Business Profile: Salty Road



Salty Road all started in the late June of 2011 in Brooklyn, NY by Marisa Wu. It is a company that sells handmade salt water taffy that is different from all other taffy being made. They are much softer, and creamier, and also consisted of five different flavors, such as Bergamot taffy, Caramel Sea Taffy, Peppermint Salt Water Taffy, Salty Peanut Taffy, and Vanilla Taffy.  The price for the taffy is sold for $6.50 for each pack.

Salty Road Company sells their product in the retailer stores in California, Connecticut, Kansas, Massachusetts, Minnesota, Manhattan, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, Texas, and Washington, DC, Canada, and mostly in New York. Salty Road have an online website for customers to order and see all their collections of taffy they made.

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