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              I Got 99’ Problems But a Wing Ain’t One


Breyona George


You’ve just taken a midterm and sat in a 2-½ class, but you didn’t eat breakfast today. You know you have an hour & half break right after this class and you’re STARVING. You’re fed up of eating the same things over and over again right? Right down Fulton Street about a 10-12 minute walk there is a hidden treasure; Buffalo Boss. Buffalo Boss is an organic wings restaurant, but they offer way more than just wings you can get anywhere. Even though the size of the restaurant was small, it did not take away from the great quality food, service, and atmosphere.

You’re a college student and you want great quality food for your money. Why not try the official wings of the Brooklyn Nets? Buffalo Boss offers a bang for your buck. With their sauces broken into two categories Heaven and Hell. Heaven sauces consist of Mild, Medium, Honey BBQ, Teriyaki, Honey Mustard, Lemon Pepper, and Garlic Parmesan. According to Greg Costa the manager at Buffalo Boss “These sauces are for someone who isn’t looking for the extremely spicy sauce or they want a little kick but not much.” Hell should speak for itself, sauces with spice; Hot, OMG, F.I.T.H (fire in the hole), N’ Sinerator, & the new Blazing BBQ. Just by the names you can tell they are hot! Maybe you don’t know exactly what you want or maybe you want a little of both, feel free to mix and match sauces. I enjoyed the 12-piece value Combo ($13.99) that included 12 wings, large fries, 16-ounce drink, and bleu cheese dip & celery. Six of my wings were tossed in medium sauce and the other six was tossed in Blazing BBQ.  I wanted to try both sauces because one was sweet with a hint of spicy and the other was a spicy BBQ sauce. The wings were average size not huge like other fast food restaurants wings but flavorful. Some may complain that their chicken wings are not big enough, According to Abiola Abrams on Yahoo Voices “Besides having Jay-Z as an investor the real claim to fame of this chicken wing eatery is that Buffalo Boss offers 100% organic chicken. The chicken also contains with no hormones or trans-fat. That is certainly worth raising the roof over”, and I would have to agree 150%. The wings are organic which means they are regular size and Abiola Abrams agrees. The wings are fried to perfection and every inch coated with sauce. The sauce is not to overpowering, it is very tasty. Their fries have a crispy outer layer but when you break them in half you can see the soft potatoes inside. Buffalo Boss’s fries are one of a kind you will not find them at your local McDonalds or Wendy’s. Buffalo Boss has a variety of combos for everyone, such as 6 wings (bone or boneless), large fries, and a 16-ounce drink for $7.99 or even a Chicken Wrap($6.99) with a large fries and a 16 ounce drink. They offer Pepsi products but not many choices of juices. Even if you want to have dessert they offer fried Oreos, friend Twinkies, fried pop tart, and apple pie. All of their food choices are worth at least one try.

The service at Buffalo Boss was great. The cashier was not rude and answered all of my questions about the food and restaurant. I asked her what the best flavors were and she told what she personally enjoyed. When going to other fast food restaurants they are often rude and don’t want to answer any of your questions. She knew exactly what type of oil was used to fry the french fries and was knowledgeable of all the sauces without looking on the board behind her. The experience felt very personal and not rushed. I was giving a few minutes to place my order and once placed, repeated back to me for accuracy. She also told me about the 10% discount for college students with a college I.D. When my order was ready she made sure I had napkins and utensils in the bag and advised me that my straw was on the side. It was great knowing that she took the time out to make sure everything was there instead of me having to ask. You can tell that she was trained very well and had wonderful customer service.

The atmosphere inside of Buffalo Boss is very Brooklyn. Don’t know what that means? Well according to Gallivant.com “a Brooklyn-based joint that’s tiny in size but big on flavor,” mostly everything in Brooklyn has a little hint of flare just as Buffalo Boss does. When you walk in the walls are red what stands out more than red walls, along with a large sign “Official Wings Of The Brooklyn Nets,” that must mean their wings are great. There is hip hop & R&B playing in the background not too loud that you can’t place your order but loud enough to hear. There is a small eating section placed in the window with five-bar stool where you have the option of eating your food there. The space is not huge but where space lacks flavor and service makes up. There is also a large flat screen television that was playing clips from ESPN. The restaurant is not a place to read a book and drink a coffee, it is more of a place to eat and enjoy the music while you do some quick homework or go over an assignment.

Maybe you are thinking to yourself man 10-15 minute walk I don’t want to walk that far. Lucky for us they are opening a new location on the corner of Jay Street and Willoughby so you can cut your trip in half. But if you do decide to make the walk call in your order before you get there, you can view their menu online at BuffaloBoss.com. Buffalo Boss also delivers with a $10.00 minimum. The great quality food, service, and atmosphere are definitely worth the trip! ! I got 99 problems but a wing ain’t one if you having sauce problems I feel bad for you son.Run down to Buffalo Boss to try those wings I recommend it.

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