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City  Tech bathroom

Toilets of the Tech World

By : Saheba Lokhandwala

It was my first day of college, at the New York City College of Technology; I wasn’t really familiar to the place since I claimed to be such a know it all and left orientation early, but regardless the college was big. It was around 12 in the afternoon, I had just gotten out of my math class which was on the seventh floor. I felt the need to use the bathroom before my train ride back home so I walk to the bathroom; I open the door to find one stall taped off with caution tape, dirty half mirrors, and one stall without toilet paper. Now I’m not saying that City Tech bathrooms are like gas station bathrooms with dead rats in the corner and the stench of rotten tomatoes coming from corners it shouldn’t, but I’d be telling you a lie if I said I hadn’t felt like it was a gas station bathroom when I had gone in there.

Now not every bathroom in the school is the same. There is the ground floor; you can say the presentation bathroom. It is probably the nicest bathroom in the school. When you walk in all the stalls are on your right hand side and the center of the bathroom has the mirrors and sinks. In between there is a handicap stall which is like its own mini bathroom in a bathroom. Has its own toilet and sink in there. The rest of the floors look nothing like this. The second floor bathroom is the only bathroom with full length mirrors and a changing area for the cooking students. Other than that the rest of the bathrooms look the same. When you walk in there’s a little hallway, then the stalls on your right and the sinks on your left with two mirrors between the three sinks. Like I had said, these bathrooms aren’t luxurious. I had interviewed a student named Natasha Pimental, who is a first year and asked her which bathroom she thought was the smelliest she replied with the answer “I don’t know I avoid the bathrooms.” That just gives you an idea about these bathrooms.

These bathrooms are mostly all located in a convenient manner. The ground floor bathroom is located on your right when you walk into the ground floor where the Admissions and Financial Aid offices are. The first floor bathroom is located by the elevators. From the second floor to the rest of the floors all the bathrooms are located in the same area on every floor. When you enter the floor from the main set of stairs you make a right then on your left hand side right next to the elevators are the bathrooms. When it comes to location it’s safe to say that they’re all placed fairly.

I know I know, I’ve used the word bathroom way too many times, but I promise reading it this many times is totally worth it. It’s a must that I mention which floors are the best and which ones you must absolutely avoid. I’ve practically praised the ground floor bathroom. This one is the prettiest and is the cleanest by far. There is always a custodian outside the door cleaning up. Even the second floor bathroom is one that I would recommend using it has full body mirrors for when you want to check yourself out in between classes. Now the ones that you should probably keep away from are the floors above the seventh floor. One stall has been taped off and it looks like a crime scene. There is a stall in the seventh floor bathroom that has a broken toilet and there is clear plastic garbage bags over the seat. If I were you, I’d probably run down the street to Starbucks if it wasn’t that much of an emergency. Starbucks bathrooms smell nice and are clean spotless.

Basically my main point is, these bathrooms aren’t amazing. They do the job when it’s an emergency and that’s all that counts. If only I had someone to share these details with me on my first day at this school. I probably wouldn’t have gone into the bathroom that looked like there was a murder committed in the stall next to the stall I was in.

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