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I Need Food Now, But it’s TOO COLD!


Roselyn Cintron

Are you Hungry? Don’t want to go outside because it’s too cold? No need to worry, just go grab a bite to eat on campus at the Namm Cafeteria, located on the first floor of the Namm building. Elevator too packed? Just walk up the stairs or down the stairs, saves time and you get to eat faster. The Namm Cafeteria offers all types of tasty food, from cereal to pasta. If you’re in a rush or don’t really want to go outside because of the weather, just grab a bite at the Namm Cafeteria for a reasonable price. The price varies depending on what you order, but in general it ranges from $1.10-$7.00. I would recommend to the Namm Cafeteria for its wide selection. I’m grading the eatery on cleanness and its delicious recommended meals.

The Namm Cafeteria offers a wide variety of choices for students to enjoy. The cafeteria offers slices of pizza with multiple topping choices. Hamburgers, Cheeseburgers, Sandwiches with chicken or just deli sandwiches can be found on the left hand side of the cafeteria where the food is provided. Pasta, Rice, and cooked vegetables can be found on the right side of the cafeteria right when you walk inside. The Namm cafeteria also has a Starbucks located inside that serves muffins, cookies, hot lattes, bagels and frappes. The cafeteria itself also has bagels with any choice of topping; it also serves hot coffee as well. Philly cheese steaks, fruits, yogurts and chicken wraps are offered in cafeteria and are tasty. There are also vending machines inside the cafeteria. These are the options offered and many more, just a lot to list.

The Namm Cafeteria may have tasty food, but the cleanliness is the most important aspect of it. The Namm Cafeteria is separated in two parts, when you walk in on your right hand side is where the food is served and where you purchase your meal. On your left hand side is the vending machines and the tables, chairs and students. Where the food is served, it’s clean and neat; where the students sit, it feels like a one big happy family. The tables are close together as well. Sometimes the seating is filled with students so it can be hard to find a seat.

I recommend students to try the chicken tenders with French fries, it’s delicious but the only bad part is it only comes with 3 chicken tenders. The wings with French fries are really good and come with a lot of wings, so if you love wings go ahead and try them. The Philly cheese steak is good and comes with a topping of onions, but you can order it however you want. The pizza as well is really good, as well as the bagels. There’s a lot more there, but from what I’ve tried these are tasty. I didn’t like the chicken wrap because I expected it to be drenched with ranch sauce and was disappointed, however everyone has their own acquired taste so don’t be afraid to try it.

I think all students should come eat at the Namm Cafeteria, it’s located in the same building as your classes and I’m sure you wouldn’t be disappointed. It’s also the cleanest place to get food on campus considering it had to change its act, when it was shutdown in 2010 and again in 2011 for health code violations. Students and faculty who we’re in the school when the shutdown occurred probably wouldn’t eat there considering on what Professor Carole Harris said when it shut down “Maybe on a handful of occasions I’d eaten there,” says Carole Harris, an English professor who arrived at City Tech in 2006, “but it just seemed so unappealing I started bringing my lunch.” (Professional Staff Congress CUNY) The Cafeteria also was considered unhealthy; it was full of junk food and soda, no fruits or juice. Now you can find healthy snacks and it has a clean kitchen. It’s all based upon experience, of course people who were at City Tech when the shut down happened wouldn’t recommend but I think it’s really clean now.

I would give the Namm Cafeteria four stars, for its great food, and the cleanliness of the kitchen. I think all students and faculty should make their way down to the first floor to try some great food, because things need to fail before they can get better. The shutdown may have caused it to be closed for some time, but if that didn’t occurred students and faculty would not be able to enjoy good food. If you have extra time, go ahead and visit the cafeteria.

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  1. Roselyn says:

    My classmates & I collaboratly designed it together, along with our professors.

  2. Munira says:

    Am a freshman, and I ll b starting in the fall.I really like your blog and I hope I dnt get disappointed.

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