Local Grub: Ocean Fresh Fish


A Market that Cooks Your Lunch


Kelly Laurent

It’s your first year in New York City College of Technology and you don’t know the area to well. Lunch time hits and you’re wondering where to eat. Your restaurant checklist probably includes: what food places sell good food, is a distance that is in accordance to your schedule and is worth your money. These were the same criteria I was looking for in my first year. In the article, “Food Service Preferences of First-year College Students” by Amanda Wilson, Deborah Fowler, Jingxue Jessica Yuan, & Ben K. Goh, first year students were surveyed to only spend around $5.00 to $20.00 on out-of-campus food. I found just the place that serve fresh seafood and all their menu items are around $5.00 to $10.00; it is called Ocean Fresh Fish located on Willoughby St. between Lawrence St. and Bridge St., about four to six blocks from the school. Ocean Fresh Fish has the best, fresh, cheap, seafood. When I was referred to the place by my friend, my visualization of the place was that of Crown Fried Chicken or Kennedy Fried Chicken, a Halal fast food restaurant chain. Crown or Kennedy Fried Chicken has various seating with tables and a long table that separates the kitchen from the eating area. Some of them have glass partitions while others don’t. Like Ocean Fresh Fish you can see how the cook is making the meal but unlike Crown or Kennedy Fried Chicken there is no seating; just a wall-attached short table.

When I first arrived at the seafood place I was amazed to see that it wasn’t a restaurant but a fish market. When I entered, to my right was fresh varieties of fish, lobster, scallops, oysters, shrimp and other seafood. To my left was the cooking station. During lunch time the line is long but it moves fast. The cooks and cashier has a pleasant attitude. The food is made in front of you and isn’t stale. When I got the fries and three whiting I ordered for $5.50, I put tartar sauce and ketchup and took my first bite from the fish. The taste reminded me of my mother’s delicious fried whiting fish. The seasoning of the fish and the coating was a homey taste I was not expecting. The market has more than fried whiting fish, you can order fried scallops, almost any seafood that you see on their fresh market they will cook it for you with  a choice of french fries, fried green beans, or wheat or white bread.

Ocean Fresh Fish is a “to go” seafood place, this is good for busy people looking for a quick, inexpensive, homemade bite. But this is a problem for people that have thirty minutes or more for break. Your main issue is where are you going to sit? As a seafood place that doesn’t have a breakfast and lunch menu and don’t offer much variety in their menu, it isn’t reasonable to have a bigger place for a seating area especially when there are plenty of outside seats in Fulton Street Mall, you can sit in McDonalds, Burger King, Wendy’s or Subway, there are outside seating with table behind Burger King and next to Shake Shack, and you can sit in the café, cafeterias or other seating areas in the school. Also you can go to the nearby parks, Borough Hall, or even the MetroTech area to sit. You’re probably asking if their food is worth the lack of indoor seating, if you’re a seafood lover, want a cheap homey meal, and don’t mind another walk to find seating of your preference, then yes it is.

Being in Downtown Brooklyn means that you have a lot of places to choose to eat, so why should you add Ocean Fresh Fish to your places to eat? First, you know what you are eating is fresh because their source is right across from them and you can examine the raw fish yourself to see if it is really fresh fish. Second, the food is made right in front of you and isn’t refried, stale, or cold. Third, it is a low-priced delicious seafood spot, how many places do you find like this? Burger King, McDonalds and Wendy’s are cheap but their meat is frozen, processed meat. Subways is made fresh but their seafood choices are just tuna. Ocean Fresh Fish is definitely a spot to check out. Robert Sietsema thinks so too in his article, “Sietsema’s Jury Duty Lunch Guide, Brooklyn Edition.” In this article he talks about the places to eat other than the awful court food during jury duty breaks, his review of Ocean Fried Fish was “Ocean Fresh Fish is a seafood market that fries fish sandwiches as a sideline, carryout only. You can dine exceedingly well there on an overstuffed whiting sandwich for under $5.”(par. 11) Now that you have all this convincing evidence that Ocean Fresh Fish is a good spot to buy your lunch, are you going to try them out?

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