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                                                Red Card to Sports at City Tech


                                                                 Oscar Garcia


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                 Every day after class some college students are somehow stressed and decide to practice a sport to take the stress out of their system. Other students play sports because they just have the talent and want to expose their talent and try to make it to the major leagues or simply because they don’t want to waste their talent. Last school year at the end of the winter semester the Klitgord Center shutdown and it was decided to demolish the entire building to renovate the building because it was too old. While walking to class I overheard new and old students complain about city tech not having sports anymore, comments such as “not fair” “unacceptable” “boring” and many others.

                  As a soccer player and athlete I was really excited to come to city tech because I was going to be able to play my favorite sport on a college level.  I always dreamed to play on a college level but those dreams where crushed when I found out that city tech did not have any sports to practice. I became intrigued on finding information about the sports aside from soccer that were offered the previous years at City Tech. Also about the many reactions and opinions that many student athletes have about the demolition of the sports building. I got the chance to meet Sam, he used to play basketball in the K building and he is clearly disappointed about the demolition of the building “I feel empty and inactive without a ball on my hands…” he feels that the school should provide students with other places where they can play and practice. Before I began running my “major” investigation I decided to go have a walk and a look where it used to be the Klitgord Center. The atmosphere is really dusty and depressing, the rough and strong structure of the heavy blue colored pipes attached to wooden planks that make the barricades that separate the working site from the street. You are able to taste the dust and sand on your lips while standing near the site for a certain period of time. The noise of trucks and jackhammers where unbearable, the noise was too intense for a person without ear plugs. I knocked on the door where all the workers were going in and out and a fat, tall, sweat smelling, pale man stepped out. He asked me on a deep and strong voice “can I help you?” frighten by the tone of his voice I timidly asked him If I could step inside the working site so I can have a view of the panorama where the building used to be and he rudely and disrespectfully said “I don’t have time for nonsense… plus I cannot allow you inside because of safety issues.” Disappointed I did the best next thing, went inside the Namm building and see the working site from the side window.


               The view was horrifying for an athlete like myself, where it used to be a place where I and many others could have went spend their time during their long breaks between classes or after class activities inside the gyms to play basketball, soccer and many other sports. Now it’s just an empty isolated piece of land, you can also see the dirty workers with their bright color vests and their hard hats working hard and digging to make the foundation of what it is going to be the new sports building, I said to myself out loud “that’s just sad” and left to search for more information about the sports and what it is going to be.              

                  City Tech is a member of the National Collegiate Athletic Association which is an association that every college that have sports is involved on. While researching I came across a flyer posted by the Athletic Staff, where it exposed the sports that were offered by the school the previous years. Within all the sports that used to be offered I came across soccer. My reaction was instantaneous disappointment on the school, I complained for a good amount of time. I think being a member of the National Collegiate Athletic Association or NCAA (City Tech Athletics staff, “Athletics, Recreation and Intramural Sports”) City Tech must have a replacement where students can continue practicing their sports. They have 2 ping pong table and a pool table on the fourth floor next to the library.  I believe it is not fair for students to spend extra money on gymnasiums and travel to places off campus limits to practice their sports.  The K building will be replace with a 8 story, $400 million academic building. The building will provide state-of-the-art laboratory for students of health care, science programs. I wanted and still want to play soccer and represent my school and possibly get view by a talent seeker that might help me get to a higher level on my favorite sport, unfortunately city tech is not able to fulfill those wants


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