Local Grub: Skyline Gourmet

                                                                      Unordinary Deli

                                                                  By Bernaldo Grande


Have you ever noticed that there are not many corner delis in downtown Brooklyn? Skyline Gourmet is located on Willoughby Street, exactly 0.4 miles away from City Tech campus. They have a variety of sandwiches, Panini’s, wraps, and quesadillas. They serve delicious hamburgers and fries. Skyline Gourmet has a variety of cold and hot food to choose from. Additionally, the deli is also one of the modern corner delis in downtown Brooklyn. Inside there are four 32 inch plasma tv’s displaying a very authentic menu and there are three chandelier lights making the deli very elegant. Although people believe that Skyline Gourmet is over priced and unsanitary, it is actually a hidden treasure. Skyline is a unique corner deli because it is known for it’s remarkable maintenance, excellent customer service, and a convenient location.

Some people believe in the stereotypes that delis are filthy and unsanitary. One reason why you should visit Skyline Gourmet is because of their stellar cleanliness and maintenance. During my class break, I usually stop at Skyline to get something to eat. Meanwhile, when I’m waiting on line, I always see the employees wearing gloves and wearing a clean uniform, which gives a good impression to the customers making them feel thatit’s not like the other delis. I also noticed that they keep their store clean, the windows are clear without dirt, the location where they keep their deli meats is also being kept sanitary, which you can actually tell from the outside. In addition the refrigerators where they store the drinks are spotless, the snack shelves are also being kept neat, and the table where the coffee machine is located is constantly getting cleaned by the one the employees. These are the reasons why you should go visit Skyline Gourmet because its not a sloppy corner deli where you would see things scattered around.

My theory is not only do restaurants need to provide excellent customer service, but I also think that a corner deli needs to provide great service as well. According to Tabitha Jean Naylor in the article “4 Reasons good Customer Service is Vital”, “many small business fail to realize how important good customer service is for the overall health of your business”. I will always remember the first time when I went to Skyline. I was waiting on line and one of the employees asked me how was my day going so far before he took my order. Mostly in every corner deli the employees wont even bother to ask you how’s your day going so far. They go straight to ask you “what do you want!” I also remember that after three days in a row of me continuously going to Skyline Gourmet, I didn’t even have to get on line. The same employee who took my order before said, “ it’s not necessary for you to get on line my friend, I already know what you’re going to order”. It is like the employee knew me already. Three days had passed since I had been there. They also keep the line running smoothly during the busy hours, plus since it’s a very small place they try to be faster on taking people’s orders. The employees are very friendly. After all they provide an excellent and friendly customer service.

City Tech students have a hard time finding a convenient place to eat especially during their class break. Usually, they go for something quick because of their time limit. Skyline Gourmet would be a great option to go to it is close to the City Tech campus. So let’s say that you only have an hour of break time. Walking distance is only six minutes, then another twelve minutes of getting your order done. Meaning you got thirty six minutes left and plus two blocks away from Skyline there is a little park in metro tech with steel benches where you could go sit and relax with the beautiful view of the park while you eat your delicious food.

Some people make an overall judgment about Skyline Gourmet being dirty because they think that every corner deli is the same, but when you walk inside it is the opposite of what you thought. People also argue that the food quality is horrible but come on guys, it’s a corner deli not a restaurant. There are others that say that the menu is too pricey. I agree with the menu being overpriced, but it’s downtown Brooklyn. Things are changing around the neighborhood, there’ a lot of buildings being constructed, there are these office buildings, and it’s located in a place that is surrounded by other commercial stores. Besides I’m willing to pay more because of their good customer service and for their excellent maintenance. After all Skyline is not that bad; just because it is a corner deli does not mean it should be judged like the others. This is one of my favorite delis I been to because they exceed expectations as a deli. As Jamie Feldmar points out in the article, “An ode to the Bodegas of New York”, “[deli’s] are one of the few safe heavens offering a judgment free zone…and that fact is one of the more comforting things about living here” in New York City.

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