36 hours in…The Brooklyn Waterfront


New York is one of the most popular cities in the WORLD !! Many people come to New York to see Time Square, Museums, Theater, Statue of Liberty, etc. However there is one place in New York (The Brooklyn Bridge Waterfront) that has a beautiful scenery, lots of history, and some outstanding places to eat. The Brooklyn Bridge Waterfront is one place where you can eat comfortable while enjoy the amazing sight of Brooklyn Bridge.

1- Almar’s Café/Restaurant/Bar

On vacation you necessarily don’t want to always wake up early, you rather sleep in a little. However doing so would mean missing breakfast right ? Nope, not at all you can always go to Almar’s Café/Restaurant/Bar for Brunch. While enjoying your brunch your able to view the Brooklyn Bridge and various beautiful historical buildings.

almar restaurantALMAR-JKratochvil-3299

2- Grimaldi’s Pizzeria

Your in New York so why not get some pizza. Grimaldi’s is the perfect place to enjoy some delicious pizza, but not just any old pizza. Grimaldi’s is a brick oven pizzeria, which is how the pizza is made in Italy. What also set Grimaldi’s aside from other pizzerias is that each and every pizza that is order is made freshly from scratch with only the finest ingredients.


3- The River Café

What about Dinner ? The River Café is a superb place for dinner. It’s a warm and intimate place to enjoy your dinner. The River Café is located right at the bottom of the Brooklyn Bridge, so there’s a  fascinating view of the water and beautiful buildings across the water in Manhattan. The River Café would also be prefect for a lovely romantic dinner at night.

river caferiver cafe 2

4- Brooklyn Ice Cream Factory

Last but not least DESERT ! Everyone loves desert, so what not get the best ice cream in the borough at The Brooklyn Ice Cream Factory. At The Brooklyn Ice Cream Factory there is only the purest, finest and natural ingredients used to make there ice cream. This Ice Cream Factory is also located at the bottom of the Brooklyn Bridge so while enjoying your flavorful ice cream, you can also savor the view of Manhattan across the water.


By: Eboni Boston

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