Local Grub: One Girl Cookies

Cookie Lovin’

By: Saheba Lokhandwla

 You’re in downtown Brooklyn, you have a 2 hour break and you aren’t really that hungry but you want something to munch on. Alright, where are you going to go? I can help you out with that, One girl cookies is a small little bakery center of the Dumbo area. It’s a 15 minutes regular pace walk from New York City College of Technology and it’s the perfect little spot to just hang around with your lap top or a book with a beverage and one of their baked goods if you have a decent break.

            You’re probably thinking “oh this place sounds pretty nice where is it?” don’t worry I can help you with that too. It’s not that far of a walk the bakery is located on Main Street, on the center of Water Street. If you’re on Jay Street already, you would walking straight up Jay street then you would make a left on Sand Street, you’d walk for about 5 minutes till you turn into Adam street, you continue to walk straight up Adams street then make a left onto water street. Walk down towards Main street and you’ll see the bakery. I promise you It’s not as complicated as I just made it sound. The dictionary definition of Urban is “characteristics of or accustomed to cities” The bakery is located in the Dumbo area of Brooklyn, which is an urban atmosphere. The walk on your way to the place has paved roads that have you feel like you’re in soho and majority of the sidewalks have walls covered in local graffiti, perfect to fit the Brooklyn area.

            When you reach the bakery the first thing you smell is cupcakes. It’s an open yet quiet and small area. There are chairs and tables alongside of the wall. Their baked goods are displayed nicely in a box center of the room, the cashier right behind it. It’s a peaceful area and the atmosphere is relaxing. The service was quite nice, the people behind the counter were helpful on explaining what their whoopie pies where and were on point when they described the taste, when I tried it myself I tasted exactly what she had claimed. The hot chocolate was phenomenal and when served in their to stay mug it felt like you were at home. This place honestly is most likely the perfect spot to relax after a long lecture and read your book or use your laptop.

            Now not everyone will agree that this place is amazing, yes there is a Starbucks right by the school and this place is a bit of an extra walk, but it’s worth the walk. Starbucks lines are long it’s crowded at all times and it’s a fast paced environment. Meanwhile One girl cookies has a mellow, quite environment with available seats at all times, good snacks and hot beverages. One girl cookies is not a major name brand store but their desserts are high quality and so are the folks that work there.

            Now I’m pretty sure that you’re curious about this place, I can promise you it’s worth it. One girl cookies is a cute, quiet and a lovely place to be, to just read and relax. The 15 minutes it would take you to get there would be made up in about 5 minutes just sitting there with their delicious hot chocolate and cake. If you love the down town Brooklyn area and the Dumbo surroundings then you’ll love this place just as much as I did.

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