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Finding a place to get a breakfast in the morning or a snack is really hard at times. As a college student, getting hungry occurs whenever I’m going to school in the morning or in a break in between two classes. But just on Court St is a bakery called Paris Baguette. This French – Korean bakery originated as Paris Croissant located in South Korea in 1986. Not only you can get desserts from this place, but you can also get sandwiches for lunch as well. Paris Baguette is a perfect embodiment of a self service bakery, this place is superb for its delicious baked goods, location, price, and thorough cleanliness.

Baked goods from Paris Baguette will help satisfy your cravings. There are many options when picking baked goods from Paris Baguette such as pastries, breads, and cakes. Some of the pastries there are good for breakfast such as the croissant, danish, and tarts. The pastries have many different flavors to choose from such as cream cheese, chocolate, or fruit. These pastries make a good breakfast in the morning if students at City Tech want something because they didn’t get to eat at home or just want to try one of these for breakfast. Paris Baguette offers many types of breads which are either sweet or savory. You can also get their breads in baguettes or loafs when you go there and the flavors you can get are garlic, raisin, and milk. Other flavors such as chestnut, red bean, and sweet potato are fantastic choices to get as well. Getting a slice of cake can benefit a college student’s cravings for sweets. According to the Paris Baguette website, there are four types of cakes in their menu you can get whether its fresh cream, chiffon, buttercream, or cheesecake (Paris Baguette). There so many flavors that you can choose from if you want to get a slice of cake. Baked goods at Paris Baguette will satisfy your cravings and make you want to come back for more.

Going to Paris Baguette around the City Tech campus is not far. The bakery is at 97 Court St and is open from 7 am to 10 pm. From the Namm building to Paris Baguette would only be at least a 10-minute walk going back and forth. Going to there, you have to go down Boerum Pl and Adams St. Then, you cross the street and walk through Brooklyn Borough Hall to Court St and make a right. Finally, just walk straight down Court St and Paris Baguette is on your left. The time it takes to get to Paris Baguette is perfect for professors and students who are on their break that is at least half an hour long.



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The prices for the products at Paris Baguette may have people wondering whether to go there or not. There is another bakery located in Metrotech, Brooklyn called, Au Bon Pain. The café is similar to Paris Baguette with its self service style, but the prices are very much different from each other. According to a review on the City Tech openlab website, “Au Bon Pain”, a cheese danish from Au Bon Pain costs $2.39 which is a dollar less than one from Paris Baguette (Kee). I agree with this statement because Au Bon Pain is cheaper and everyone want to spend less money on food as a college student. However, Au Bon Pain always gets crowded in any time of the day especially in the afternoon because of the affordable prices. During my breaks in between classes, I had seen lines that extend to the front entrance of the place. This affects the time students and professors have when they are on their break from campus. Paris Baguette sells many types of breads or danishes for at least $1.00 – $1.50 each. The price is at least a dollar less than a cheese danish from Au Bon Pain, but I was able to pay and leave without going through a long line. Paris Baguette maybe a little more expensive, but there are no long lines that will cause a person to stay in line for 20 – 30 minutes.

Every restaurant or bakery have to go through a sanitation check by inspectors. The sanitation will also prove if the food in any food place is kept in a clean and proper condition. Paris Baguette received an A for its sanitation which explains the clean floors and proper food storage. Based on Barbara Eldredge’s article, “Paris Baguette Court Street Changes-Up Downtown Brooklyn”, the place is said to be clean and safe (Eldredge). When walking inside Paris Baguette, the floors are always kept clean which explains the shiny appearance I encountered when walking inside. All of their baked goods are placed in glass cabinets that have a certain temperature to keep them at a correct temperature. Also the trays you place your food in are clean and covered with a sheet of parchment paper to prevent any physical contamination that might occur in your food. Everything inside Paris Baguette is kept clean and safe for all the customers who are questioning the bakery’s sanitation.

If you are looking for a delicious bakery to go to, I highly recommend Paris Baguette on 97 Court St. I admire the bakery’s unique flavors in its baked goods such as green tea, blueberry yogurt, red bean, etc. Forget about Au Bon Pain and other places at Metrotech and their long lines during the day. Come to Paris Baguette and have a taste of their baked goods without going through a long line. I promise you will not regret eating at Paris Baguette during your breaks.




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