Local Grub: Crumbs Bakery

Hungry For Something Sweet?

By Hollie Foster


Picture this. It’s 12:45, and you’re just leaving the midterm that you crammed all night for. You’ve gone over every aspect of your notes, chapters, and worksheets, and you’re positive you aced your test. Don’t you deserve a reward? Something sweet to pick you up after stressing over this test? Then look no further than Montague Street, a mere 15 minute walk towards the Promenade. There, you will find Crumbs, home to over 25 different miniature, classic, and signature size cupcakes! According to their website, Crumbs has been in the cupcake business since 2003, and offers cupcakes, pies, cookies, and coffee in one of their 76 locations across the country (crumbs.com). I have had the privilege of visiting the Montague Street location, and I can assure you that it is worth the walk. Crumbs has successfully met all of my standards, as well as been, overall, a pleasant experience. There may be some minor complaints, but don’t be fooled by the haters.

I myself am a cupcake fanatic. I am painfully aware of all of the standards a cupcake must meet in order to be done right. In turn, I’m more than familiar with the components of a successful bakery. To be a prosperous eating establishment (a bakery, in particular), the proper ambiance and variety fuel the experience. Some of the most important concepts to creating a delicious cupcake include proper texture, taste, and presentation.

The atmosphere upon entering is warm and welcoming, as one should expect from such a sweet place.  The store was clean and the shelves stocked for all to see.  Crumbs supplies their guests with 50 flavor possibilities. This includes classics like red velvet, chocolate, and vanilla, but more elaborate flavors as well (think white hot chocolate, cannoli, and apple pie)! (Crumbs.com) I had the pleasure of sampling one of Crumbs’ 12-pack of Minis (or “tastes”, as they call them), with all of their best-selling flavors inside. It contained their 12 most popular flavors; cookies and cream, mint chocolate chip, chocolate chip cookie, squiggle, blackout, vanilla with vanilla frosting, devil’s food cake, vanilla with chocolate frosting, coconut, red velvet, and M&M’s.  These various flavors were made up of different frosting, cake, filling, and topping combinations.

So, to break it down by flavor- I found all of Crumbs’ vanilla cupcakes to be light, moist, and flavorful! I had absolutely no complaints. Their vanilla frosting was equally as delicious and flavorful; soft, whipped, and just enough without being too overbearing.  The chocolate cupcakes are rich and tasty, as well as their chocolate frosting. Both were smooth and enjoyable. The fillings perfectly complemented their accompanying cake and icing flavors. And the decorations are delicious and appropriate (cookies, sprinkles, and crumbs top various flavors).

I enjoyed my experience there, despite the opinions of those less enthusiastic about theirs. Crumbs has received some negative feedback relating to their cake recipes; Michele Ko, the food critic for Scarsdale High School’s Maroon, reviewed Crumbs, and stated that “Though the thick, rich frosting is delicious, the cake itself isn’t quite up to par, often lacking the authentic cupcake flavor that some other bakeries provide.” (Ko) Ko fails to consider the cupcake as a whole- which is the whole point! Cupcakes are a masterpiece, and the elements combined are meant to be enjoyed together! The way the filling works with the frosting, and how the frosting tops off the cake, and the garnish to pull it all together. Pulling apart a cupcake piece by piece isn’t the way to enjoy one. Ko needs to make another visit to Crumbs- but this time, take a big bite out of her cupcake and enjoy the elements together.

So, next time you’re feeling deserving, take the 15-minute walk down Montague Street. You can purchase a cupcake, grab a fork and enjoy the sweetness and the view of the promenade. Give yourself a break and indulge between classes!


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