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Screenshot_-2013-10-10-22_11-300x208 Screenshot-2013_-10-10-22_11-300x184 Screenshot-2013-10-10-22_11-300x206If you ever come to visit New York, Brooklyn Waterfront is definitely a place to put into your agenda.  New York is associated with people who work all day, are stressed and don’t leave time to unwind. Brooklyn Waterfront gives you a whole different perspective of New York. In New York’s very own Brooklyn, running from John Street to Furman Street Brooklyn Waterfront has something for everyone, from wonderful food for big eaters to volunteer activities for people who can’t stay one day without working. There many eating places, activities, and miraculous views. The people there are wonderful and nice. There is a charging stand to charge your phone whether IPhone or Android at the entrance and signs everywhere to direct you to your location. If you want an in-depth look of the waterfront you can always arrange for a tour guide.


6 pm

Artist Collision

Smack Mellon, an art exhibition, shows the art of high school students who envision to be artist in their future. Here you see a variation of abstract art, modern art, cultural art, and photographs. Behind every picture you’ll see the artist view in your own eyes. Professional artist are also at the event to help open the artist studio that was damaged during Hurricane Sandy in October 29th 2012.

9 pm

Pizza with a View

Sit on the rooftop of Forrnino and enjoy fresh made traditional Italian pizza. While eating watch the beautiful red orange, purple and blue hues of the sunset over the Statue of Liberty as the “city that never sleeps” lights up. Look how Manhattan’s skyline light reflect on the Hudson River, blending in and making it its own. Although the Brooklyn Bridge is the main attraction the skyline pushes its way to out shine the white and orange light of the bridge with its lights of white, red, blue, and orange.


9 am

Sweets for Breakfast

Wake up to the wonderful smell of the patisseries (pastries), viennoiserie (layered and sweet pastries) and breads at Almondine Bakery. Whether you have a sweet tooth in the morning or just want something to get you through the day this is your breakfast destination. With various pastry options and coffee this bakery makes waking up in the morning something to look forward to. Everything on the menu is to die for, the sweetness of the chocolate croissants to the savory breakfast quiche.

10 am

Peaceful Exercise

After the little “pick me up” breakfast use the Citi Bike to ride through the park or jog, run, or walk around the Brooklyn Bridge Park. During this time the park has a few people in it either running, jogging, or riding a bike. While going through the Brooklyn Bridge Park the trees and green land gave a calm and peaceful scenery. After, sitting on the bench or standing on the harbor walk by the ferry landing gives a completely different view of the city than the bright show it puts on at night. Now Manhattan is a beautiful, peaceful city with awing tall buildings with helicopters and ferries moving in and out. The view just questions how can all of this be in front of me? How can the people of New York City wake up really early in the morning and work draining long hours to still keep tourist in love with this city?

1 pm

Royal Ice Cream

When entering Brooklyn Ice Cream Factory I was skeptical about the $4.00 ice cream and the $7.00 milkshake. When I brought it with a chicken quesadilla everything went together perfectly the flavors was heavenly and so unique I was glad to spend the money.

2 pm

Historical Environment

The tour of the park with a tour guide allowed me to understand the historic and environmental meaning of everything that makes the park from the steps to the trees to the pilings.

6 pm

Goût du Vin (Taste of Wine)

Brooklyn Bridge Wine Bar, is the perfect place for wine and beer tasting and delicious foods that accent the wine’s flavor. They have Chardonnay, Cabernet Sauvignon, and Dry Rose from California, Pinot Grigio and Prosecco from Italy, Riesling from Finger Lakes, Sauvignon Blanc from New Zealand, Malbec from Argentina, Pinot Noir from Oregon, and Sparkling Rose from France. There wine and beer choices change seasonally.


6 am

Giving Back

Volunteering to help keep the park clean and help it maintain its economically beautiful looks was amazing. It felt good to be a part of something that will provide for people.

12 pm

Satisfied Farwells

Lunch at Luke’s Lobster was wonderful. The lobster taste so fresh and the pickles beer and chips filled my hunger. It was the perfect last meal in New York.


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