36 Hours in…Brooklyn Waterfront

By: Darlene Mariano

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The Brooklyn Bridge Park is a great place to visit with a great view of the Manhattan buildings across the river. It’s open to everyone and has no fee to walk around. There are many activities that span from running, using the volleyball courts, kayaking, and just taking in the sights. The Park not only has this amazing view, it also has great places to get something to eat as you wander around the park.

1. (11:30 AM) Before your adventure on the Brooklyn Bridge Park, head over to Fornino’s, located at Pier 6, for a quick brunch. Choose either a pizza with eggs, baked eggs or a French toast. Pair any of these delicious meals with a cappuccino or an orange juice, and maybe even a mimosa.

2. After your brunch, need to see a great sight? Walk around the Empire Fulton Lawn where an amazing view of lower Manhattan and the harbor exists. Take pictures of the sights and sit by the water and even take a chance to get close enough below the rocks as long as the weather permits.

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3. (2:30 PM) Want to get that old amusement park feel? Take a walk to Jane’s Carousel located right across the Empire Fulton Ferry Lawn. A carousel that was built in 1922 and has been restored to its original stature. Open year-round and costs only $2.00 per ride. The carousel will take you back to your childhood. In the mood for a little pick me up?  Take a walk to the Fulton Ferry Landing and get an ice cream from the Brooklyn Ice Cream Factory. The building is an old fireboat house that has this great view of the Brooklyn Bridge. The ice cream is delicious and though a little pricey at $4.00 for a single scoop, it’s totally worth it.

4. Afterwards, take a walk to Pier 1 and use up the lawns. Read a book or set up a nice little picnic with your friends. You can also rent a bike and take a ride around the pier.

5. (5:30 PM) Pass by the Squibb Park and Bridge and you can catch a glimpse of the construction still in progress around the park. The Bridge also offers this great experience that will either scare you or have fun with. While on the bridge, preferably with a few people, jump at the same time and experience the bridge bounce as you land. It’s a pretty cool effect and I recommend trying it. Want to taste a mix of California and Mexico? Head over to Calexico, located at Dumbo. It’s a place with delicious Mexican food that’s to die for. The food is reasonably priced ranging from around $4.00 to $14.00.


6. Burn off all that food by taking more leisurely walks along Main St. and catch the lights go up from the Brooklyn Bridge and along the park. You’ll find that its incredibly beautiful and a worthwhile experience.

7. ( 8:30 PM) Dinner Time! Head over to the River Café, located right under the Brooklyn Bridge, you can enjoy a delicious meal with a great view. Try the three course meal if you and you’re wallet are up for it at about $100.00. The meals are delicious ranging from a sea scallop as an appetizer to the rack of lamb for an entrée and try the hot soufflé for dessert.

8. (10:00 PM) Before you head back to your hotel, catch a last glimpse of the lit up bridge and enjoy a nice glass of wine at the Brooklyn Bridge Wine Bar located at the Pier 1 Plaza. It’ll be a great sight to see and you’ll end your day with that lasting experience.

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