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Elizabeth Zhagui

Have more than an hour before class?  You could always grab something to eat down at the cafeteria but it’s not the best place, believe me I know what am telling you but just in case do a small research you will be surprise on what pops up. Why not go to Dallas BBQ a onetime experience, a place where you could grab something to eat with your friends and hang out because for studying it’s not the best place to go to.  I Consider Dallas BBQ a onetime experience, its famous BBQ Baby Ribs didn’t capture my attention. Even though the service was friendly it won’t be my first option but I will be going back to have a group lunch or dinner it’s the perfect place.

Dallas BBQ location is kind of hidden that is because it’s not located in the main streets where everyone usually walks through. If it wasn’t for a Google search I would have never known Dallas BBQ is so close to school, approximately a 7 minute walk. Dallas BBQ is located at Livingston and Gallatin Place. If you’re not sure where exactly those streets are located look for Gap its right behind it, I am sure it will be easy to find it that way because you probably have already walked through the stores that are located at Fulton Mall so it won’t be so hard to find the restaurant.

Dallas BBQ is not a place to go if you’re trying to study you are most likely to end up with food stains on your paper. As I walked in I notice it was a causal family place and very noisy. The tables are not so far apart, they are so close you are able to see what other guest have ordered. As I looked through articles I came up with a neighborhood report “Restaurants Neighbors Want Noise Off the Menu” by Janet Allon the new resident said “he was told by other residents that the noise from the Dallas BBQ Restaurants across the street could be overwhelming.  Especially on weekends” (Allon 1) the neighbor report backed up my opinion that the restaurant is not a quiet place.  As I sat down at their table I could hear different conversations that made it difficult to hear the music that was playing.  It was clearly not a studying environment.

My lunch experience was a bit messy wearing a white long sleeve wasn’t my best option especially when ordering their famous BBQ ribs, table manners were not important while eating your food.  Whenever I go for lunch or dinner I tend not to eat with my fingers or lick them I find it very disrespectful and unmannered “Catering & Dining” authors Wilkins, Duane, Talise d. Moorer mention “so don’t fret about table manners, being ladylike or showing off good home training” (Wilkins 1) goes perfectly with the type of place and people you will most likely find sitting at Dallas BBQ, IT clearly states how table manners aren’t important for their kind of restaurant.  As much as I tried not leaving a bad impression, it was clearly impossible the only way of finishing my ribs where by getting my fingers full of BBQ sauce. There is no other option, table manner are not expected at that Dallas BBQ.  It is a perfect place for people with little table manners to hand out.  It wouldn’t have surprise me if the guest from across the table burped without excusing himself.

My first time at Dallas BBQ was not the best food experience, I was disappointed with their supposedly best BBQ Ribs its taste didn’t attract me. As I mention before, the article “Catering and Dining” writes that Dallas BBQ is “A hot stop for feasting on the finest barbecue ribs and chicken and an assortment of other American Entrees at affordable prices” (Wilkins, Duane, and Talise d. Moorer page 1) I do give credit that their prices are affordable. I order a half rack BBQ Baby Back Ribs with a cost of $9.99. It came with cornbread and your choice of baked potato or French-fries which some arrived burn. Their servings are big which for sure get you full.  As much as I tried I couldn’t taste their supposedly finest in the barbecue ribs.  I prefer going to TGI Friday’s where their BBQ ribs will leave me satisfy, yes it’s a bit more money but definitely worth every penny.  Before I forget to mention the menu is a piece of paper that is already place at the table. Which I had a hard time finding a drink that did not involve alcohol and dessert was a mystery didn’t find it, it was a complete disappointment because I am a huge fan for dessert.  Even though they provided a Cupcake at the end of the meal because of Halloween, it was no good it had a funny smell and as I finish eating my first bit I was surprise with a hair which ruined my entire meal.

The service was friendly but I had a hard time leaving because the waiter didn’t provide me with my check until I ask for it, I sat for about 8 minutes waiting. I found Dallas BBQ a onetime experience; it’s a place I won’t be going back unless my friends or family members suggest to go. I give them 2 ½ stars that’s because I enjoy their cornbread.

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