36 Hours in… The Brooklyn WaterFront

The Brooklyn Bridge Park is a wonderful public area open to everyone to enjoy with family and friends. The Park is located in Brooklyn, New York City. You can enjoy the beautiful nature and history the park has to offer, as well as many Activities that are free! This park is your park and the public space is used for music and dance concerts, restaurants, and recreation like swimming, jet skiing, and even roof top gardening. Once you step foot into the park your body tension will disappear and nature will relieve all stress and worries !


8:00 am
Fruity Breakfast

1. Are you a healthy eater and in the mood for a delicious organic Breakfast? Come visit Siggy’s Good Food at 76 Henry St. Enjoy an organic homemade whole Breakfast, exotic Mediterranean dishes and or refreshing berry, mango, strawberry smoothies or fruit juices. Your food will be well cooked and on your table minutes away. while eating you can enjoy a bright and colorful atmosphere that will make you start your day happy and with energy.

3:00 pm
Fresh Lunch

2. If it is lunch time and you want to dine in a fine place Super Fine is the place for you, located at 126 Front St. They offer organic meats, fresh market produce, fresh seafood’s, house made desserts. it is a very quite environment with toned down lights for relaxation.

8:00 pm
Old Style Dinner

3. Eat your dinner in The Sophisticated urban tavern serving American cuisine, beer and delicious wines. the environment is Casual sophistication with a very nature old-style look. The smells of the foods will make your mouth watery just by stepping in and the prices will make your pocket very happy!


1:00 pm
Tuazon’s peo Ple and Historical Excitement

1. Come Relax at Oscar Tuazon’s peo ple where you can breath fresh air and smell the fruity colorful flowers. Have a picnic on the beautiful green grass with your friends and family and enjoy the sense of nature and relaxation. Walk through the colorful full of life butterflies and dragon flies that have been migrating to the park. Sit on the famous historical stone steps. Because of the Partnership the Brooklyn Bridge Park has with the New York City Department of Parks and Recreation the park was able to receive surplus granite from two reconstruction projects that were going on in other boroughs of New York City and the steps were able to be made. Take advantage and celebrate all of the renewable sources in Tuazon’s Peo Ple and be part of it’s eco friendly environment.
pic 2

3:00 pm
Become a planet saver!

2. Don’t have time to get out a cloth and sit for a picnic? Then enjoy a quick snack on the light brown smooth natural benches that are constructed from old growth Longleaf Yellow Pine that has been taken from the Cold Storage Buildings that were being taken apart. That was very important because all that pine was going to be thrown out and wasted and the park helped the environment by reusing it.This wood is naturally rot resistant and extremely beautiful and will add a unique material character to the park. Walk and take pictures through the beautiful hills of pier 1. Feel with your own feet the rocky floors of the hills made from the rock fill being digged out of the subway. I bet you never thought the subway rock fill would be so valuable! Touch the smooth light gray rocks of all sizes that decorate the hills like ornaments on a Christmas tree, and smell the fresh blue water from the east river while almost tasting the seaweed in your mouth because of the strong natural smell.

6:00 pm
Bouncy Fun

3.”Is that a step in your bounce?” Well I guess you are on the Squibb Park Bridge. Every step you take on the bridge you will feel the bridge bouncing while reliving your childhood all over again.The bridge is constructed of Black Locust timber with bronze and galvanized steel connections that show the patterns of the material palette of the park. Black Locust timber is Rot resistant and is naturally strong which makes the bridge very safe. The New York City Parks Department, and HNTB corporation worked together to make this bridge accessible to the community. If your lucky and go on the bridge with many family and friends you guys can all jump on the bridge at the same time and make it bounce really hard. It is a Very exciting and funny moment. You can also see the wonder landscape of all the tall buildings across the eats river in Manhattan and smell the green oak trees. That will transport you to a peaceful eco world you would have never imagined yourself in !

pic 1

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