caters to those that have no love for spicy food with the Heaven Category along with giving you the option to choose the flavor like BBQ, Mild, Medium, Honey BBQ, Teriyaki, Honey Mustard, Lemon Pepper, and Garlic Parmesan. While the Buffalo Boss mainly focuses on its Buffalo wings it also has different styles of cooked chicken such as its panko fried chicken and teriyaki style. The side dishes which help to compliment your wings include your regular French Fries, assortment of salads, and also celery with blue cheese dipping. Buffalo Boss also includes dessert which is fried twinkies and fried oreos.

The service in Buffalo Boss is very reliable and efficient as the cashiers are both friendly and helpful while also making no mistakes when ordering enabling the lines to steadily and quickly move along. What makes Buffalo Boss one of my favorite places to go to during my breaks is the convenient location that is only a 5 minute walk away from City Tech enabling you to have a great lunch if you ever feel sick of eating cafeteria lunch. This gives any student that has a short 30 minute break the opportunity to have a chance to sit down, relax, and enjoy the meal.

Even though Buffalo Boss may be a great fast food restaurant I think that it also has its own minor flaws such as the restaurant being very small and being limited to own 2 tables with 2-4 chairs each. But I do not think that is a flaw for Buffalo Boss because that makes Buffalo Boss much more specialized in carryout food which enables the staff to be more specialized focusing on efficient and quality food being served to guest while also prevent the restaurant from crowding due to its enclosed environment while also producing a unique atmosphere. It produces its own unique atmosphere due to its small environment by classic 20th century industrial design because of the brick wall with no furnishing also giving it its own neighborhood feel.

Though Buffalo Boss may not be the best place for food in all of jay street nor the most expensive and prestigious I think that it is definitely a great fast food place if you ever want someplace that sells good wings with great service nearby city tech while also being light on the wallet while including a diverse menu. Buffalo Boss is a place that I will definitely enjoy visiting again and again.



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